50 General Knowledge Questions and Answers About Math

Math is an abbreviation for mathematics.

Math can refer to both the subject and the area of study. This phrase can also be used to talk about math processes.

This article will give more information on math as a discipline and provide exciting facts to help embrace and appreciate the field of study.

Are General Knowledge Questions and Answers about Math Important?

General Knowledge Questions and Answers about math are essential.
It gives the necessary information needed to understand math.

It exposes facts that will help people embrace math and find it exciting to study.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers About Math

1.What is the etymology of math?  Math originates from an Ancient Greek word “máthēma”.  
2.What is the meaning of Math?“That which is learned”, “what one gets to know”.  
3.Where did Math originate from?Egypt.  
4.What form of math existed first?Counting.  
5.Who invented math?  Archimedes.
6.Who is the Greek mathematician god?Athena. The goddess of warfare, wisdom and crafts.  
7.What are the branches of math?Algebra, number theory, arithmetic and geometry.  
8.Who is the first female mathematician?  Hypatia.  
9.Who invented the digit “zero”?  Aryabhata.  
10.Who is the Prince of Mathematics?Karl Friedrich Gauss.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers on Theories in Math.

11.Who is the father of Set Theory in math?  Georg Cantor.
12.Which is the oldest theory in math?  Pythagorean theorem.
13.Who is considered the mother of math?  Hypatia of Alexandria.
14.What is the most difficult theory in math?  Riemann Hypothesis.
15.Who discovered calculus?  Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz.  
16.Who invented formulas?Archimedes.
17.Who invented probability in math?Blaise Pascal and Pierre de Fermat.    
18.Who is considered the father of numerals?  Aryabhata.
19.Who is considered the father of integers?  Diophantus.
20.Who introduced the use of letters as unknown in math?Francois Viete.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers on Fun Facts in Math.

31.What is a zillion?  It is not a number. It is a word used to refer to “huge”.  
32.Which number is spelt in sequence as arranged in the alphabet?  Forty.
33.Who is the mother of math?  Odd numbers have letter “e” in their spellings.
34.Is there zero in Roman numerals?  No. zero is not represented in the Roma numerals.
35.What is the division sign called?  Obelus.
36.What is a jiffy?1/100th of a second.  
37.What is a pie chat called in France?Camembert.    
38.Which number is spelt in descending order as represented in the alphabet?  One.
39.When were mathematical symbols invented?  In the 16th century.
40.The practice of math can be traced to when?  30,000 BC.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers on The Concept of Math.

41.What are the basic skills in math?  Subtraction, multiplication, and division.
42.What are the concepts of math?  Shapes, formulas, ratios, patterns, fractions, decimals, percentages, exponents, and scientific notation.
43.What are the 4 Cs in the study of math?  Converse, Compare, Categorize and count.
44.What is the rule of mathematics?  Brackets, orders, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. (BODMAS)  
45.What are the first Don’ts in math?Never assume you can not solve math.
46.What is the purpose of learning math?To promote human reasoning and thought processes, mental discipline and Logical reasoning.  
47.What is a mathematical formula?It uses an equal symbol to connect two or more values to help determine the value of the other quantity. It aids in speedy question-solving.
48.What should you do to be successful in math?Practice everyday.
49.What is AIMS?Open Access and International Monthly Publications. It is a journal that publishes original research and math articles.
50.In what areas can the knowledge of math be applied?Math is a vital tool in all areas of life, including natural science, engineering, medicine, and the social sciences.

FAQs on General Knowledge Questions and Answers About Math

Who is the first renounced blind mathematician?

Caryn Linda Navy.

Who is the king of math?

Leonhard Euler.

Who was the first female mathematics Professor in Nigeria?

Olabisi Oreofe Ugbebor.

What are the two types of mathematical knowledge?

Conceptual and procedural knowledge. 


Math is a necessity. It is applied in daily activities; thus, everyone must acquire math knowledge.

There is math everywhere. Even though we might not realize it, math is found in all the surrounding natural environments, including the human and animal species.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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