How Long Does AACOMAS Take To Verify? (FAQs)

If you are an aspirant, know that a single application containing all the required documentation can be submitted through AACOMAS after selecting the programs for which you want to register.

Meanwhile, you need to know that AACOMAS will handle almost everything except for the letters of recommendation, which you must still submit on your own.

While this article will provide you with info on how long AACOMAS takes to verify, read every bit of information to obtain every detail about AACOMAS.

What is AACOMAS?

AACOMAS stands for American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service. This system allows potential students to apply to as many osteopathic medical schools as possible.

For your request and documents to be sent to the schools you’ve chosen, they must be verified by AACOMAS. Applicants must wait at least 24 hours for their applications to be reviewed.

As a result, you will have to be calm while the system processes your request. 

How long does the AACOMAS application process take? 

Submitting your AACOMAS as soon as possible is very important because the application process takes a while to sort out.

But, once your application is in this status, it can take up to 10 business days for it to move to the Verified status.

Meanwhile, below is the timespan for registering for AACOMAS:

1. Before You Begin the Application Procedure:

  • Complete some research about the programs that you are fascinated by. However, you must check out its cycle dates and closing dates, application fee, the prerequisites for evaluators, the standard test score required, additional application information, and overseas evaluation conditions.
  • Ask your former high school to provide you with former transcripts of your academic grades to enable you to sign up for the new courses.
  • Contact the probable evaluators and ensure they confirm their involvement.
  • Craft your statement immediately.

2. More than three months before the deadline:

  • Create an account.
  • Endeavor to complete the information required in the college attended area.
  • Complete the evaluations section.

3. Less than ten to twelve weeks to the deadline:

  • Ask your college to send your transcripts to AACOMAS. Do endeavor to resolve any issue with the school so that your transcript will be sent to AACOMAS without delay.
  • Begin to send in the additional documents required by the university.
  • Subscribe to the Professional Transcript Entry (PTE) service by registering with a free account and then making the required payment.
  • Talk to your evaluators to know whether they have received your evaluation request.

4. Less than 8 weeks before the deadline:

  • Complete and send in your registration.
  • Evaluate the verification process.
  • Constantly check your mail if you signed up for PTE to ensure that your program has been authenticated.
  • Track your transcripts and letters of evaluation regularly to ensure they are delivered to the correct location.

5. Less than 6 weeks before the deadline:

  • Check your application status regularly until it has been confirmed and verified.

6. After the Expiration Date:

  • Save your application just in case you need it for something much later.

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Important things to note about AACOMAS:

1. Transcripts are necessary:

Transcripts are important documents that AACOMAS normally requires before any application will be processed.

Thus, ensure that your school processes your transcript and sends it to AACOMAS on time to ensure that your application is completed on time.

2. The Transcript ID form is necessary:

When sorting out your application, check the ‘Colleges Attended’ section to complete the transcript ID form. However, this will only be available once you send in a college entry.

3. High school transcripts are not necessary:

You do not need to submit a high school transcript before your AACOMAS application will be reviewed.

3. Transfer credits must be included:

If you have transferred credits from one university to another, when sending in your transcript from your college, ensure you attach the transcripts that carry the transfer credit from the other schools you have attended.

4. All the coursework must be included:

When completing the ‘Transcript Entry’ region of the application, you must enter all US and English Canadian coursework into that region. You may also choose to subscribe to Professional Transcript Entry (PTE).

5. About repeated courses:

AACOMAS ranks a course to be repeated if you have done the same course (with the same grade on more than one occasion at the same college).

Before you send in your transcript, ensure that your school will indicate every repetition repeated during Transcript Review.

Also, do not forget to include the number of credit hours attempted for each course, irrespective of the number of credits obtained. 

6. About foreign coursework:

It is important to note that foreign coursework should never be added to the Transcript Entry section. If you notice a mistake with your GPA, report it to AACOMAS immediately, and a correction will be made.

What do AACOMAS Statuses stand for?

