Essay Writing Format: An Ultimate Guide For Every Student

The ability to write a paper is an essential element of any student’s education. Yet, it’s not only about listing thoughts one by one.

Many universities will insist on a specific format for your essay, but using good Paper Writing Services will make work easier for you.

This post will follow the guidelines for three of the most used essay formats: MLA, APA, and Chicago. Let’s learn more about them!

What is the importance of the Essay Writing Format?

An essay format is a collection of guidelines that establish the organization of the components of your article. The text, title, quotes, and basic outline are all covered in the layout of the recommendations.

Style standards were created to regulate the appearance of writing and works cited lists. Why is this required? Assume you’re a teacher, researcher, or publisher reading hundreds of articles weekly.

Suppose the papers were not formatted in the same way; in that case, you might lose a lot of time trying to find out which sources were utilized, if particular material was a direct quotation or paraphrase, and even who the author was. 

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Having essay formatting guidelines to follow makes things easy for everyone. Writers may follow a set of rules without deciding which formatting options are ideal, and readers don’t have to go seeking the information they’re looking for.

Following that, let’s go through the three most frequent essay-type formats.

Essay Writing Format

MLA Style 

The Modern Language Association created the MLA style, which has become the most common college essay format for students preparing papers for class.

It was created to provide students and scholars in the literary and language areas with a standardized manner of structuring their articles.

Still, processes now use it across many disciplines, notably the humanities. 

Here are the key criteria for an essay in MLA format that you must follow:

  • 12pt New Times Roman should be the typeface;
  • Use double spacing throughout the paper and make sure no extra space exists between paragraphs;
  • The margin should be one inch on each side of the paper;
  • Each page has the last name and page numbers of the author;
  • Write down the upper left corner of your name, instructor name, class, and date;
  • It is necessary to center the title of an essay;
  • Use the tab key to add an indentation;
  • Put on the “Cited Works” page a list of sources.

One of the benefits of writing your works mentioned for MLA is that all references are formatted in the same manner, regardless of whether they are from different sources. It’s the only essay format type that makes referencing sources so simple!

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Essay Writing Format

APA Style 

The American Psychological Association is abbreviated as APA. This style is most commonly used for research articles, particularly behavioral sciences (such as psychology and neuroscience) and social sciences (from archeology to economics).

Because APA style is frequently used for more research-focused articles, it has a more strict framework to follow than, say, MLA style.

Here are some simple APA format instructions if you don’t know how to write an essay in APA format:

  • For text style and text size, Times New Roman 12pt should be used;
  • The distance is two fold;
  • Provide a short title and page number in every page’s header (top left) (at the top right);
  • The name of the author, institutional affiliation, date, and instructor name of the title page should be included;
  • It should include a list of quotes on the reference page.

Unlike MLA style, each source type is referenced individually in APA essay format. As a result, referencing a book differs from referencing a journal article, which differs from referencing an interview.

Your references should begin on a new page with the word “REFERENCES” in the center at the top. The references should be arranged alphabetically.

Essay Writing Format

Chicago Style 

The University of Chicago Press established the Chicago style (also known as “Turabian style”), which is the least-used of students’ three primary essay style formats. 

The Chicago Manual of Style (now in its 17th edition) provides every rule you need to know for this style inside its 1000+ pages. That’s an inclusive style with regulation for everything.

It is most commonly utilized in historical disciplines. However, many individuals consult the Chicago Manual of Style for assistance with a problematic citation or essay style concern. Many book authors also use this approach.

The Chicago style contains a complete set of structural paper and essay standards. Precise quotes and footnotes are essential for a faultless and influential Chicago-style paper.

The rules for a Chicago style paper are as follows:

  • The margin should be one inch on each side of the paper; the spacing should be doubled everywhere; Times New Roman 12pt should use the text;
  • Include the top of each page, the page number, and the last name;
  • Footnotes for paraphrased pieces are also required for this format;
  • The Chicago-style bibliography is very similar to the MLA-style bibliography. Set the material alphabetically on the ‘Bibliography’ page.

In contrast to MLA or APA, the Chicago style generally employs footnotes or endnotes rather than in-text or parenthetical citations.

The superscript number will appear at the end of the sentence (for a footnote) or the bottom of the page (for an endnote), followed by an abbreviated source reference.

Essay Writing Format


Writing an excellent essay entails properly representing the content. Formatting is done for this reason. Unfortunately, students frequently produce poorly structured text when they rush to complete their projects.

That leads to sloppy writing and causes students to lose their grades. That’s why you need to learn these three popular essay format styles — MLA, APA, and Chicago.

You’ll find it much easier to complete your assignments once you have mastered the various essay formats!

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