Sexology Degree (Meaning, length, benefits, facts)

Sexology Degree

Sexology is the study of sexual behavior in humans. It covers many other sexual issues and is also concerned with the application of medical knowledge to provide sexual therapies to humans.

Because sexologists are experts whose services are in high demand, earning a sexology degree is a great first step toward a successful career.

Moreover, though becoming a sexologist can help you create a lasting impact on people’s lives, you need to know the basics of sexology before pursuing a sexology career.

Hence, this article is highly recommended for you as vital information will be shared on the duties you are expected to perform as a sexologist, the timeframe for completing a sexology study, the benefits of having the degree, and the best schools to obtain the degree.

What is sexology?

The study of human sexual behavior, interests, and functions is known as Sexology. It involves the application of biological, medical, psychological, and criminal knowledge to provide sexual therapy to people.

Sexology has a large scope, and anyone pursuing a degree in sexology must have sound knowledge of sexual choices, sexual education, sexual affairs, sexual actions, and sexual development.

It also covers the study of sexual disorders in both males and females. Sexologists have completed sexology studies in an accredited school and acquired a practicing license from an authorized government association.

Moreover, sexologists also perform the following duties;


Sexologists provide sex therapy services to persons and couples and apply psychological principles to solve sexual challenges.


Sexologists that have acquired extra education in sexology and completed lots of research in this aspect of health, teach and mentor students hoping to obtain a sexology degree.


They assess and evaluate people to provide diagnoses of sexual issues and ailments. 


Sexologists use the information obtained from diagnosis to develop a treatment plan for patients.

How long does it take to get a Sexology Degree

The time it takes to obtain a sexology degree varies based on the education policy of a country. While sexology cannot be studied in countries like South Africa, few countries accredit undergraduate sexology degree programs. 

However, it can be completed in 4 years. Moreover, in most European countries, aspiring sexology degree holders must become a doctor first before obtaining a sexology degree.

And most of this program does not last for more than three years.

Benefits of having a Sexology degree

High paying profession:

Sexologists are some of the highest-paid professionals in the world. Because they are scarce and their job is very demanding, their services come at a great cost. Hence, becoming a sexologist will allow you to earn serious money off your career.

Greater work opportunities:

Sexologists have greater job opportunities than most health workers because since people suffer from sexual issues more than other health challenges, hospitals and non-governmental organisations always offer jobs to sexologists to handle these cases.


Becoming a sexologist will connect you to some of the biggest medical practitioners in the world. And when you build close associations with them, they can mentor you to reach the top of the medical ladder.

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Best schools to obtain a get a sexology degree

Sexology degree is one of the most valued degrees globally due to the nature of services they provide.

However, operating a sexology program at a prestigious university should be your main priority because they provide world-class field experience, excellent teaching, and professional mentorship.

Hence, due to their track record, the following schools are highly recommended for sexology degree studies;

Widener University 

Widener University is an outstanding university that offers a Master of Education program in Human Sexuality. This sexology program exposes students to inner career paths of sexual therapy and education.

Also, students are tutored in social work, specialized therapy, and medical psychology. Nevertheless, you can complete this program in less than 2-3 years at $860 per credit.

South Shore Sexual Health Centre (SSSHC)

SSSHC, as it is popularly known, is a certified institution for sexology education. This institution possesses world-class learning facilities to develop your knowledge of sexology within a short interval of 1 year, and the tuition fee is $5500 only. 

University of Wisconsin

This university is one of the top universities for sexology education in the world. The curriculum here focuses on human sexuality, gender diversity, and a whole lot of sex-related topics.

However, unlike most schools, a sexology degree program can be completed in just one year, thanks to summer lessons programs, weekend classes, and engaging online lessons that speed up the process.

Nevertheless, the tuition fee for this program is $581 per graduate credit.

Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment (ISEE) 

If you have the aspirations of becoming a sex educator, ISEE is the best choice for you. This institution offers extensive lessons by seasoned professionals on sex education.

A Bachelor’s degree in a medical-related course is the requirement for enrolment in this program, and its tuition fee remains $5,800. Moreover, you can complete this program within two years.

Antioch University

At a tuition fee of only $750 per credit, you can acquire a sex therapy certificate from this institution after one year. However, after series of sexuality lessons, you must pass their final examinations to receive your certificate.

Moreover, the sexology program in this school is only open to graduate students and graduate professionals. 

Widener University

Widener University is an institution that possesses a perfect balance of highly-seasoned professors and top-notch facilities for sexology education.

The curriculum centers on more field practice to develop sexologists with amazing hands-on abilities. However, Widener University offers a sexology degree program at $500 per credit, and you can complete this program in two years.

Modern Sex Therapy Institutes – Florida certification

This program offers a holistic study of sexual therapy that takes about 120 hours at the cost of $6000 only.

The program is organized by seasoned experts who are active members of the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counsellors, and Therapists (AASECT).

However, since the program is a master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree in any health-related field is a compulsory admission requirement for aspirants.

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University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is another outstanding university to enroll in a sexology program.

Blessed with outstanding professors and lecturers, this school is ideal for aspiring sexology students as they provide exceptional expert training on sex teaching, counseling, and therapy.

Nevertheless, the sexology program at the University of Michigan is only open to clinical postgraduates with at least one year of field experience.

The program is also available for those that want to pursue a doctorate in sexology. In this institution, two years is the duration of sexology studies, and the tuition fee is $6990.

Things you need to know about Sexology degree

Sexology is a high-paying career with lots of mind-blowing incentives.

However, having sufficient knowledge of everything that contains sexology will help you decide even before venturing into the field.

Hence, below are other things you need to know about sexology;

Discuss emotions:

Most sexologists build their sessions around sex alone. This doesn’t seem right; however, you must avoid doing this.

Renowned sexologists ask questions about their client’s relationships with their partners and do not border their sessions around sex alone.

Clients are not excited:

When attending to clients, don’t try to make little jokes as you can worsen the situation in the process.

There is no insurance:

There is no health insurance covering sexologist sessions with clients. 

People don’t know much about sexual health: 

Most people know little about sexual health. So, don’t shy away from educating people about their sexual health and wellbeing.

People will try to reach out to you:

As a sexologist, you will regularly receive emails or messages from unknown people requesting help on your email or social media accounts respectively.

However, don’t be tempted to offer free services to them but encourage them to book sessions with you.

Additional Information on Sexology degree

Key facts about American College of Sexologists

If you reside in the United States and wish to practice as a sexologist, you must receive authorization from the American College of Sexologists (ACS).

This association is the Apex body of sexologists in the US that grows the authenticity of sexologists and accredit schools that run sexology programs in the University.

In addition to the info above, here are some key facts about the ACS:

  • After presenting an authentic sexology certificate, sexologists can join this association by paying a membership fee of $300, which is valid for three years.
  • After the first three years, a sum of $200 only must be paid for the renewal of membership, and it is valid for another three years.
  • Individual membership gives you an international license to practice.
  • Institutional membership authorizes you to provide training in sexology-related programs. 
  • Diplomatic membership is awarded to members who have been in the association for more than five years. This is the most revered category of membership because people enjoy access to lots of career opportunities.


Sexologists are some of the highest-paid health workers globally, thanks to the fact that their services are always in high demand.

However, becoming a sexologist will positively impact society and enjoy lasting connections for career development.

Hence, if you had doubts in the past about becoming a sexologist, you should reconsider your plans, and this article which is just for you, will provide you with sufficient information on sexology. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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