7 Best Pharmacy Schools in Texas (Duration, License, FAQs) | 2022

If you are interested in becoming a pharmacist, you strongly recommend attending any of the most reputable pharmacy schools in Texas.

There are nine excellent pharmacy schools in Texas that train pharmacists for the future.

The best pharmacy programs in Texas are graduate-level programs that, upon successful completion, award students either a Ph.D. or a Pharm.D. in the field of pharmacy.

This article explains the top pharmacy schools in Texas, the duration of the pharmacy schools in Texas, cost and many more. Read on.

Who is a Pharmacist?

Pharmacists are experts in the proper administration, storage, preservation, and distribution of medication.

They can provide instructions on how to utilize drugs and inform you of any potential side effects. They fill prescriptions written by physicians and other medical personnel.

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What do Pharmacists do?

A pharmacist administers prescribed medication to patients. In addition, they offer guidance to patients and other medical professionals on the proper use and dosage of medications, as well as any adverse effects that may occur.

Additionally, they can check to see whether a drug will negatively interact with any other prescriptions you are taking or health conditions you may be dealing with already.

If you’re concerned about your overall health, they can offer guidance on everything from food and exercise to the proper use of medical equipment and supplies.

Most people can easily get in touch with a pharmacist.

What to Expect at a Pharmacy in Texas:

In the pharmacy, you may trust that your personal and medical information will be protected and kept secret.

The pharmacist can meet with you in a private room if you don’t want other customers to hear your chat or questions.

As long as you’re allowed to ask them any questions you may have, they should be able to answer them thoroughly and thoroughly.

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How long does it take to become a pharmacist in Texas?

Typically, a Pharm. D. program requires four years to complete.

Due to the prerequisite pre-pharmacy curriculum requirements, which take an additional two to four years to complete, the total length of your pharmacy study will be between six and eight years.

How to become a licensed Pharmacist in the United States:

Generally, to practice as a pharmacist in the United States, one must hold a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from a recognized institution with accreditation from Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

PharmD programs require students to complete post-secondary courses in chemistry, biology, and physics, regardless of the university.

As an additional requirement, most pharmacy programs call for a minimum of two years of undergraduate work. The Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) must also be taken by all applicants.

PharmD programs in Texas takes about 4 years to finish, more so, real-world experience may also be gained through participation in clinical or retail pharmacy rotations.

If you want to stay current in pharmaceutical science, you must take continuing pharmacological science classes.

How to become a licensed Pharmacist in Texas?

According to Texas Pharmacy, you need to:

  • Earn a recognized Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BS) or Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) degree from a college of pharmacy (note: a minimum of five years is required to receive the BS degree and usually six years for the Pharm D).
  • Foreign pharmacy graduates must demonstrate their education meets U.S. standards by passing the foreign pharmacy graduate equivalency exam;
  • Complete a 1,500-hour internship; and pass the Texas State Board of Pharmacy’s licensure examination, which covers chemistry, mathematics, pharmacy, pharmacology, practice of pharmacy, and pharmacy law.

The training provides students with considerable pharmacy practice experiences to be practice-ready.

At the conclusion of the first and second years, as well as the entire fourth year, students have multiple opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

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What is the cost of tuition at the Pharmacy schools in Texas:

In Texas, the cost of your pharmacy school education will be determined by the school you ultimately choose to attend.

There are many low-cost possibilities for a Pharm. D. in the state, with many colleges charging less than $100,000 in tuition.

The average price of pharmacy school tuition in Texas is $23,596, with the lowest tuition being $23,596 and the highest tuition being $150,000.

Admission Requirements to study at any of the Pharmacy schools in Texas:

Each college in Texas will have unique admission requirements. You must obtain the admissions requirements for the college in which you wish to attend.

However, you should be aware that the Pharm. D. Program has four standard admissions requirements.

  • Complete the necessary prerequisites for the Pharm. D. program.
  • Complete the PCAT Exam
  • Obtain two to three reference letters
  • Engage in service to the community.

Reasons People Fail In Pharmacy School:

Inadequate study methods:

In pharmacy school, approaches that worked in undergrad may not be effective. You may be surprised to learn that these won’t suffice for pharmacy school.

During college, some students study information and then regurgitate it for the exam in order to score well.

When you study this way, you’re more likely to forget information in the long run. If you grasp this concept, it will be easier for you to rethink your approach to studying for pharmacy school.

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When it comes to pharmacy school, cheating will hurt your chances of success.

It is enough to make some people act strangely and break their typical behavior when passing is a prerequisite and failing means that you could be held back an entire year.

In pharmacy school, students cheat and get away with it. Students who cheat in pharmacy school risk being expelled if they are found out. It is best to avoid cheating at all costs.

It’s better to fail an exam than to be expelled from school for academic dishonesty and have to explain why.

