HBO Max Student Discount (Diff, Save, FAQs)

HBO Max Student Discount: HBO Max is currently one of the most popular online streaming platforms in the world.

This platform is the home of several TV shows and lots more.

There is currently no HBO Max student discount at the moment; however, as a student, there are other ways you can save money on HBO Max.

This article will discuss a lot of information about HBO Max, how you can save money using this television service, and alternatives to HBO Max.

What Is HBO Max?

HBO Max is an American streaming platform that was launched in 2020.

This service emanated from HBO. HBO Max is an upgrade to both HBO Now and HBO Go.

HBO Max currently has millions of subscribers, and as earlier mentioned, it is one of the most popular online streaming services in the world at the moment.

What Is The Difference Between HBO And HBO Max?

HBO is a popular television channel that hosts several captivating shows.

On the other hand, HBO Max is the online streaming platform of HBO, and it offers several trending shows as well as shows that were cancelled many years ago.

What Is The Cost Of HBO Max?

HBO Max has two bundles, namely, HBO Max standard and HBO Max ad-free.

1. HBO Max Standard

The HBO Max Standard bundle is available for $9.99 per month.

This is the less expensive of the two options, but the HBO Max Standard plan has its limitations.

With this bundle, you cannot skip commercial breaks or download your content to watch later.

Also, shows are not available in high 4K resolution.

Nevertheless, the HBO Max Standard plan allows you to watch any show and any content that you desire.

2. HBO Max Ad-free

The HBO Max Ad-Free Bundle is available for $14.99 per month.

Although it is costly, it will definitely meet your expectations.

You can watch any content that you desire and will not be disturbed by commercial breaks.

This plan also offers content in 4K resolution, which makes for an amazing viewing experience.

How Can I Save Money On HBO Max Student Discount?

Despite the fact that HBOMax does not offer any student discounts, you can save money by applying the following tips below:

1. Subscribe to an annual plan instead of a monthly plan

You can save money on HBO Max if you decide to subscribe for a full year rather than on a monthly basis.

If you decide to subscribe to the HBO Max Standard yearly plan, you will be charged just $99.99 instead of $119.88 if you were paying $9.99 every month.

On the other hand, if you opt for the 1-year HBO Max ad-free bundle, you will pay just $149.99 instead of $179.88.

This means that opting for a yearly plan will enable you to save up to $30.

2. Search for HBO Max deals

Always stay alert for any deal offered by HBO Max.

Although they do not frequently offer discounts, the few that they do offer can be extremely beneficial.

So, if possible, stay in touch with their main office to know when the next student discount is going to be available.

A discount can go a long way toward helping you immensely.

3. Use HBO Max coupon code

HBO Max offers amazing promo codes from time to time.

Most times, they do this on their social media pages.

So, ensure that you stay close to all of HBO Max’s social media platforms and, if possible, engage with their posts regularly to get noticed.

4. Change your payment method

You can receive a huge bonus whenever you use different credit cards to pay for your HBO Max subscription.

5. Share your account

You can also save money on your HBO Max subscription by sharing your subscription using the Together Price option.

This simple, safe, and new sharing option allows you to share your HBO Max account with up to 2 other people that are close to you.

Moreover, you can watch HBO Max on up to 3 devices at the same time and create up to 5 profiles.

However, by registering for the HBO Max Together price, you will enjoy an ad-free experience for just $4.99 per month.

Alternatives To HBO Max Student Discount

HBO Max is undoubtedly one of the best streaming services in the world at the moment. It offers some of the most captivating series ever made.

However, if you are not comfortable with the services offered by HBO Max, there are several other alternatives out there.

Thus, below are 10 of the best alternatives to HBO Max:

1. Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is one of the best alternatives for HBO Max.

It is an online streaming service that is available for $4.99 per month.

Apple TV+ is available in over 150 countries and can be used on only Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac Book.

Chromecast remains the only Android device that can be used to access Apple TV+.

2. Hulu

Hulu is another excellent alternative to HBO Max.

This online streaming service is only open to people who live in the United States.

Hulu is available at a cost of $5.99 per month for the bundle that contains commercial breaks and $11.99 for the bundle with no commercial breaks.

However, subscribers can cut down on the cost of using Hulu by subscribing to the annual subscription plan that is available for $71.88.

3. Frndly TV

Frndly TV is a streaming service that is comparable to HBO Max.

It provides over 30 different live TV channels in three monthly bouquets: $6.99 for the basic plan, $8.99 for the classic plan, and $10.99 for the premium plan.

Frndly TV is a fantastic online streaming service that provides excellent value for money.

It has a 7-day free trial window and is available for devices such as Android TV, Chromecast, iOS, Roku, and lots more.

4. Starz

Starz is another exceptional addition to this list of the 10 best alternatives to HBO Max.

This streaming service is available at a monthly rate of $8.99.

Starz has a large selection of channels and offers a 7-day free trial period.

It has a version that is available to Android and iOS users.

5. Disney+

Disney+ is one of the top alternatives to HBO Max.

It is a streaming service that is owned by the Walt Disney Company, a leading cartoon company in the world.

Disney+ is currently available in more than 59 different countries around the world, with a starting price of about $8 per month in the US.

The cost of subscribing to Disney+ varies based on region.

6. Netflix

It is impossible to discuss the top alternatives to HBO Max without talking about Netflix.

Netflix is arguably the most popular alternative to HBO Max.

This streaming platform does not have commercial breaks and has three payment bundles: basic, standard, and premium.

Rather than an increment in price, each package differs based on the number of devices that can be used to stream from one account at once.

Netflix is a streaming platform that works perfectly well on several platforms.

7. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the best alternatives to HBO Max. This online streaming service offers both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Besides streaming shows, you can buy or rent TV shows on Amazon Prime. This streaming service has a version that is available for iOS, Android, and Windows users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On HBO Max Student Discount

Can you obtain HBO Max free of charge as a student?

Students that reside on the school campus can enjoy HBO Max for free via HBO GO and Max GO.

Is HBO Max free with Amazon Prime?

No, HBO Max is not available for free on Amazon Prime. However, anyone who wants to access HBO Max must do so at a monthly charge of $14.99 only. As soon as they do this, they will be able to access the numerous works available on HBO Max.

Where can you enjoy HBO Max for free?

HBO Max is available for free on Amazon Prime Video and DirectTV Stream. However, this is just for the free trial phase.

Does HBO Max offer a 7-day free trial?

HBO Max’s official platform does not offer any 7-day free trials.


HBO Max is one of the top streaming platforms in the world at the moment.

However, unlike most streaming services in the world at the moment, this company offers no student discount.

In spite of this, you can save money on HBO Max by applying the tips discussed in this article.

Moreover, in addition to the streaming services discussed above, Paramount+ Premium, Paramount+, and  Peacock are the three other best alternatives to HBO Max.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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