Pros And Cons Of Joining The Airforce

Pros and Cons of joining the Airforce (Major tips)7 min read

The Airforce is one of the prestigious and most respected branches of the military that comes with amazing opportunities and a lot of immunity.

It is a branch of the military that has the sole responsibilities of providing national security, air support for water and land forces and helps to bring back troops (soldiers) in the field.

This article will explain everything you need to know about the pros and cons of joining the airforce.

Pros and Cons of joining the Airforce

Divisions of the Airforce:

The Airforce consist of different sub-units, like:

  • Space Superiority
  • Air Superiority
  • Rapid Global Mobility
  • Personnel Recovery
  • Special Operations
  • Global Integrated ISR
  • Global Precision Attack, and so on.

The Airforce also gives job offers to citizens who have a passion for joining this military branch. However, the services of the Airforce are helpful in very special cases in the country, as they can touch and affect lives positively or negatively, based on the mission engaged in.

Pros of joining the Airforce:

1. It is a renowned and admired branch of the military:

The Airforce is admired and envied by other branches of the armed services. In this military branch, each person enjoys the biggest budget, which is quite bigger than her sister branches.

2. They acquire leadership skills and become better leaders:

Besides the fact that every member of the Airforce masters their primary duty skills at the personal level, they also develop experiences by applying these skills and acquiring knowledge that enables them to show competencies important to effective leadership.

Hence, they learn how to motivate and influence others to achieve a certain mission through these skills.

3. They have a comfortable financial life:

The payment of salaries to each member of the Airforce is based on their ranks and experiences. The paycheck of each member of the Airforce will only contain a base pay if they do not have dependents (family or relatives).

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However, as long as they meet the conditions of the contract with the Air Force service, they get paid.

4. They retire when they are young:

Every member of the Airforce is eligible for retirement after 20 years of service, and they begin to receive their benefits on the day they retire.

Airforce has an excellent retirement plan that requires no payroll deductions. This is a major benefit; they retire early and enjoy all the benefits of their retirement.

For some people, this is the only way to getting a professional status. At the same time, for few people, it is another way towards attaining self-reliance and getting a chance to explore the world.

5. They enjoy free national services like healthcare and housing:

The Airforce offers all her Airmen and their families top-notch insurance plans.

Each member of the Airforce receives low-cost and full medical care at military and civilian facilities. These Airmen also get full pay and allowances even during sick days and also get low-cost life insurance.

When it comes to housing, members of the Airforce who have dependents can live on-base in the military family housing offered freely to them or off-base where they receive a significant monthly housing allowance.

Generally, the Airforce has some of the best programs for quality of life, which include: the best dormitories for their officers, family housing, recreation, and on-base shopping and services.

6. They practice what they have learnt in school:

As an Airman, you have an allowance to practice what you read in school. This is because, there are many sub-units in the Airforce that require medical professionals, engineers, teachers, etc.

More so, any member of the Airforce can pursue career paths related to the Air Force to enable them to achieve their true potentials.

They get enrolled in Community College (an accredited Air Force college) to start basic military training. The Airforce offers outstanding Airmen scholarships to their members so that they can complete their college education.

In addition, Airmen receive valuable training in different fields like aviation, engineering, and other fields during their stay at the Airforce.

They also learn how to have a balance in life in terms of having the right combination of independence and support.

Cons of joining the Airforce

1. Rank supersedes age:

As stated earlier, salaries and remuneration are based on ranks and experience. This means a younger Airman officer can be paid better than the older ones because of their ranks.

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Nonetheless, the years the Airmen served are also considered when it comes to payment of salaries.

2. Choice is tampered with:

Although the Airmen can stay off-base, especially if they have dependents, they are forced to live on-base for easy accessibility in emergency cases.

Even if they choose to stay off-base, they cannot live far away from their military operation base for easy accessibility in case of duty calls.

Hence, they have a restriction from living in their desired destination.

3. Inability to get the desired job the airman wants:

After training, each member of the Airforce gets an assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

When the recruiter observes that a particular Airman is better at aviation engineering than piloting, then he or she will have to work in the aviation engineering field.

Their choices and desires matter less when it comes to job placement at the Airforce.

4. It is hard to get in:

It isn’t easy to join the Airforce. This is because they receive more volunteers than they have free positions. This allows them to be more selective when interviewing and accepting applicants than other military branches.

Also, the number of slots available for recruitment is always few compared to those reserved for the Navy and Army.

On the other hand, the Airforce is hard to join because of the growing advances in technology, which means less task force is required to maintain and operate their weapon systems. Hence, the reason for the decrease in their number.

5. Less of individuality:

Joining the Airforce is one way to reduce excesses as regards appearance. They cannot just do what they want in terms of their appearance. They must live as stated in the rules.

These include their dress code, haircuts. All of these are done militarily. They are under a set of rules regarding appearance; however, they look and act as members of military forces (Airforce precisely).

6. They do not quit:

There is no way for the Airmen to leave the service after they have been recruited. They are under contract, and the Airforce expects them to see their contract through with commitment and respect.

However, there are only a few special cases when they can be discharged from duty if they are psychologically or physically unable to perform their assigned duties. This is one of the major cons of joining the airforce.

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7. Family Separation:

Because of their frequent trips in and out of the country, Airmen find it difficult to spend time with their loved ones. They miss anniversaries, family reunions, birthdays, and so on.

They can always attend these events, but it may not be as flexible as it would have been being in a civilian job. This is why they try as much as they can to explore and enjoy every hour with their families and loved ones.

8. Deployment:

Most Airforce members get deployed at some point in countries where air attacks are needed. Sometimes, they can volunteer for these deployments, while other times, you have an order to go.

These cases are usually painful for the families of the Airmen as they could end up dead.

9. Discipline at its peak:

This branch of the military expects its members always to be great and disciplined.

They want their Airmen to be good in their jobs, in shape, take extra classes, participate in sports and other base activities, volunteer in the community, etc.

Every member of the Airforce is also expected to be a highly disciplined person who conducts himself/herself in a good way.


Unlike other military branches, there are some specific bonuses that the Airforce offers.

Also, a typical enlistment contract for the Airforce is usually four (4) years in duration, and certain jobs (called AFSC’s) require a longer commitment, typically six years.

Since there are benefits of joining the Airforce, there are dangerous parts in the military. Hence, individuals joining this branch of the military should do so wholeheartedly.

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