7+ Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables (Updated)

You are most likely here today because you want to learn more about careers in consumer non-durables that provide the highest pay.

The good news is that they are available in large quantities right now.

The term “non-durable merchandise” encompasses a wide range of things, including but not limited to tissue paper, matches, cotton swabs, candles, cosmetic care products, and even the clothing and footwear that we wear.

But before we get to it, let’s examine the working definition of consumer products and the distinction between durable and non-durable items.

What are Consumer Goods?

Consumer Goods are products designed to be used up and consumed by customers in the broader public.

They manufacture consumer goods ready for sale on the market that customers use to fulfill existing demands or requirements for themselves.

A consumer good, also called a “final good,” is the finished product a business produces and then sells to its end users, known as consumers.

Consumer products include microwaves, refrigerators, t-shirts, and washing machines, amongst others. They are final products that are purchased by end-users.

Consumer goods are distinguished from intermediate goods because the latter is employed in producing the consumer item itself.

Copper, coal, iron, and other raw metals are not consumer goods because they are used to make finished goods.

For instance, it can produce various consumer goods, including trays, bowls, and other containers.

These are some examples of intermediate goods, which are then used to make the final consumer goods.

Consumers purchase items in two categories:

  • Durable consumer goods
  • Non-durable consumer goods.

What are Consumer Durable Goods?

Consumer Durable Goods are goods and wares intended to be utilized multiple times by clients during their ownership.

The word “durable” comes from the fact that one of the main goals is to ensure they can be used repeatedly for a long time.

Examples include furniture, electronics, automobiles, cookware, digging tools, exercise equipment, home appliances, and automobiles. Other examples include cookware and automobiles.

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What are Non-durable Consumer Goods?

Non-durable consumer goods are products that cannot be utilized for a lengthy period due to their lack of resilience.

Most of them are one-time-use only and must be discarded after one application.

They manufacture them to ensure clients will purchase them, put them to use, and then purchase them once more if needed.

These consumer items include foods, paper products, pharmaceuticals, and other non-durable consumer goods.

Products that aren’t durable wear out and need to be replaced even though they’ve been used often for most of their lives.

Is Consumer Non-Durables a Good Career Path?

Non-durable consumer goods are items purchased for short-term use by customers.

Because it comprises mostly products for home use, the replacement needs of consumers are exceptionally high.

This industry is incredibly successful due to the tremendous demand for these non-durable commodities.

So, is a job in consumer nondurables worthwhile? That is a big “Yes”. It does not matter whether you have been in the industry for a long time or are just starting.

The Consumer Non-Durables industry is already a fantastic place to work and will continue improving. This is a good feature because most internships are well-paid.

What better way to begin your career than with the majority of consumer Non-Durable companies offering full-time positions to interns upon the conclusion of their programs?

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What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay in California?

Consumer non-durable jobs in California pay different amounts based on the type of job.

Here are a few examples of these kinds of jobs and their median national pay in 2024:

Job TitleDescriptionMedian National Salary (2024)
Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeTravel to healthcare professionals to sell pharmaceuticals$67,750/year
Pharmaceutical Financial AnalystAnalyze financial data for pharmaceutical companies$96,220/year
Creative DirectorLead creative marketing and advertising strategies in various industries$85,320/year
GeoscientistStudy the Earth, often in energy or natural resource industries$87,480/year
Chemical EngineerDevelop processes for making chemicals and products like plastics and pharmaceuticals$106,260/year
Environmental ScientistResearch environmental issues to solve ecological problems$76,480/year
Paper ChemistSpecialize in the paper manufacturing process$81,810/year
Marketing ManagerPlan and execute product or service promotion strategies$139,300/year
Sales DirectorLead a sales team, set goals and strategies$142,500/year
Product Development ManagerOversee creation of new products, working with engineers and designers$145,700/year
Supply Chain ManagerManage the flow of goods from suppliers to customers$148,900/year
Food and Beverage ManagerRun food and beverage establishments like restaurants or bars$155,300/year
Restaurant General ManagerManage entire restaurants$158,500/year
Chemical Engineer(Another role) Design large-scale chemical manufacturing processes$161,700/year
Financial AnalystAnalyze financial data for investment and budgeting decisions$164,900/year
Information Security AnalystProtect computer networks and systems from cyber threats$168,100/year

These numbers show the average salary across the country.

In California, where the cost of living is higher, and there are many large companies in the consumer non-durables sector, the real pay might be higher.

Consumer Non-Durables That Pay the Most Money:

Over time, the market for consumer non-durables has grown like a rocket, just like the dramatic changes in the industrial sector.

As a result of these improvements, more and more businesses, both big and small, are making consumer non-durables grow better.

Businesses willing to take a chance by entering the market have been successful and are likely to continue to do so. 

Here are some of the consumer non-durables that pay the most money:

1. Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals:

  • Hourly: $25
  • Weekly: $168
  • Monthly: $3,360 (salary.com)

Humans and animals alike have an indispensable need for medication and other medicinal products.

Because people and animals need medicines and supplements no matter how healthy, making pharmaceuticals is one of the highest-paying jobs in consumer durables.

To ensure that the final products are made and sent to customers, the industry needs to hire knowledgeable and experienced professionals in various jobs, such as researchers and analysts, production workers, and lab specialists.

2. Industrial Production of Cosmetics:

The cosmetics industry offers the most work opportunities for consumer non-durables that pay the highest wages. All that is required of you is to grasp the core of the responsibilities.

Assume that you can fulfill all of the requirements, research the benefits you will have while working for this company, and the rest will take care of itself.

