How To Get Chegg Student Discount

Chegg Student Discount: Chegg is an american educational technology company that offers lots of educational materials to help college students succeed in their academics.

This company even offers educational materials to students at a discounted rate. However, to benefit from the Chegg student discount as a student, several steps must be taken.

So, this article will give an overview of Chegg and explain in detail how students can get a discount on Chegg.

An Overview Of Chegg

Chegg is an american educational technology company that offers educational materials sales and rentals to students as well as several other student services.

Founded in 2005, this company has grown massively in the last 17 years of providing services to students and currently has more than 3 million subscribers.

Chegg offers several services that go beyond book rental.

They provide tutoring services and have set up an online platform via their official website that enables students to look for scholarships and internship opportunities that are currently available.

Without a doubt, Chegg is an organization that has helped millions of students learn a lot at the same time.

Chegg Student Discount

Chegg Student Discount For 2023

From our research, it is understood that Chegg offers a 25% discount for every student in their first month of subscribing to their services.

Moreover, in some cases, students can also obtain amazing discounts when renting textbooks.

Chegg has also decided that every new subscriber will get 30 minutes of free classes with tutors from Ivy League schools until 2023 and even beyond.

Chegg offers online tutoring services at cheap prices due to the fact that they are more interested in the academic progress of students than in making money itself.

Besides, the good thing is that Chegg tutors are always available for their students, and they establish a schedule with them that suits the needs of the student.

Chegg tutors also offer lessons on lots of subjects and topics that can immensely boost the understanding of students.

When students rent books from Chegg instead of buying them from the bookstore, they get a 90% discount.

Requirements for Chegg’s student discount in 2023

Being a student is the only requirement that a person needs to satisfy before they can use Chegg services. Chegg verifies a person’s scholarship status when they register an account.

How to obtain a Chegg student discount

Chegg makes it possible for people to lease and purchase second-hand textbooks online via their website and mobile app.

However, a student will only obtain a discount for any of these services by following the steps below.

  • Install the Student, Math Solver, Books, and Prep apps on your phone.
  • Sign up for an account if you have not done that yet, and validate your studentship with the company.
  • Once you have been confirmed, begin your free trial of Chegg Study, which includes an unpaid 30-minute session with a tutor and about 90% OFF on every book leased by the student.

How to save money off Cheggs

A student can save money on Cheggs by applying the following tips:

  • Follow Chegg on every single social media platform because most of the time, this company offers exclusive deals to their social media followers.
  • Make consistent use of Chegg coupons.
  • Sell some of your used textbooks, including those that you did not buy from Chegg. People that desire to sell books not purchased from Chegg can do so on GoTextbooks, which is a company that is associated with Cheggs.
  • Take advantage of the four-week free trial offered by Chegg and obtain several concise textbooks that will immensely increase your understanding. Chegg’s free trial gives students access to experts as well. However, at the end of the four weeks, the free trial can be reactivated for only $14.95 a month, which you can still terminate whenever you desire.

Do note that over 90% can be saved on textbooks when they are leased or bought for college courses. Most of the time, these books can be found online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Chegg Student Discount: How to acquire Chegg Coupon codes

Chegg coupon codes can be used to do a lot of things. They can be used when purchasing or renting textbooks, registering for tutoring services, or obtaining assistance for assignments.

You can find coupon codes on Chegg’s “Coupon” page, on websites run by third parties, and on social media pages.

Email coupon codes

Email coupon codes can be used only once. Thus, if you are fortunate enough to lay your hands on free coupon codes shared by community members, you can keep inputting them into the platform till you get an unused one.

How to use Chegg’s coupon or promotion code

You can use the Chegg/promotion code by taking the following steps below:

  • Select the Chegg coupon that you desire to use, then right-click and hit the “Copy to Clipboard” option.
  • Visit Chegg’s official website and attach the item or service you desire to purchase to your shopping cart.
  • You may have to log in to your Chegg account prior to observing the order summary page.
  • Immediately after you have attached all the items or services that you want to purchase to the cart, select “Checkout” to proceed and verify that you are not a robot.
  • Click on “proceed” immediately after you enter your shipping and payment details.
  • On the checkout page, input the coupon code and hit the “Apply” option on the next page. After the discount has been applied to your order, you can go straight to the checkout.

Chegg Student Discount: Chegg’s Return Policy

Returning a textbook you rented from Chegg is very easy.

Once you are done with the books that you rented, collect them together in a box that carries the prepaid UPS return label and send them to any UPS facility close to you on or prior to your due date.

On the other hand, access to e-textbooks is retracted at the end of the rental period.

You can return physical textbooks to Chegg within three weeks from the day you purchased them if you don’t want them anymore.

Chegg will charge you between $5 and $10 for every book that you return, and the money that you paid to ship the book down to yourself in the first place will not be refunded by the company.

Also, once Chegg gets the book you sent, you’ll get your money back within 3 to 5 business days.

On the other hand, eTextbooks can be cancelled within 14 days from the date they were purchased.

If you’ve used the book for over 14 days, you can have a chat with Chegg customer care staff to assist you on how to go about the return process.

Frequently Asked Questions on Chegg Student Discount

What does Chegg do?

Chegg is an online learning service and app. It sells and leases secondhand and new textbooks. Second, it offers math, homework, and writing subscriptions.

Is Chegg trustworthy?

Chegg is a legal website, and students of all ages and grades can use it safely. However, they should be careful when they use it. 

How much do chegg tutors earn?

The possibility to work as a Chegg Tutor and earn $20 per hour is remarkable. When working as a tutor, you get paid an hourly rate for each hour spent working with a student and/or creating a customized lesson plan for them. Tutors receive their hourly wage regardless of how many hours they really put in.

How is it to work for Chegg in India?

If you feel you have what it takes to help students in India, you may become a Chegg India expert by signing up. In order to begin answering questions, you must first pass an online test and verification procedure. For each question you answer right, you will receive payment. The freedom to set your own hours and location is a major perk of this position.


Chegg is a company that has changed the lives of millions of people.

This brand offers textbooks, other educational materials, and online tutoring services to students in order to help them stay on top of their academics and graduate from college with flying colors.

Moreover, as a student, you can enjoy huge discounts on any product or service you buy or lease from Chegg.

Read this article again to find out the steps that will enable you to secure and use the Chegg student discount.

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