How to avoid getting Sick in College: 17 Major Tips

It’s common to get sick in a College filled with different people with different health conditions; you shake hands, hug, communicate, yea surely you can get sick in college. But in this post, I will show you how to avoid getting Sick in College and the things to do to avoid getting sick.

1.How to avoid getting Sick in College – Wash your hands:

As a guy or lady in college, you get to shake almost 20 people a day, you clean you seat, you write with a pen that has been in your bag for a while, you check your phone…all these are done with your hands and thus it’s infected at the end of the day with germs.


Get a hand sanitizer, wash your hands with a clean water and dry with a clean towel then hang the towel afterwards.

How often should I wash my hands?

A tip from Inside Edition says that you should wash your hands, before and after preparing a meal, after caring for a sick, after sneezing your nose, after school, after visiting the rest room etc.

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2. Take Good Sleep:

Sleep is one way of totally resting the body from the stress of the day. It’s always good to have about 6-7 hours of sleep to keep up the body and be stronger.

WHAT if I’m busy at night?

Yes its normal to be busy with assignments or reading at night but if you want to do so, try your best to take at least 2 hours of sleep in the afternoon so that you can be stronger at night while you are reading.

Lack of good sleep:

  • Tiredness
  • Heavy head ache
  • Laziness
  • Heavy eyes

All these can lead to sickness so, try your best to have sleep at night or during the day. This is another way on how to avoid getting Sick in College.

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3. Exercise:

Exercise is a good way to remove any sign of sickness.

Studies from Harvard Health Publishing show that the benefits of exercise come directly from its ability to reduce insulin resistance, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the release of growth factors—chemicals in the brain.

Exercise like jogging, skipping, pressup and very important for the health.

Maybe you might find it difficult to jog everyday but bring out a single day like Saturday to always exercise and boost your health.

You can also subscribe to gym classes for $100 per month and develop your body so that you can avoid sickness.

This is one of the best way on how to avoid getting Sick in College.

4. Avoid much alcohol:

How to avoid getting Sick in College

I won’t just condemn alcohol so much but it’s abuse is what I condemn.

Whenever you want to drink, avoid much alcohol, take the much your body can carry and don’t take too much.

Studies from science daily concludes that there are no safe level for alcohol again, over 3 million death and sickness was attributed to high alcohol rate so, be careful as you take alcohol.

5. Keep your room clean:

This is one of the best way on how to avoid getting Sick in College. A neat room is a better way to good health.

If your room is neat then your rest room will you clean and your kitchen will be clean too.

Cultivate the habit of cleaning or removing any thing that will attract germs and insects and you will not fall sick in college.

Incase you live in a dorm, try and make sure the room is clean, let the cleanliness of the room be the sole responsibility of every one in the room.

To be more Fun:

Penalize or tax any one that dirties the room or drops a biscuit wrapper on the floor. When this is done, everyone will be cautious.

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6. Stay away from Sick people:

Some sicknesses like influenza, chickenpox, measles, smallpox are transmitted by airborne through sneezing or coughing

which inturn when breathed into the body starts growing in the body of the recipient.

So, the best way to avoid all these airborne diseases is to stay away from Sick people and also immunize yourself against these diseases to avoid being infected by mistake.

7. Avoid high Carbonated drinks:

How to avoid getting Sick in College

It’s okay to attend parties and see high carbonated drinks, yea, it should be there to make the party real but

High taking of carbonated drinks should be avoided to reduce high risk of cancer,

high aging factor, diabetes, high rate of anger and violence leading to problems and insecurities.

You might not avoid it entirely, take a little quantity of it but please don’t abuse it

because it’s abuse can lead to the sicknesses mentioned above.

This is one of the best way on how to avoid getting Sick in College.

8. Avoid Junk foods:

Junk foods are more of mixed chemicals and flour to produce what you consume as food.

Junk foods like pizza, biscuits, meat pie and drinks like Coke, Fanta, Pepsi should be taken in moderate quantity.

I know that it’s not all the time that you will feel like eating cooked food but don’t make junk food your main food,

try your best to eat well cooked food to avoid risk of cancer, diabetes and stomach upset.

I don’t know how to cook:

It’s okay to not know how to cook. Ask for help from a friend or a neighbour to teach or help in the cooking process and also learn in the process. There is nothing as good as cooked food.

