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IELTS stands for “International English Language Testing System” with the British Council as a co-owner. It is one of the major English-language tests globally, with its counterpart being TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language).

IELTS Tampa is an IELTS that takes place in Tampa. Tampa is the third-largest city in Florida, with a population of over 350,000 in 2019.

This article will give detailed information on IELTS Tampa and how to go about it.

IELTS TampaHow to register:

The registration for IELTS is an easy process; here are the necessary things you need to do before taking the exam:

  • Have a valid ID Card (National Identity Card or Passport Document) – The ID card is for identification, to avoid impersonation or forgery.
  • Specify the type of IELTS you need.
  • Register online: Once you are ready to take the test, you register through “IELTS Paper”, with an additonal fee of $250 as paper fee.
  • You can also register offline by downlaoding the “Application Form” and submit to a close by IELTS center in Tampa.

IELTS Registration Centre in Tampa:

  • Address: 401 W Kennedy Blvd, The Mackechnie Building
  • Zip code: 33606
  • Telephone: +1 813 257 6328
  • email:

Test dates for IELTS in Tampa:

All these dates are subject to availability; thus, always choose a test date and check for availability:

Test DateTypeResult date
September 11, 2021AcademicSeptember 24, 2021
October 09, 2021AcademicOctober 22, 2021
October 14, 2021 Academic October 27, 2021
November 6, 2021Academic November 19, 2021
November 21, 2021 Academic December 10, 2021
IELTS Test date in Tampa

Schools that accept that accept IELTS in Tampa:

University of Tampa

The University of Tampa is the number one university that accepts IELTS in Tampa. If you check the official website of IELTS, you will notice that the address of the university is the official address for the registration of IELTS in Tampa.

On the other hand, the University of Tampa admitted over 10,500 students in the 2021 Fall with over 200 courses available for the study, also providing about $180 million for grants, loans, and campus employment.

Check out the University of Tampa

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South University-Tampa

South University is an academic institution dedicated to providing educational opportunities for a diverse student population’s intellectual, social, and professional development.

The Tampa campus provides student-centered instructional and administrative staff focused on our students’ successful academic and professional growth.

The campus’ physical space provides sufficient classrooms, labs, library resources, and support staff spaces needed to promote an outstanding educational experience.

Check out South University-Tampa

How to check IELTS result in Tampa:

  • From the test date and results above, you will notice that the result takes about two weeks or precisely 13 days from the exam day to arrive. For the computer based exam, it takes about 3 -5 days.
  • Your can receive a copy of your result in person if you go the centre you applied for the exam or they can send you your result. However, before you receive the result, you have to provide a proof of application to IRCC.
  • The results can be forwarded to your selected universities if you request.


IELTS in Tampa provides students with the opportunity to apply to their dream universities and get admitted into them. However, that is if they got a good score.

On the other hand, the test improves a student’s English speaking skill and creates more knowledge about the English language.

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