Recreation Management Degree (Meaning, function)

Recreation Management Degree

A degree is defined as an academic qualification, credential, or rank given to an individual who has completed a course of study in an educational institution.

This article will explain everything about the recreation management degree, its meaning, benefits, careers or jobs for graduates of the degree, and more.

What is a Recreation Management Degree?

A recreation management degree is a course of study that teaches the skills and knowledge that will help individuals create, deliver and deploy fitness and recreation programs in different settings.

This degree is for those who love sports, exercise, and are looking for a stable job in a growing field. Through the degree, individuals can either work as an entrepreneur, organizations or the government.

In this age, awareness of the importance of nutrition, exercise, and their impact on our health has greatly improved.

However, through this, the demand for many recreations sports workers and managers has steadily increased; that is why this field is rapidly growing.


As long you have your high school diploma or anything equivalent, you are qualified for a bachelor’s degree in recreation management.

This degree is extremely versatile, and the professions, careers, and jobs for graduates of recreation management degrees are plentiful.

Functions of the graduates of Recreation Management Degree:

  • They train people either in exercise or sports.
  • They aid individuals by teaching them about nutrition and fitness.
  • Graduates with a recreation management degree can also help those with emotional and physical challenges.
  • They keep the environment healthy, beautiful and clean.
  • They promote the health of individuals through their knowledge of nutrition and exercise.

Benefits Of majoring In Recreation Management

 This degree has many benefits, some of which are:

  • Students receive training on leadership and greatly improve their leadership skills.
  • This degree improves the foundational knowledge of sports and recreation.
  • Graduates with a recreation management degree have diverse and vast career opportunities.
  • This degree provides students with skills like creativity, leadership, interpersonal skills, and so much more.
  • Students have access to knowledge that gives them insight into recreation and healthy living choices regarding personal and family time.
  • Because of this, students come to appreciate the natural resources of different regions and develop strong protection for resources, thereby improving the environment drastically.
  • This degree covers and improves knowledge in fundamentals like finance, management law, psychology and so on.
  • This degree provides knowledge that increases and improves the service ethics of graduates of recreation management.

Characteristics of Graduates with a Recreation Management degree:

  • Great Interpersonal skills
  • Good time and organizational management skills
  • Improved leadership skills
  • Ability to manage risk
  • Confidence
  • Good physical fitness and endurance
  • Public speaking skills
  • A positive outlook on life.

Subjects inline with a Recreation Management degree

  • Sports or recreational business management: You’ll discover the skills you’ll need to run a sports or recreational business or enterprise.
  • Laws related to sports and recreation: This is very important as in every career it is needed and useful.
  • Advertising or marketing: An individual studying this degree will learn ways to market their services.
  • Finance and economics: This will help run the businesses and enterprises built.
  • Therapy, psychology, sociology: This will help the student relate to customers or clients. However, it also helps to improve the mental state of individuals.
  • Nutrition and exercise, which includes first aid.
  • Physical and health education.
  • Leisure management.
  • Facilities management: This will help in protecting the environment and making the environment clean and beautiful.

Jobs For Graduates with a Recreation Management degree

There are plenty, and numerous jobs and careers that graduates of recreation management can have, some of which are

  • Coaches: They can be a fitness coach for athletes, footballers and many other individuals on the sports field. They can also train teams and organizations for experiences in a variety of environments.
  • Employees in gyms, amusement parks, National parks, sportsman clubs, etc.
  • They can work for the army as armed forces, army corps engineers, armed services, army special services as their physical fitness is very good.
  • Managers of resorts, fitness centers, hotels, golf courses, theatres, stadiums, etc.
  • Recreation managers can start being small entrepreneurs by being retailers or salesmen of sports goods like boots, balls, rackets, etc.
  • Personal fitness coaches for individuals are being looked for, so this is an available job.
  • Recreation management graduates can start a career in the entertainment industry as program specialists in arts, drama, music or outdoor recreation.

Other job opportunities include:

  • Healthcare consultants
  • Public servants
  • Clinical specialists
  • Overseas recreation specialists
  • Recreation therapists
  • Dance teaching
  • Nutritionists
  • Athletes


Students pursuing this career should be active and desire to help others grow.

However, most occupations associated to this degree entail helping people, thus whether as a therapist or a coach, you are vital to society.

On the other hand, this degree is a very good one to study for degree knowledge and the career opportunites are versatile and vast.

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