Methodist vs Baptist (similarities, differences)

A methodist and baptist are members of two different forms of religion which are major branches of Protestant Christianity. They have their differences and similarities which this article will talk about.

Methodist vs Baptist

Who is a methodist:

A methodist is a member of a movement who gets their beliefs from following the life and teachings of John Wesley. Methodist movement, also known as Methodism, originates from the 18th century in England through the evangelistic movement of John Wesley and George Whitefield.

Methodism is also a denomination of Protestant Christianity. After John Wesley’s death, the movement became a separate denomination but still follows his teachings. Charles Wesley, who is John Wesley’s brother, was also a significant leader in the movement.

John Wesley taught about the need for personal holiness, missionary living, and service to others. Through his teaching, methodists have come to value acts of piety like healthy living, holy communion, fasting, etc. They do not discriminate among the poor, rich, or disabled.

Methodists are staunch evangelists, advocates, and participants in building schools, clinics, hospitals, and orphanages.

The movement of Methodism has grown from the United Kingdom to the United States through missionary and evangelistic work and claims to have 80 million members worldwide.

The Methodist tradition uses the guide known as “The Wesleyan Quadrilateral.” This methodology can be traced back to John Wesley, who was the founder of the Methodist movement.

However, this guide contains:

  • Scripture
  • Tradition
  • Reason
  • Experience

Methodists Churches ordain Pastors and believe both men and women are equal to the task.

Methodist vs Baptist

Who is a baptist:

A baptist believes, and advocates that only adult believers can be baptized and should be done through complete immersion.

The earliest Baptist Church has been traced to 1609 with John Smyth, an English Separatist as their Pastor in Amsterdam located in the Dutch Republic.

A baptist is a member of the denomination of Protestant Christianity. The history of the Baptist church is traced to the early 17th century.

However, the history of the Baptist Church continued through Thomas Helwys, who stated a Baptist request that the state and the church be kept separate involving the matter of law so that there might be freedom of religion.

Thomas Helwys died in prison due to religious conflict, which took place during the reign of James I. In 1638, the first Baptist congregation was established by Roger Williams in the North American colonies with baptists having strict fundamentalists and are not liberal with the teachings of the Bible.

The Baptists use the guide known as the 5 Solos, which was born out of the reformation. This guide which is called the 5 Solos, contains:

  • Sola Scriptura (“by Scripture alone”)
  • Sola Fide (“by faith alone”)
  • Sola Gratia (“by grace alone”)
  • Solus Christus or Solo Christo (“Christ alone” or “through Christ alone”)
  • Soli Deo Gloria (“glory to God alone”).

Baptists do value women in leadership positions but believe the Pastor role is solely for men. Baptist Churches are found to have 40 million members worldwide in all countries of the world.

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Methodist vs Baptist

Difference between Methodist and Baptist:


The main difference between a methodist and a baptist is their beliefs about baptism. Methodists believe that baptism can be performed on children, youths, and adults, while Baptists believe baptism can only be performed on adults.

Baptists believe that baptism should only be done when people understand the true meaning of life, that is when they are adults. Methodists do not care or discriminate about a person’s age or mental maturity.

Baptists believe in only full immersion, while Methodists perform baptism with immersion, sprinkling, or pouring.
Methodists follow the guide called “The Wesleyan Quadrilateral,” while Baptists follow the guide called the “5 Solos.”


Baptists value women in leadership but believe the Pastor’s role is for men only, while Methodists accept Pastors who are both men and women.

Their form of government is different; how they appoint pastors are different. In Methodist Churches, pastors are appointed by Bishops, while in Baptist Churches, pastors are appointed by Churches.

In Methodist Churches, congregations are linked to one another, while in Baptist Churches, they are self-governing.

Baptists are more private and thus practice closed communion where the table is open for only their baptized church members. In contrast, Methodists practice open communion where their table is welcome to all.


A Methodist’s main belief is taught by John Wesley and is about missionary living, purity, and values, while a Baptist’s central belief is baptism.

All Methodists Churches hold their services on Sunday, while most Baptists Churches hold their services on Sunday, but there is a group that holds their services on Saturday known as “Seventh Day Baptists.”

Baptists are very fundamental about their principles and beliefs, meaning they are primary fundamentalists, while Methodists are fundamental about their principles and beliefs.

Baptists believe that once a person is saved, the person is always saved and cannot fall from Grace, while Methodists believe that it is a person’s decision to be saved and by not following God can fall from Grace.

Methodist vs Baptist

Similarities Between Methodists And Baptists

  • Believe in Communion and Baptism, although the way it is practiced is different.
  • Believe that communion and baptism are sacred, although their difference lies.
  • Members of the denomination of Protestant Christianity.
  • Believe in God, the Bible, and believe Jesus Christ is the one who brought us salvation.


Baptists and Methodists are the members of the two main or major branches of the denomination of Protestant Christianity. They may have their differences and similarities, but they guide their members.

In the battle of Methodist vs. Baptist, no one wins as religion is not a war but guidance to human beings. As these two forms of religion have been introduced, learn of it but do not discriminate.

Religion is defined as a belief system and worship of a supernatural or superhuman being with commanding authority. Methodists and Baptists are both different forms of religion. However, religion is important in our lives to give us direction.

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