While your application with AACOMAS is being processed, some vital notifications will be sent to you. It is your duty as an applicant to check these notifications and ensure that you do all the necessary things.

To check out your notifications, visit ‘View My Notifications,’ which is on the application dashboard, and do not forget that you are the only one that can observe the status of an application. 

However, you need to know that if you have any missing details, no notifications will be sent to you.

To assist you, monitor your application and all your details to ensure that none is missing. Visit ‘Check Status’ at the top of the application dashboard.

On the other hand, it is important that you also know that five working days are needed from the day of submission to upload your transcripts and official test scores to your application.

Evaluations are instantly uploaded as well, once obtained from your evaluator.

Application statuses and their meanings in AACOMAS:

In Progress:

This shows that you have not yet sent in your application or have yet to pay the application fee.


This means that your application has been sent. However, some important documentation cannot be found by the system.

Do not forget that if you adopt the Professional Transcript Entry (PTE) service, you must review and approve your coursework.


The system obtained every needed document, and your application was sent for verification.

You can visit ‘Completing Your AACOMAS Application’ for information on how to complete your application.

However, you need to note that your program may need some extra documents for your application before it can be completed.

Thus, also ensure you research each program well to obtain extra information about this. It will take at least 10 working days for your application to be verified.


This means that your application contains a mistake and has been resent to you for correction. You can ratify this by clicking on ‘Correcting an Undelivered Application.’


Your application has been handled, and your GPA has been calculated and provided to your programs. If this is your case, a confirmation email or message will be sent to you.

If you have any questions after verifying your application, please direct them to the program(s).

Transcript Statuses and their meanings:

If you sent in your transcripts to AACOMAS, your transcript’s status might be:

Not Arrived:

This means that your transcript has not been fully handled yet and has not yet been added to your application.

However, you need to know that at least five working days are required for your transcript to be added to your application from the date you submitted it.


This means that your transcript has been handled and has also been added to your application. Also, in this case, your transcript will be offered to all your programs.

Evaluation Statuses and their meanings:

Once you send in evaluation requests, your evaluation’s status may be:


This means that your request has been submitted to the evaluator, who will choose to either work on it or ignore it. However, understand that they must admit your request before filing their evaluation.


This means that the evaluator has admitted your request but is yet to send in their evaluation.


This indicates that the evaluator has completed their assessment and submitted it to your program(s).


This means that the evaluator rejected your evaluation request. In such cases, visit ‘Update Evaluators’ to attach a fresh evaluation request.


This means that the cycle has ended, and evaluations are no longer accepted.

Thus, it is important that you check the ‘AACOMAS Cycle Dates page to discover the deadline for requesting evaluations and when they can be submitted.

Test Score Status:

Once you send your official test scores to AACOMAS, their status will be shown as Accepted with the date AACOMAS obtained it, clearly added to the sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions on How Long Does AACOMAS Take To Verify:

What does AMCAS stand for?

American Medical College Application Service®

The difference between AACOMAS’s GPA and the GPA on your transcripts

The difference between AACOMAS GPA and the GPA on your transcript is that the latter includes all coursework taken, irrespective of the school policies.

Can you submit primary without MCAT?

Even though they are related, the date you send in your application does not always mean that it will be looked at if your MCAT scores have not been sent to AMCAS yet. Most schools will not look at your primary application until your MCAT scores have been reported. This is true even if you send in your application before you get your scores.

How many osteopathic medical schools are there in the US?

In the United States, there are 38 accredited schools of osteopathic medicine. These colleges are approved to teach at 60 different locations in 34 different states.

How late is too late for med school?

Medical school does not have an age restriction. Whether you’re in your 30s or 60s, you can become a doctor. Finally, medical schools are only interested in individuals who will go on to become doctors.


The length of time it takes for AACOMAS to verify depends on many factors.

However, AACOMAS only considers applications that have no errors in them.

Thus, to avoid submitting an application that will be rejected, carefully follow all the steps above in this article and double-check your application before submission.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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