The Unilever Group is an international cosmetics corporation that is one of the consumer non-durables in this market and is both one of the largest and one of the fastest-growing.

They currently have job openings available in various fields and locations.

The pay is good, and there is a good chance you can move up the organization’s success ladder by getting promotions in the shortest amount of time possible. 

3. Food Production industry:

There is no other industry that can compete with the food industry.

Since people and animals require food to maintain their health and stay alive, there is always a demand for it in the market.

Consequently, there are always openings available to work in many well-paying occupations.

A degree may put you at the top of the wage scale in professions such as food scientists, product designers, and food value chain and logistics specialists, but you will need to know your way around the industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for workers in all food production jobs is approximately $23.50. This includes both entry-level and more experienced positions.

As one of the best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables, the average hourly pay is higher than $20 when only production laborers and people who do not work in administrative jobs are considered.

4. Apparel and Footwear:

The shoe industry, sometimes called the footwear industry, is everything that goes into making, selling, and designing shoes. There are a lot of complicated connections between fashion, manufacturing, and what people want.

The apparel and footwear industry will continue to be one of the top-paying jobs in consumer non-durables.

5. Farm Implements and Agricultural Equipment Production Companies:

Human resources are utilized during the process of manufacturing agricultural tools.

So, it’s important to consider the skills you need and the responsibilities of this job.

The benefits this industry offers its employees are easily attractive, as it is a wealthy industry that ranks among the highest-paying consumer non-durable industries.

Employers may pay their workers anywhere from $25 to $35 per hour, depending on the type of work and the amount of responsibility.

A yearly salary of $68,000 is typical for workers in the consumer non-durables sector employed by companies that make farming equipment.

6. Production of Paper:

Paper is a commodity that must be kept in circulation even though it is not long-lasting. Paper production is one of the top-paying jobs in consumer durables.

Paper-related end goods such as paper towels, tissues, napkins, toilet tissue, printer paper, journal paper, writing books, textbooks, newspapers, and other paper items are in high demand, ensuring that the paper industry thrives and hires more people.

Because of how quickly these products run out, they must be replaced regularly.

It is a consumer non-durable job that pays the best in industrialized nations, especially in the United States.

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7. Petroleum and Natural Gas:

Do you need me to point out that no other industry in the non-durable sector compensates its workers more generously than the oil and gas industry?

Gasoline is produced and sold by the oil and gas industry, just like any other non-durable enterprise, for its target audience’s immediate use and consumption.

This sector is extremely large, and many different roles must be played. People from engineering, IT, marketing, sales, branding, and manufacturing are participating.

The information technology department alone requires several staff members to ensure that the company’s telecommunications are operating properly.

8. Companies that Manufacture Leather Goods:

Leather is one of the products that we use regularly.

Everyone has the dream of working for an organization such as this one. In this type of business, there are numerous departments and divisions to choose from.

9. Plastics:

Products made from plastic are in virtually all goods we buy and use. It produces chair upholstery, phone covers, and technological equipment.

The organization is always looking for new people to join its team, and those accepted will be compensated quite well.

It’s possible that working in the manufacturing department will wear you out, but the benefits more than makeup for the toil.

As one of the fields with jobs in consumer non-durables, the products made from plastics will continue to grow in utilization.

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Essential Skills For Jobs in Consumer Durables

1. Technical expertise:

This is one of the most important skills needed to succeed at a job in consumer durables.

Based on the position you occupy, your technical expertise may be needed from time to time.

Excellent technical proficiency helps people greatly contribute to developing and enhancing consumer durables.

Technical expertise can be improved upon by consistently enrolling in advanced education and training and staying abreast with the latest advancements in the industry.

2. Problem-solving:

Possessing the capacity to solve problems and reason creatively is a major asset in the consumer durables industry.

This skill is needed for locating prospects for product development and easily finding solutions to all manner of issues at all stages of production.

Those who possess this skill also make a major contribution towards developing products that match that of competitors.

3. Marketing and communication skills:

Both skills are required for professionals who hold positions in firms that have to do with brand management, sales, and marketing.

Strong marketing and communication skills would enable an individual to explain consumer durables’ value to clients adequately.

This skill is also useful when developing marketing strategies to enhance profitability and cultivate good company-customer relationships. 

3. People-centered reasoning:

People-centred reasoning is one of the hallmarks of the most successful companies in the consumer durables industry.

Professionals in this field must be able to develop products that align with the target market’s desires.

Furthermore, those who take up positions in the after-sales support phase of the industry must have empathy and be willing to communicate effectively with clients.

Brands that are highly popular in this field place a huge emphasis on customer experience when developing and improving their products.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durables:

Examples of non-durable goods?

Laundry detergent.
Dish soap.
Light bulbs.
Paper products like paper plates.

What are non-consumer goods?

Copper, coal, iron, and other raw materials are not consumer goods because they are used to make a final consumer good. Copper, for example, can be used to make trays, bowls, and other containers that people use daily.

What is durable and non-durable?

Durable consumer items have a long lifespan (at least three years) and are utilized over time. Nondurable items have brief lifespans of fewer than three years and are consumed within that time. Food and beverages are examples of non-durable items.

What is an example of a non-consumer?

Non-consumer refers to any entity other than an individual that wishes to send or receive an MMS or SMS message to or from a Consumer utilizing a traditional 10-digit telephone number, such as large and small enterprises, financial organizations, schools, medical facilities, and customer service entities.


The fact that you are employed by one of the aforementioned organizations does not ensure that you will achieve financial success.

You need to work and make some concessions to become the person you want to be.

This article has covered most consumer non-durable jobs that provide high salaries. So, it’s up to you if you want to keep going with your application. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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