BYU Hawaii Acceptance Rate (Overview, GPA, FAQs) | 2023

BYU Hawaii Acceptance Rate: BYU Hawaii is one of the best Christian schools in the world.

This school has numerous top-class learning facilities with an acceptance rate comparable to many schools nationwide.

However, one must meet the school’s admission requirements before one can study at this school.

Thus, if you desire to study at BYU Hawaii, this article is for you. It contains all you need to know about BYU Hawaii, including the acceptance rate of the school, its admission requirements, and several study tips that can help you succeed academically.

An Overview of BYU Hawaii

BYU Hawaii is one of the best Christian universities in the United States of America. BYU Hawaii, which stands for Brigham Young University, is a school established by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This school remains committed to helping individuals achieve their career goals by exposing them to a rigorous learning program in a top-class learning environment that encourages commitment and academic excellence.

This school is also dedicated to helping people achieve eternal life by developing their faith and character.

Moreover, Brigham Young University equips students with the skills to further their education and remain committed to a life of service.

This school has several faculty members that are well-known in their respective fields for the achievements that they have earned and for contributing immensely to the growth of their fields.

On the other hand, Brigham Young University has several fully-equipped laboratories and libraries that are among the best in the world.

This school encourages research activities and collaboration between staff and students to facilitate professional and personal development.

Additionally, the support resources available at Brigham Young University are among the best in the nation.

More so, Brigham Young University is well-known in the US for its strong commitment to teaching students strict religious principles and its all-around approach to learning.

What is the Acceptance Rate at BYU Hawaii?

The acceptance rate at BYU Hawaii is 42%. The school admits only 42 out of every 100 applicants.

However, applicants to BYU Hawaii will have a better chance of gaining admission if they send in a strong application.

What is the GPA Requirement for Admission to BYU Hawaii?

To gain admission into BYU Hawaii, all university applicants are expected to have a minimum high school GPA of 3.86 to 4.0.

Thus, if you desire to attend school at BYU Hawaii and are still in high school, you can obtain a GPA within that range by hitting more A-grades than B-grades in all the courses you study.

On the other hand, taking difficult classes like AP or IB classes will increase your chances of gaining admission into BYU Hawaii.

BYU Hawaii Acceptance Rate

What is the Standardized Test required for admission to BYU Hawaii?

Like most colleges in the United States, the ACT and SAT are the two standardized tests required for admission into BYU Hawaii.

However, as an applicant to BYU Hawaii, you are only expected to submit a score on any test.

Moreover, if you send in an ACT score, you must note that a score between 28 and 32 will increase your chances of gaining admission into BYU Hawaii.

On the contrary, all applicants sending in an SAT score are expected to have a minimum score of at least 1167 on a SAT scale of 1600.

Do you need to pay a fee when applying to BYU Hawaii?

Everyone who wants to go to BYU Hawaii has to pay a $35 application fee before their application can be processed.

What is BYU Hawaii’s application deadline?

All applications to BYU Hawaii must be submitted by February 15th of each year.

Top study tips for BYU Hawaii students

BYU Hawaii boasts world-class learning facilities that improve students’ academic success, but as a student, you still have a responsibility to achieve the greatest possible results.

Thus, here are some study tips that can help you excel academically in school:

1. Use a study schedule

Creating a study schedule is one of the best things you will ever do for yourself as a student at BYU Hawaii.

Right from your first day in school, carve out time and draft a study schedule based on your daily activities.

Moreover, ensure that your schedule gives you enough time to complete your assignments, study the things you learned during the day, and even cover some of the coursework that has not been discussed yet.

However, a schedule will only be useful if you abide by it accurately.

2. Be present in class 

No matter how you feel about school, do not miss classes for any reason. Attending classes in school will help you do well on your tests and exams because it impacts your brain positively.

However, whenever you are in class, ensure that you take as many notes as possible, pay attention, and avoid all forms of distraction so you don’t miss out on anything.

3. Take up a study spot that works best for you

One truth you must know about school is that a study spot that works for one person may not be for you.

So, ensure that you find a study spot that will allow you to concentrate on your books while reading and a location with minimal distractions.

Although it is always advisable for students to read in the library, you can still decide to read in your classroom if it is not as crowded as the library.

4. Engage in group study

As a student, you will enjoy many benefits when you study in a group.

The group study will discourage procrastination, and you will have the opportunity to receive explanations on study areas in which you are struggling.

Moreover, group study is the best way to better prepare for tests and exams as it allows you to exchange ideas with your colleagues that will benefit all of you on the test or exam.

5. Avoid cramming

If you desire to excel in your academics in college, you must avoid cramming. While cramming works for short-term success, cramming is not a reliable way to prepare for any test or exam in school.

So, while studying in college, you must read to understand. Prioritizing comprehension over cramming is a reliable way to prepare for tests and exams in school and is a great way to build long-term memory.

6. Review what you have read

No matter the volume of material that you study in a week, you will forget most of it if you do not review what you have studied.

So, even over the weekends, ensure that you create time to read the points you jotted down and take some mock tests to know the areas you still have to work on.

7. Recognize your study weaknesses

Recognizing your academic strengths and weaknesses on time can make an academic difference.

If you know that you tend to cover a lesser volume of your study materials when you have a phone beside you, put away your phone when you are studying.

On the other hand, if you love procrastinating, use a study schedule. Determining to overcome your weaknesses and trying to end them can make all the difference.

8. Know what to study 

Before you read any textbook, ensure that you take a look at the syllabus for the semester or year and confirm the topics that you are meant to study.

If the syllabus hasn’t been given to you yet, ask the student support service at your school for it, so you don’t end up reading things that aren’t in your area of study.

9. Take breaks

Taking regular school breaks is one thing that can enhance your studies. After a long school day, take breaks to recharge your brain and return to speed.

10. Seek help

If you find it difficult to understand some of the things taught in class, do not fail to consult your lecturer in their office for deeper clarification.

You can even go as far as paying for extra lessons from tutors if the explanation you get is not sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions on BYU Hawaii Acceptance Rate

Does BYU Hawaii have a dress code?

Sleeves must cover the shoulders, back, and stomach. No form-fitting, exposing, sheer, or low-cut clothes. Moreover, messages and images on clothing must meet LDS standards.

Why should I go to BYU-Hawaii?

BYUH positively affects its surroundings, which helps those who go there always feel uplifted and inspired to improve their lives. It gives a lot of help and direction for education. BYUH is a good choice for people who want to improve their lives and have uplifting experiences.

What do you need to get into BYU Hawaii?

BYUH has no prerequisites. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA. Their pupils average a 3.6 GPA. Homeschooled students should read Admission Requirements for Home Schooled Students.

What is the hardest school to get into?

Harvard University 

What is BYU Hawaii Acceptance Rate?



BYU Hawaii is one of the best Christian universities in the United States of America. This school has an acceptance rate of 42%, which means that the school admits about 42 out of every 100 applicants.

Moreover, even though gaining admission to BYU Hawaii is not overly difficult, applicants are still expected to meet the school’s admission requirements.

But the tips above will help you perform better if you get into the school.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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