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Is MCAT Tougher Than NEET? It’s always easy to have an aspiration but working towards becoming it is the real deal.

In this light, as you aspire for medicine, you must pass through all the required bodies to get there.

These bodies are medical entrance exams conducted to test if you have the potential to become a doctor, as your aspiration says or not.

So, this article compares and contrasts the MCAT and the NEET and says which one is harder.

What is MCAT?

MCAT is an acronym for the Medical College Examination test. It has been in use for almost a century now, in a standardized multi-choice computer-based test.

If you want to work in medicine, you’ll need to complete this as part of the training procedure.

Morever, it is designed by the test manufacturer Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) to give medical schools with the correct measure of comparison for applicants’ application and preparedness for medical school.

The MCAT is also a requirement for all U.S. medical students, and this committee carefully examines your MCAT score as well as your academic background in order to help you develop a successful medical career.

More so, MCAT scores are eligible for five years from the date written and afterward nullified, and you will be asked to rewrite the exams if your score supersedes the five years timeline.

What is NEET?

National Eligibility Entrance Test, or NEET, used to be called the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT).

This test is necessary to get into MBBS and BDS programs at medical and dental schools in India.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) gives this test to everyone who meets the requirements to do so.

More so, this test is for medical students in India, and it helps make a single entrance test for all medical students in India.

As you read on, “Is MCAT Tougher Than NEET?” check out:

Requirements for NEET

  • The age limit has been removed, so anyone over 17 can take this test. At first, you had to be 25 years old, but that rule has been changed.
  • Citizens of India, Non resident Indians (NRIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs), and foreign nations are eligible to apply for NEET exams.
  • Candidates must have passed 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology, and English as core subjects from an accredited and recognized board.
  • Class 12 percentage requirement mark for NEET only for PCB subjects: UR – 50%, OBS/SC/ST – 40%, PWD – 45%. Reserved categories have a 5% mark in the qualifying mark.
  • Candidates with 40% in class can apply and appear for NEET. More so, english is super compulsory in class 12.

NEET formerly restricted the number of attempts a candidate should have, but its ban has been lifted.

There is no more restriction on the number of attempts for NEET 2022. NEET is not just for Doctors but also for Nurses as the nurses can also take the exams.

Candidates must fill out the appropriate NEET qualifying examination codes in the online application form.

Requirements for MCAT

Prior to applying to any medical school in the United States or Canada, students must complete the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), which is compulsory for all applicants. 

MCAT scores are valid for five years from the date they were written, and if your score exceeds this time period, you will be required to retake the examinations. 

Is MCAT Tougher Than NEET? (Tips and Tricks)

  • The number of students writing NEET is much more than those writing MCAT by over 25%.
  • On the first try, 50% of people pass the MCAT with distinction, but only 0.5% pass the NEET.
  • A question takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds to answer, while each question on the NEET takes about 1 minute.
  • On the MCAT, there are comprehension questions that give hints to the answers, but on the NEET, you are expected to remember everything you read and are taught.
  • You need to be a graduate from a college to partake in the MCAT exams, but a fresh high school finalist can partake in NEET.
  • NEET fees are far cheaper than MCAT.

Without contradiction, NEET is far tougher than MCAT.

How to study for MCAT

1. Find a baseline:

Take a look at your prior tests and years’ worth of practice questions to get an idea of your average score.

This will help you prep and focus on the spots you are weak at, thereby improving daily until the date of the actual exams.

2. Accuracy is key: 

In as much as there is a limited time frame for you to finish up the exams, it is necessary that you need top-notch accuracy to be able to pass well. In learning anything new, the skill must be learned untimed till mastery.

3. Practice many test questions: 

As experience tends to build confidence, you must take many of these test questions at home to build your confidence in them.

Then, honestly look at your performance, credit yourself where necessary, and scold yourself to work harder in areas you have failed. There is a degree of confidence that self-evaluation does to a person.

Is MCAT Tougher Than NEET? How to study for NEET

1. Be familiar with the syllabus: 

To get the most out of the NEET exam, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the course outline. More so, to be prepared for NEET, it is necessary to study the entire NCERT curriculum as well.

2. High standard study materials: 

Selecting the right standard study material for these exams is paramount and necessary. With online aid, you can get this material from teachers and students who have taken this exam before.

3. Create a realistic timetable: 

For test preparation, having a study plan in place is essential because the syllabus is two years long; therefore, it is imperative that students follow a timeline to ensure that they have enough time to cover all of the material.

4. Prepare notes while learning and Revise them regularly: 

Every time you jot down while learning, there is every possibility that you will know the subject better. It tends to stick well and better if you revise them immediately after the lecture.

Frequently Asked Questions on MCAT Tougher Than NEET

What does NEET mean?

National Eligibility Entrance Test

Is it hard to pass the MCAT?

For a variety of reasons, test prep professionals say the MCAT is particularly difficult. If you’re looking for a lengthy test that covers a wide range of topics, you’ll need to be prepared to synthesize information from many academic areas.

How much does the MCAT cost?

The fee to sign up for the MCAT exam is $325. This covers the cost of the test and getting your scores to the right people. On the MCAT website, you can find information about fees.

How many times can I take the MCAT?

Seven times


MCAT is still a standard exam for medical students, and NEET is a standard exam for medical students, too, but in the case which is tougher to go through, NEET stands top of the list, with MCAT strolling after it.

All these exams are hard, but a mind determined to pass any of the above will work towards it and maintain a positive mindset. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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