BPA Degree (Meaning, Criteria, Scope, Jobs)

BPA Degree

Lovers of performing arts such as musicians, actors/actresses, and so on can now become certified professionals by studying their love in college, receiving a BPA degree, and being termed certified professionals in their area of performing arts.

A BPA degree gives the degree holder a better chance of employment in the various fields of performing arts. This article will explain everything you need to know about a BPA degree.

What is a BPA Degree?

BPA is the acronym for Bachelor of Performing Arts. This degree is awarded to individuals who have completed an undergraduate program in any of the various fields of performing arts.

To earn a BPA degree, one must spend a minimum duration of 3 to 4 years at certain universities or colleges that award the BPA degree.

However, a BPA degree symbolizes the partial fulfillment that a student has been educated in areas such as dance, drama, music, or any of the other related courses.

At the same time, the degree assists students in developing their talents more practically and making sure of achieving success in their careers.

Criteria for Eligibility in BPA

In the quest to earn a BPA degree, aspirants must offer a BPA program from any institution that awards a BPA degree. 

However, the eligibility standards for admission to pursue a BPA degree heavily rely upon the university which the aspirants would love to take up a course in performing arts.

To be qualified for any performing arts program, students must have acceptable marks in related areas.

Criteria for Admission into a BPA degree

Some colleges need entrance exams, while others allow direct admission to students seeking BPA degrees. These two methods of offering admissions include: 

Direct Admission

Many institutions around the world offer direct Admission to aspirants who seek to offer programs in performing arts. Previous qualifying tests and exams are used to determine if an aspirant would or not be offered admission into such institutions.

After undergoing all the necessary screening, institutions involved would release a merit list with the aspirants they found qualified for admission.

One advantage of this method is that aspirants do not need to prepare for other exams as they seek to get admitted as they would bank on previous qualifications for their admission.

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Entrance Tests

While a few institutions provide direct admissions to the fascinated and eligible aspirants, other institutions conduct entrance tests for aspirants seeking admission into their choice of program in performing arts.

To be considered for admission to any of the performing arts programs, applicants must first pass an entrance exam.

Aspirants who scored above the cut-off mark would be considered for admission and get a chance to pursue a BPA degree.

However, an advantage of this mode of admission is that admissions are offered to candidates who merit it as they sat and passed the entrance test.

Scope of the BPA Degree

  • A BPA degree opens doors to a variety of jobs in the entertainment business and beyond.
  • The holders can secure employment in the music industry, theatres, NGO, dance industry, art exhibition, and movie industry with a BPA degree. Securing jobs in such sectors guarantees good pay as well.
  • These experts are in high demand due to their professional expertise and skills in theater and related industries.

Careers opportunities for BPA degree holders

Individuals who are holders of the BPA degree have access to numerous job opportunities. An individual with a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree can execute his/her professionalism in media houses and the entertainment industry.

A BPA degree holder can work as the following:


An actor is a skilled performer who can portray different characters to make them seem real. An actor executes his roles in movies, theatres, ads, and other avenues of entertainment.

Dance instructor: 

These specialists have an exquisite understanding of the area of dance. So, dance instructors additionally run academies to train others in the artwork of dance.

A dance instructor teaches various dancing steps to his/her proteges and guarantees that they master their dancing skills.

Media Presenter: 

A media presenter is an expert whose job is to anchor TV shows, radio shows, news, reality shows, live concerts, and a host of others.

Community Arts Worker: 

Experts in this section carry out their operations in front of a particular community. An individual with the job of a community arts worker is usually present in NGOs.

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Music Therapists: 

These are specialists who offer assistance to their patients via therapeutic music treatment. These therapists usually help individuals of all ages with their mental issues before starting therapy.

Theatre Director: 

A theatre director is in charge of organizing theatric displays at a theatre. They work in hand with the actors and other members of the production team to fully entertain the audience.

Dance Choreographer: 

A dance choreographer initiates his/her dance moves to entertain the audience directly in theatre works or films. They dedicate themselves to mastering and practicing their art.

Broadcast Engineer: 

The job of a broadcast engineer is to install, regulate and operate all kinds of broadcasting equipment.


A screenwriter is the only one who writes a film script with the innate expertise of imagination, creativity, and narration. These people are professionals in developing a dialogue, tale plot, and cool animated film of a film script.

Art Administrator: 

These specialists work for museums, theatres, art galleries, and other organizations, arranging security, artists, venues, food, and other services.

BPA Degree


Talent is a major factor when it comes to performing arts, but it has been proven never to be enough.

Studying and training develop talents, which is why performers choose to acquire a BPA degree, which shows they have studied to improve their talent.

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