How to Become a Fortune Cookie Writer (Steps, FAQs) | 2023

Do you seek to find a writing job that will help to settle your expenses? If you’ve the talent for writing witty one-liners, then being a fortune cookie writer could be what you have been searching for.

The job of a fortune cookie writer involves twiddling with words for a living, and one could opt to do this either as a full-time or a part-time job.

Many companies that produce these fortune cookies more often seek to employ talented wordsmiths who can readily come up with witty one-liners.

However, most fortune cookie writers set their working hours and are free to work at their convenience.

On that note, let’s analyze this remarkable job in-depth and show you how you can become a fortune cookie writer.

As suggested by the name, a fortune cookie writer is the author of the text written in fortune cookies and then sells these short-written messages to fortune cookie companies to make a profit.

While these cookies are small, crafting the right message requires skill and practice. Being ready to create a meaningful or interesting message with fewer words is important.

A fortune cookie writer can be a freelancer or an employee of a fortune cookie company. Tons of your time, work, and study goes into those tiny pieces of written words. The average number of written words in each cookie is never more than 20.

On the other hand, being a fortune cookie writer, you would be interested in specializing in this niche of writing a very brief and imaginative sentence.

Many don’t believe in the fortunes written in the cookies they eat, but they still enjoy reading the message found in these cookies.

The great news for prospective fortune cookie writers is that you don’t need any certificate, degree, or license to be a fortune cookie writer.

Your ability to coin out short, meaningful imaginative lines is the only qualification needed. And as long as you’re at least sixteen years old, you have a great chance of being a fortune cookie writer.

To be successful as a fortune cookie writer, it is an important requirement that you need to be excellent in English.

It would help if you were prepared to write many witty one-liners as fast as possible and possess excellent copywriting abilities.

However, having the ability to stay motivated while working alone will be an enormous bonus.

The fortune cookie writing profession is very competitive, and the ability to write/compose well is merely a part of the battle.

One must master his/her skills to remain in the game. Here are steps to make a name for yourself as a fortune cookie writer. 

1. Develop your writing skills:

Being brief has shown to be one of the difficulties most prospective fortune cookie writers face. The total amount of words a fortune cookie message should contain should not exceed 20.

Trying to cave out an impactful statement with such a little word count can be very challenging.

Researching the format and content of already existing fortune cookie messages can help give you the essential guide.

One can also keep a notebook filled with jotted proverbs, common sayings, and motivational quotes. On the other hand, search for common mottos in these materials and try rephrasing them using your own words.

Out of inspiration?

If you’re still out of inspiration, cookie Generator may be a nice tool. This website helps to generate random fortune cookie mottos. You can get a random fortune cookie motto by clicking a fortune cookie.

2. Create a comprehensive portfolio

After you have written a couple of fortune cookie messages and feel good enough, it’s probably time to create a portfolio.

This portfolio is used to gather all of your best write-ups in one place, so hopefully, potential employers may see them. It is proof of your skills as a fortune cookie writer.

Ensure that you cover all possible categories in your portfolio. You can also place your write-ups into different categories, highlighting how diversified you can be.

When employers see this, they will be convinced that you understand the different styles and can follow them.

3. Upload and share your portfolio

After creating your portfolio, it’s only ideal for uploading and sharing it on various online platforms. There are many online platforms you can pick and share your portfolio.

Using Google Drive is perhaps the easiest means to place your portfolio in a single folder. You can now share this folder with different people by messaging or emailing them the link to access this folder.

One amazing thing about this method is that as soon as anyone views this folder, you immediately get a notification of who viewed it and when it was viewed.

4. Start applying for jobs

The next step is to start applying for jobs, as you can’t be a fortune cookie writer if you aren’t working. You can search the Google Search engine for openings for fortune cookie writers.

You can also search for companies that employ fortune cookie writers and introduce yourself to them. It is even more helpful to list people you would like to reach out to.

5. Send out your resume:

Work on your resume if you haven’t. In your resume, you should include your writing skill and concentrate on your ability to compose fortune cookie mottos.

Jot down the dates you submitted each copy of your resume so you know when to follow it up.

Your cover letter should indicate who you are, what you do, what you are willing to offer, and what you seek. The aim is to ensure you get a call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Becoming a Fortune Cookie Writer

Can you be a writer without talent?

That’s fantastic news for anyone who worries they lack the essential talent, and it also means we may have much more pride in our work. Hard work could be even more impressive than natural talent if it leads to tremendous success as writers.

Who wrote the fortune cookies until 1995?

Donald Lau

Who made the first fortune cookie?

David Jung

Is writing a gift or talent?

The ability to express oneself in writing is a gift that should be fostered. This is a skill that may be honed at any time and in any place. The important thing to remember is that the common thread between the two is a burning desire to develop one’s writing abilities and make them uniquely one’s own.


Now that you know who a fortune cookie writer is and how to become one, what’s left of you is to take action. Head to your favorite restaurant and scoop as many fortune cookies as possible.

Take your time to review the structure and content of the mottos inside the cookies.

This should inspire you to start composing your mottos. However, follow the steps to become a fortune cookie writer and never stop mastering your craft.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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