51+ General Knowledge Questions And Answers About Kerala

Kerala is a state that is positioned on the Malabar Coast of India. It is one of the most visited places in Asia.

From their delicious meals to the wonderful wildlife experience to the presence of lots of exciting beaches, Kerala has everything that would make tourist exploits super enjoyable.

This post will discuss 50 general knowledge questions and answers about Kerala.

Are General Knowledge Questions About Kerala Important?

Knowing general facts about Kerala is necessary for understanding the state’s culture, tradition, and art forms.

If you plan to visit Kerala as a tourist, acquiring knowledge of the renowned festivals and events each year can enhance your experience.

Furthermore, this knowledge is vital for educational purposes and understanding the significance of historical events that took place in the state in the past.

It helps one learn about the state’s politics, environmental diversity, cultural richness, and impact on the global community.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers About Kerala

S/NGeneral Knowledge Questions About KeralaAnswers
 1.What is the name of Kerala’s capital city?Thiruvananthapuram
 2.Which river in the state is regarded as the lifeline of Kerala?Periyar River
 3.Which language is officially spoken in Kerala?Malayalam
 4.Where is the highest point in Kerala?Anamudi
 5.Kerala became an Indian state in which year?1956
 6.What is the native dance style of the people of Kerala?Kathakali
 7.By area, what is the largest district in the state of Kerala?Palakkad
 8.What is the renowned backwater spot in Kerala?Alleppey
 9.What is the name of the pioneer Chief Minister of Kerala?E. M. S. Namboodiripad
 10.What is the official name of the event officially known as the harvest festival of Kerala?Onam
S/NGeneral Knowledge Questions About KeralaAnswers
 11.What is the name of the popular wildlife spot in Kerala where you can find many elephants?Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
12.What is the native form of art in Kerala that is regarded as the mother of all martial arts?Kalaripayattu
 13.What is the name of the longest river in state of Kerala?Periyar River
14.Why is the Sabarimala Temple highly regarded in the state of Kerala?It is a dedicated pilgrimage center for Lord Ayyappa
 15. What is the name of the renowned hill station in Kerala that is popular for its amazing tea plantations?Munnar
 16.Who earned the nickname “Bard of Kerala” for his exploits as a poet and social reformer?Kumaran Asan
 17.What is the name of the biggest port in the state of KeralaThe Kochi Port
 18.What is the native boat race that is held in Kerala each year?Vallam Kali
 19.What is the sole tribal district in Kerala?Wayanad
 20.Who is regarded as the “Father of the Co-operative Movement” in Kerala?V. T. Bhattathiripad
S/NGeneral Knowledge Questions About KeralaAnswers
 21.Which Kerala’s district is regarded as the ‘Literate District’?Kottayam
 22.Which is the key ingredient in the native Avial dish popular in Kerala?Coconut
 23.The “Gateway of the High Ranges” is a title reserved for which dam in Kerala?Idukki Dam
24. What is the native outfit that most men wear in Kerala?Mundu
 25.What is the popular dance style that is performed in the course of temple festivals?Theyyam
 26.Who earned the nickname “Bard of Kerala” for his exploits as a poet and social reformer?Kumaran Asan
 27.What is the name of the popular social reformer from Kerala who is highly regarded for leading the Vaikom Satyagraha?K. Keleppan
 28.What is the foremost eco-tourism project in India that is situated in Kerala?Thenmala
 29.Kerala has this title for being the foremost digital state in India.Kalaripayattu
 30.Why is Kerala referred to as “Digital Kerala”?Kerala has this title for being the foremost digital state in India
S/NGeneral Knowledge Questions About KeralaAnswers
 31.Who is the popular writer from Kerala is known for works such as ‘Chemmeen’?Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai
 32.What is the name of the longest beach in Kerala?Varkala Beach
33. Which native Kerala dish is prepared with coconut and rice flour, and served with chicken or fish curry?Appam
 34.What is the foremost eco-tourism destination in Kerala?Gavi
 35.What is the name of the social reformer from Kerala who is popular for his lessons on universal brotherhood?Sree Narayana Guru
 36.Which popular waterfall in Kerala is known as the “Niagara of India”?Athirapally Falls
 37.What is the name of the foremost private spaceport in India?Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station, Kerala
 38.What is the local musical instrument widely used in Kerala’s traditional music?Chenda
 39.What is the local boat in Kerala that is used for transportation in the backwaters?Kettuvallam
 40.What is the popular Lord Padmanavha temple located in Kerala?Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
S/NGeneral Knowledge Questions About KeralaAnswers
 41.What is the local headgear that most Malayali men love to wear?Mundu
 42.What is the name of the first synagogue in India?Paradesi Synagogue, Kerala
 43.What is the name of the Malayalam film actor that is famously called the ‘Complete Actor’?Mohanlal
 44.What is the local New Year celebration in Kerala?Vishu
 45.Which is the largest Christian pilgrimage site in India which can be found in Kerala?St. Anthony’s Shrine, Kaloor
 46.Who is the first woman to become the Chief Minister of Kerala?K. R. Gouri Amma
 47.What is the local martial art form that is practiced in Northern Kerala?Theyyam
 48.What is the name of the renowned migratory bird center in Kerala?Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
 49.What is the name of the foremost Ayurvedic resort on the globe that can be found in Kerala?Somatheeram
 50.What is the popular Malayalam man who is renowned for his exploits in the film industry?Vayalar Ramavarma

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on General Knowledge Questions And Answers About Kerala

Kerala was formerly known by what name?

It was formerly called the Malabar region. This name originated from the Chera dynasty or from the word for coconuts, which are grown in the area. Explorers and traders from Europe fondly used this name.

What is Kerala’s nickname?

Kerala has the nickname “The Land of the Coconut”. In light of its varied economic worth, which includes coconuts and spices, Kerala goes by more than one moniker. Other popular names include “Spice Garden of India” and “God’s Own Country”.

How many rivers are there in Kerala?

There are forty-four major rivers in Kerala. There are 41 that go west and 3 that go east. When measured in dimensions, length, width, and water output, Kerala’s rivers are modest.

What makes Kerala unique?

One of the most frequently visited parts of India is Kerala, located on the tropical Malabar Coast in the southwest. It is regarded as one of the top 10 paradises on Earth. The state is well-known for its initiatives to promote ecology and picturesque backwaters.

What is the total number of airports in Kerala?

Two Indian states, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, have four international airports currently functioning in 2023. Also, out of all the states in India, Kerala has the most foreign and domestic airports in its immediate vicinity.


Kerala offers everything a tourist might want, from its mouthwatering cuisine to its amazing animal experiences and thrilling coastlines.

To make the most of your time in Kerala, ensure you experience the Backwaters, visit the Wildlife sanctuaries, and have a go at the local delicacies.

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