Top 10 teaching methods for High School students

Teaching in high school isn’t as easy as it seems, they are students below 18 and there are certain things you need to do to gain their attention and become friends with them. Here are the 10 teaching methods used in-class management:

Be Caring:

high school class management

High School students need to be loved and cared for, they need attention and time to listen to.

You need to get to know how they are doing and make them feel loved.

Be bold and friendly, sure you know they are smart and have a way to sense if you are a shy or a bold person.

What does it mean to be bold?

Not being afraid when talking to them.

From Your Dictionary – it means Being free in behaviour and prominent. A person who is not afraid to speak up for what he believes, even to people with more power than him.

If a student finds it difficult to understand what you teach, take your time to explain. In everything you do, always have a limit, don’t get too personal into their lives.

Don’t be Partial:

One of the teaching methods and in-class management given by a retired high school teacher is “Don’t give all the attention to only one student, it makes others feel neglected and alone”.

When you love a child so much, try and also share the love for everyone in the class.

Like I said before, “they are smart and will always suspect if something is going wrong”

and funny enough, when they get home they will mummy and daddy that “Miss Jane only talks to Kate and doesn’t care about other people”.

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Teaching methods – Don’t Judge too much:

These are high school students, they are always prone to funny and annoying things in class,

so learn to overlook the irrelevant mistakes and funny acts. Correct the ones that are very important to them and will affect them drastically if otherwise. Don’t try to hide their mistakes.

On the other hand, don’t judge too much on the way students dress to school. High school is the beginning of student life, it is filled with any way the parents want their child to be,

starting from having a low cut hair/long hair/blonde hair/grey hair etc…all these are the things you will see as a teacher in high school.

This is one of the teaching methods that you should have in mind.

Connect with them:

teaching methods

Connecting with them has to do with getting to know them better.

The things your students like, the best way to address them when they are sad, their happiness trick, their mode of communication etc.

When you connect well with your students, your work gets easy because you will find it easier to know what they like/dislike.

How do I connect with them?

  • Visit their homes
  • Remember to celebrate their birthdays
  • Join them in their gaming activities and sports
  • Ask them questions

All these make them feel happier, more important and more precious to you.

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Teach them Values:

Values are principles that can guide a student in his/her daily life.

Teach your students values that can help them grow in leadership and character.

Teach them the negative effects of the unhealthy male-female relationship, sex education, the effects of bad advisers(friends).

Funny enough, the term “Bad friends” is not far-fetched, the bad friends are the ones telling you to do something that you are supposed to Do, the ones telling you that they are right behind you,

and will stand with you but if something goes wrong, they are nowhere to be found.

Listen to them:

Tips for Teaching High School

When you give them listening air, they will feel important and tell you everything bothering them.

This is one of the teaching methods for students and getting their attention. Everyone wants to be listened to, so give your students listening ears.

How to be a good listener:

  • Give them your undivided attention
  • Make then feel important by replying them
  • Suggest something
  • Look at your student as you are talking to him/her

Teaching methods – Congratulate them:

Just like you long to be congratulated, that’s the same way your students still loves it and that makes it one of the best teaching methods for students.

Celebrate your students when they improve, buy them congratulatory gifts and messages, make them feel happy for the achievement that was made.

The Congratulatory Message can be this way:

This exam may not be the biggest test of your life.

But with good grades, you have proved that you are ready to take on life’s bigger challenges. Congratulations


For the ones that didn’t do well, encourage them to put more efforts, consult their parents for assistance if need be.

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Make them Understand:

Make it a responsibility that everyone in the class understands what you teach. It’s normal that some will take time to understand but try your best.

How to make your student understand you:

  • Teach slowly
  • Ask Questions
  • Make them feel comfortable with you
  • Respond kindly even if they make mistakes
  • Don’t laugh at them.

If it requires that you give some students extra classes to make them Understand, it will pay off and the parents of the child will be happy with the effort you make.

This is one of the important teaching methods that you should have in mind.

Set Goals for them:

A goal is basically what you want your students to achieve in a definite time. Goals like Memorizing the entire multiplication table from 1 -20, spelling difficult words are good and fix a price to it.

These goals help to stretch the brain of a Student and make he/she smarter.

Dress Properly:

teaching methods

This is mostly for female teachers. Don’t dress in such a way that will expose any part of your body.

High school students of the 21st Century know a lot of funny things, so dress well, don’t apply too much makeover, wear appropriate jewellery.

A teacher should dress well to build up here confidence and to make her look attractive.

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The teaching methods for student work well if you start by practising them. Every teacher is good if he/she follows the right path to treat the students well.

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