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Lack of preparation for Pharmacy school:

There are some pharmacy school freshmen that are well-versed in the rigors of the program, while others are not.

To be successful in pharmacy school, one must be prepared to adapt to a new environment with a new set of expectations.

There are ways to deal with the pressures of pharmacy school if they become too much. A tutor, study groups, or talking to a professor are all choices for students who need help.

In addition, factors like exercise and hobbies can have a positive impact on your ability to cope with the challenges of pharmacy school.

List of Prominent Pharmacy Schools in Texas:

For a state with the second-largest populace in the United States, Texas has an increasing need for pharmacists.

As of 2020, the state of Texas will have approximately 23,150 pharmacists working there, earning an average yearly salary of $125,470 each year.

An approved pharmacy school should be your first choice while looking for a Pharm. D program in the state of New Hampshire.

Here are the top Pharmacy schools in Texas:

University of Texas College of Pharmacy:

The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy is one of the nation’s leading educational and research institutes in the field of pharmacy. The school is one of the best pharmacy schools in Texas.

Significant responsibilities of pharmacists include drug therapy management, medication counseling, and drug therapy outcome monitoring.

The University of Texas College of Pharmacy is located in Austin.

The College, along with the University of Texas at El Paso and the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, participates in cooperative pharmacy programs designed to address the shortage of qualified pharmacists along the Texas border with Mexico.

How to study pharmacy at University of Texas College of Pharmacy:

Students begin working in pharmacy practice sites during the summer of their first year of Pharm.D. studies.

By the end of their fourth year, students have completed an entire year of clinical rotations at a variety of health care facilities.

These facilities include the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, and Dallas’s Texas Southwestern Medical School.

Experiences in advanced pharmacy practice are purposely designed to expand upon the knowledge and abilities that students have already obtained via previous coursework and rotations.

Students are not permitted to participate in advanced pharmacy practice experiences unless their academic work and performance in earlier clinical rotations have been assessed to be satisfactory.

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University of Houston College of Pharmacy:

The University of Houston College of Pharmacy gives its students the best possible education by combining the opportunities and experiences of the world-class healthcare community in the Texas Medical Center with the resources of the University of Houston, the state’s best urban teaching and research university.

The UH College of Pharmacy wants to encourage students to keep learning throughout their lives and to create an environment where they can get the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to meet the high standards of their profession or scientific field.

The school is a recipient of funding from the National Institutes of Health and other highly regarded charitable organizations, more so, it os one of the best pharmacy schools in Texas.

The University of Houston is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award baccalaureate, master’s, professional and doctoral degrees.

How to become a pharmacist at University of Houston College of Pharmacy:

Students participate in lab modules that help them refine their clinical abilities throughout the first year of their academic studies.

The Pharm.D. program begins its clinical rotations during the summer following the first academic year of study. Before beginning their fourth year of school, students are expected to have completed 300 hours of pharmacy practice experience under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.

Experiences in advanced pharmacy practice are provided in a variety of institutional, ambulatory, and community health care settings during the fourth and final years of the college’s pharmacy curriculum.

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Feik School of Pharmacy:

The Feik School of Pharmacy was started in 2004 because it was clear that a new generation of highly trained, culturally aware, caring pharmacists and patient advocates were needed to serve communities in Texas and beyond, with a focus on underserved populations.

The Feik School of Pharmacy is a learner-centered community that wants to improve the quality of health care for a wide range of people.

At the University of the Incarnate Word, the college of pharmacy is known as the Feik School of Pharmacy.

The Feik School of Pharmacy at the University of the Incarnate Word welcomes students of any religious background, even though the University of the Incarnate Word is a Catholic institution of higher education. It is one of the best pharmacy schools in Texas.

The San Antonio River runs directly through the heart of the school’s campus.

How to be a pharmacist at Feik School of Pharmacy:

The Feik School of Pharmacy emphasizes instructing students in fundamental academic areas and instilling values such as cultural awareness, self-awareness, and leadership.

The program for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree takes a total of four years to complete, with clinical pharmacy rotations beginning in the second year.

The School provides Spanish classes during the summers of the first and second years of the program.

These classes are intended to teach students interested in becoming pharmacists in Spanish-speaking countries, which will require them to converse with their customers effectively.

Students who graduate may also be eligible to receive certification in Spanish.

The Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana in Brazil is a partner institution with the Feik School of Pharmacy to offer educational exchange opportunities in other countries.

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Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy:

The Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy is the name given to the college of pharmacy at Texas A&M University.

Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy was established to alleviate the lack of pharmacists in the region that stretches along Texas’s border with Mexico.

One of the college’s campuses is located in College Station, while the other is located in Kingsville, which is nearby.

In everything they do, they use all of their skills and resources to improve the knowledge and technologies of their field.