9. Take Fruits:

How to avoid getting Sick in College

Fruits are for the body.

They help to make your stronger and remove any sickness coming into the body.

Fruits high in fibre help in burning down cholesterol and releasing energy in the body.

Do you know the best way to enjoy Fruits?

Eat it with friends, buy all the fruits like banana, Orange, Pawpaw, pineapple, etc. Mix them togther and turn it into a fruit salad. That’s the fun of it.

10. Try to Meditate:

Meditation has a way to making the mind and body healthy.

It helps to remove unnecessary thoughts and worry from your mind and make you free.

Sometimes sickness comes from thinking and worrying too much from the thoughts of the exam you didn’t write well,the test you have tomorrow and the high tax you are about to pay for the month.

Try your best to mediate, free your mind and plan on how you can solve the problems you have at hand.

This is one of the best way on how to avoid getting Sick in College.

How can I mediate:

  • Sit down comfortably
  • Close your eyes
  • Free your mind and follow your breath.
  • Take your breath easy.

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11. How to avoid getting Sick in College – Drink Enough water:

How to avoid getting Sick in College

For me, this is the best way on How to avoid getting Sick in College.

Your body is filled with fluid of which water is of high percentage, so the more water you take, you more healthy you become.

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Is morning water good?

Morning water is the water you take very early in the morning when you wake up.

It helps to rejuvenate the body after a long hour of sleep.

It removes toxins in the body, refills the body with fluids necessary to complete digestion that’s why after taking water in the morning, you get pressed and you would love to visit the rest room.

Do you know the good thing about drinking water in the morning?

It makes your skin glow, you feel fresher and energized. Take water immediately you wake up in the morning.

How much water should I drink?

It’s recommended that you take up to 500ml of water. Try it out for a while and tell me how you feel in the comment section below.

12. Wash fruits before you eat:

There are times that because of hunger, you find it difficult to wash your fruits which leads to contacting a lot of bacteria because some of these fruits were packed in dirty places that are not good for the health.

How do you wash your fruits:

  • get the fruits
  • Get a bowl of water
  • Put a pinch of salt inside the water
  • use the water the scrub through all the parts of the fruit.

Washing fruits is highly abandoned, some students will say that it has already been washed by the seller but its okay to still go home and wash it well by yourself to avoid contacting germs and bacteria.

This is one of the best way on how to avoid getting Sick in College.

13. Sanitize your Surroundings:

A dirty surrounding could harbor dirty water and algae around it.

These stagnant water tend to breed mosquitoes and all forms of insects, hence when rain falls and distrusts the stagnant water, mosquitoes leaves the water to look for a place to breed and thus its in your house.

The best way to avoid all these is to keep your surroundings neat, remove all stagnant water around, fumigate the surroundings and try your best to use insecticides inside your room to kill any insect that tries to harbor there.

14. Avoid Smoking:

How to avoid getting Sick in College

Tobacco has about 270 chemicals that are harmful to the body which includes ammonia and CO.

Smoking damages the lungs and affects the liver in-turn.

Even the federal government made it open that “Smokers are liable to sicknesses and death.

So, as a college student, if you don’t want to open your body to sicknesses and ill health, avoid smoking and don’t associate with smokers.

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15. Go to Test at least once a month:

You need to find out the location of the college clinic and take tests once every month to know if you are having signs of an ill health or to just know how your health is.

16. Be Personal:

Its not bad to be stingy with your personal belongings to avoid geting any form of transmitable sickness from any one.

You are not actually stingy, you are protecting yourself from contacting diseases.

Things like sponge, towels etc should be kept personal, so don’t be kind hearted to share it and then contact sickness in the process.

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17. How to avoid getting Sick in College – Avoid Self Medication:

Self Medication has to do with prescribing drugs to yourself when you don’t feel too strong or have sign of a sickness because you feel you understand what is wrong with you.

Self Medication has taken a lot of lives in college.

The funny thing is that most college students resume school with drugs and smuggle them into the dorm which is not right…the best way to deal with a sign of an ill health is to visit the school clinic.


The tips given on how to avoid getting Sick in College are the practical things you can do to avoid any form of sickness in college.

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