Study in Ireland for Indian Students (Full details)

Study in Ireland for Indian Students

Over the past few decades, Ireland has been a popular destination for international students. The quality of education offered by some of Europe’s top universities is one of the main reasons indian students choose to study abroad. This article will provide information about “Study in Ireland for Indian students.

What’s it like to study abroad?

Ireland is a popular choice for international students. It offers a high-quality education that is internationally recognized. Ireland is located west of Europe and is a member of the European Union.

It currently hosts 35,000 international students from 160 countries.

Education in Ireland for Indian Students

Ireland offers a top-quality education that attracts many Indian students to study there. Indian students can study in Ireland the same way as international or domestic students.

Bachelor’s Degrees in Ireland for Indian Students

Students from across the world that want to study in Ireland for their bachelor’s degrees have many options. The Undergraduate programs usually require 3-4 years of full-time studies to complete depending on the institution.

However, the type of degree you choose will affect the course content and the intensity of the program.

Masters in Ireland available for Indian students

Most master’s programs in Ireland require at least one year full-time, although some may take two years for research-based programs.

For a master’s degree program, students from India will need a relevant bachelor’s or diploma to enroll in Ireland.

Ph.D. in Ireland available for Indian students

A full-time Ph.D is typically completed in three to four years in Ireland. You will be closely supervised by at most one academic supervisor, your school or department, and the research institute during your research.

Throughout your doctorate degree program in Ireland, the supervisory panel will hold formal meetings and reviews regularly.

Universities in Ireland

Students from India can study at Irish universities, among the most prestigious and oldest in Europe. The University of Dublin (also known as Trinity College) is Ireland’s oldest university established in 1592. But, these are the top universities in Ireland:

  • Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • National University of Ireland Galway
  • University College Cork
  • Dublin City University
  • University of Limerick
  • Maynooth University
  • Technological University Dublin

Courses for Indian Students in Ireland

Any international program you choose to study is available at universities in Ireland. You will receive a top-quality education and top research facilities, as well as the Irish hospitality spirit.

These are the top courses that Indian students choose to study in Ireland:

  • Data analytics
  • Ireland’s business analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Big Data
  • Cyber Security
  • Data science
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence

Study in Ireland to meet the needs of Indian students

For Indian students, there are some requirements that you must meet to study in Ireland. These are the requirements that Indian students must meet for admission to universities in Ireland.

  • Consistent academic record (60% in 12 to Grade, and 50% for Diploma Courses).
  • Academic Transcripts
  • English Language Proficiency Proof
  • Statement of Purpose
  • If applicable, letters of recommendation
  • Evidence of Monetary Funds

These are just quite a few of the requirements that might apply to different courses at Ireland universities. Before applying to universities, it is best to verify the specific courses. 

Life of Indian Students in Ireland

Ireland is a country of open-minded, with hospitable people who accept visitors from all walks of life. The Irish are well-known for their joyous nature and never seem to stop partying in Irish pubs.

Ireland is a country with many beautiful natural landscapes that students can explore. The country is green and offers many places to visit for adventure seekers. Your campus life is also interesting because of the large number of international students.

Studying in Ireland for Indian Students

Studying in Ireland can be more expensive for Indian students than it is for local students. Below is a summary of the cost to study in Ireland for Indian students.

  • A bachelor’s degree at a public university costs between 476,000 and 953,000 rupees. That is approximately 6000 to 12000 Euros per year.
  • Masters and MS in Ireland in public universities cost Indian rupees between 488,000 and 1,200,000. That is approximately 6150 to 15000 Euros per year.
  • Private universities have slightly higher tuition costs, at 715,000 (around 9000 Euros) and 27 lakhs (35000 Euros).

Study in Ireland Scholarships

Universities and governments offer a variety of scholarships in Ireland for Indian students. They may be merit or need-based, depending on which entity is offering them.

Students can receive scholarships to help with tuition fees and living expenses. They may also be available in the form of tuition fee waivers or direct financial assistance. These are some scholarships available for Indian students from Ireland:

The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship

  • The Walsh Fellowship
  • Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship
  • The Irish Research Council offers scholarships for Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS).
  • Dublin Institute of Technology Scholarships
  • University of Limerick Scholarships
  • Trinity College Dublin Scholarships
  • Maynooth University Student Awards

Indian students can apply for scholarships to study in Ireland for postgraduate or Ph.D. studies.

Ireland study visa requirements to Indian students

To study in Ireland, Indian students will need a student visa. You will need to provide supporting documents that will help in the student visa. These documents are:

  • Valid Passport
  • Two passport-sized recent photographs
  • Letter from the college/university confirming acceptance
  • You must provide proof of registration and payment for tuition fees
  • Documentation proving financial funds
  • English Proficiency Exam Scores
  • You must provide evidence to support any learning gaps.
  • Medical Insurance
  • An obligation to leave Ireland upon expiry of your visa

Jobs in Ireland for Indian Students

Ireland offers many opportunities, with many multinational companies such as Apple, Vodafone, and Amazon. It all depends on a candidate’s ability to build a network and find a job after graduation.

Computer Science and Information Technology are the best areas to search for jobs in Ireland for Indian students.

They offer a lot of opportunities for international students studying there. However, Business and Management courses can also be great stepping stones to Jobs in Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Ireland a good place for Indian students?

A: Of course. Ireland is a popular study abroad option for Indian students. Whether you’re looking for a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, Ireland has plenty of options. This is a credit to Ireland’s excellent educational system.

Q: What is the cost of studying in Ireland?

A: Undergraduate tuition fees for international students range from 6150 to 15000 euros per year. The price range for master’s degrees is between 6150 and 12000 euros. Private universities may charge a higher tuition fee. They cost anything between 9000 and 35000 euros.

Study in Ireland for Indian Students

Q: What is the best way to study in Ireland from India?

A: If you meet specific eligibility requirements and submit the necessary documentation to the university, you can study in Ireland from India.

You’ll need to go to the Irish university’s website to get the list of documents. Once you’ve received your admission letter, you can apply for a student visa. However, you can fly to Ireland to complete your studies if the institution has authorized you.

Q: Can I study in Ireland free of charge?

A: As an Indian student, you will not be able to study for free in Ireland. Rather, you’ll have to pay tuition costs. Scholarships are available to help you pay for your education in Ireland. Many scholarships are offered from the Irish government and colleges for Indian students.

Q: How can Indian students get PR in Ireland?

A: In order to apply for permanent residency, you must have lived in Ireland for at least five years. If you have a Critical Skills Employment Permit or a General Employment Permit, you are only eligible to apply for permanent residency. You may not be eligible for permanent residency unless you meet the above criteria.


You don’t have to look far if you want a country with a rich cultural heritage and modern innovation. Ireland is hard to overlook because of its beautiful architecture and historical universities. It fosters creativity and encourages students to pursue their passions.

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