They try to make sure that every professional student in their pharmacy program is part of a culture of excellence in research, practice, and care for patients.

Using their Core Values as a guide, they continue to improve the lives of people in the border area, in Texas, and beyond.

How to become a pharmacist at Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy:

The four-year curriculum at Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy includes 146-semester credits of courses completed in the classroom and laboratories and 38-semester credits spent rotating among clinical settings.

In the fourth and final years of the program, students gain hands-on experience working in various medical settings around the state of Texas.

In addition to this, each student is responsible for completing their own particular capstone research project in pharmacy.

Students interested in working within the pharmaceutical business or who wish to become pharmacist managers can take advantage of the College’s concurrent Pharm.D./MBA curriculum.

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Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy:

The Health Sciences Center at Texas Tech University is connected to the School of Pharmacy on the campus of Texas Tech University.

When the Texas Legislature created the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy (TTUHSC-SOP) in 1993, it was the first public pharmacy program in the United States in almost 50 years. Lawmakers from the state also said that the SOP had to be in Amarillo.

The first classes were held in August 1996. Since then, the school has grown steadily, which has helped Texas deal with its pharmacist shortage.

More than 90% of TTUHSC-SOP graduates have stayed in the Lone Star state.

On the other hand, this is one of the most technologically advanced Pharm.D. programs in Texas; most of the reference materials students need for their coursework are digitally available.

They learn fundamental skills in simulation laboratories on the cutting edge of technology.

How to become a pharmacist at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy:

Each year in the fall, Texas Tech University’s Pharm.D. program welcomes a new group of students. Students concentrate on biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences in the first year of the program.

However, the emphasis shifts to disease states and pharmacotherapy in the second year.

During the first year of medical school, students gain experience interacting with patients by working on drug and poison hotlines.

Students complete their clinical rotations at one of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Centers have campuses in Amarillo, Dallas, Lubbock, and El Paso, where the fourth and final year of the program is taken.

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Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences:

Texas Southern University has:

  • More than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs and concentrations
  • A diverse faculty
  • More than 80 student organizations
  • A large alumni network made up of teachers, business owners, public servants, lawyers, pilots, artists, and more, many of whom are change agents on the local, national, and international stage.

Texas Southern University has a 150-acre campus and is one of the largest historically black universities in the country.

Even though it was once one of the largest historically black universities in the country, the student body at Texas Southern University is quite diversified today.

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is committed, as part of its mission, to contributing to the reduction of health disparities that exist between economically disadvantaged minority groups and the general community as a whole.

How to become a pharmacist at Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences:

The Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences trains students not just for careers as practicing pharmacists but also for careers in the pharmaceutical research field.

The College provides second-year students with the opportunity to participate in an IV Certification program; if they complete the program, they will have fulfilled the requirements outlined by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy for compounding sterile products.

Students can participate in medication management services for senior citizens in that region thanks to the Houston Area Agency on Aging funds, which the College receives.

In addition, students in the four-year program can participate in clinical rotations at various hospitals and clinics, including the Mayo Clinic, Texas Children’s Hospital, and North and South Texas Veterans Administration Hospitals.

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University of North Texas College of Pharmacy:

The University of North Texas College of Pharmacy can be found at the Health Science Center of the University.

Its Pharm.D. program is a patient-centered education that emphasizes how pharmacists can increase safety, improve outcomes, and reduce costs by managing medication. The school is one of the best pharmacy schools in Texas.

Their motto shows how doctors of pharmacy trained in the HSC Fort Worth’s highly interprofessional and primary care environment can make more and more of a difference in health care.

The patient is their main concern. Improving healthcare depends a lot on how well different healthcare professionals work together and how easy it is for patients to get care.

Doctors of pharmacy who help manage diseases and medications make healthcare better by making it safer, improving results, and cutting costs.

How to become a pharmacist at the University of North Texas College of Pharmacy:

Early applicants have until September 4th to submit their applications, while others have until March 1st to make their submission if they are to be considered for acceptance into the four-year program.

Before being accepted into the program, prospective students are subjected to a check of their criminal history and a test for the presence of drugs in their urine.

The clinical rotations begin in the program’s first semester and continue through to the fourth and final year.

Students will also have the chance to participate in one or more of the several research initiatives conducted at the College of Pharmacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Pharmacy Schools in Texas:

How many pharmacy schools are in Texas?

Six schools

How long does it take to become a pharmacist in Texas?

six to eight -year period.

What pharmacy schools are in Texas?

Texas A&M Health Science Center Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy.
Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy.
University of Houston College of Pharmacy.

How much is a pharmacist license in Texas?



Attending pharmacy school is a significant financial and time commitment that will pay off in the long run.

The process will take you four years to complete, but the payoff, in the end, might be substantial. We hope you found this list helpful as you deliberate about which pharmacy schools to submit your application to.

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