Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship

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Suppose you are an ambitious young woman seeking a vibrant learning community where you can grow to your full potential, then the Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship is for you.

The Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship is for established women who care about their career success.

Its eligibility requirement for a women-only eligibility scholarship sets it apart from the competition.

Keep reading to know more about this scholarship explicitly offered to women, the Harriet Fitzgerald College Scholarship.

Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship

What is the Sunflower Initiative? 

The Sunflower Initiative is the organization that offers the Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship.

The Sunflower Initiative is a non-profit organization established by women who have enjoyed their female university experience so much that they want to help provide this opportunity to other women.

This organization was established to honour the legacy of Randolph Macon Woman’s College and aims to welcome women from other women’s colleges who have a similar passion for the life-changing experience.

The Sunflower Initiative has expanded its membership to include alumni and friends from other women’s colleges.

The scholarship, named in honor of R-MWC alumnus Harriet Fitzgerald, offers a promising young woman the financial aid to attend a women’s college where her intelligence and talents will be cultivated.

She will receive an education in preparation for full participation in public life.

About the Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship 

The Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship is among a number of scholarships administered by the women empowerment organization, Sunflower Initiative.

This scholarship is for women passionate about learning who wish to attend a woman’s college in either Canada or the United States.

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must have an excellent high school record, strong credentials, a desire to contribute to society, and possess excellent character and leadership qualities.

High school graduates and women who have not completed an entire semester of college studies are eligible for the Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship. 

High school seniors and women who took a year or two off in high school are encouraged to apply, provided you are an incoming freshman.

Application requirements for the Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship include high academic achievement, outstanding leadership skills, and a desire to contribute to society.

Who is eligible to apply for the Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship? 

The Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship committee accepts applications from inspired women who tend to learn and desire to enrol in a woman’s college in the United States and Canada. Successful applicants must: 

  • Have an excellent high school record. 
  • Provide excellent references.
  • Have an earnest will to contribute to society. 
  • Show stellar leadership qualities and strong character, in addition to breadth and depth of enthusiasm.

For best consideration, applicants should have:

  • A CGPA of a minimum of 3.7.
  • A SAT result of a minimum of 1350 or an ACT result of 27 without a single ACT score below 25. International students should have the facilities to take either the ACT or SAT in their home country. For applications expected before February 1, 2022, test results are welcome but are optional. 

Women expected to begin their first full semester in colleges in the fall of 2022 are eligible. They include: 

  • High school graduates. 
  • High school graduates who took a year off after high school graduation. 
  • Women who enroled in college but dropped out before completing their first semester are now considering returning to college.

Women who have already finished one or more academic semesters are not eligible to apply.

Application documents for Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship

A completed online application form on the scholarship website, including the following supplements, all in PDF format: 

  • An essay [in PDF format] uploaded into the online application form.
  • Answers to questions about your achievements, activities, awards and any other information supporting your application, which you can also provide by uploading an optional CV [also in PDF format] in the online application form.

Three recommendation letters on letterhead [in PDF FORMAT]:

  • A minimum of two of the three letters must be from teachers and advisers who can tell on your educational qualifications. 
  • The third letter can also be sent by a teacher or anyone who can also comment on an applicant’s extracurricular activities and personal character (such person could include being a community leader, or maybe a counsellor, employer, club advisor, or any other non-family member). 
  • Letters should be sent online on the scholarship’s website directly by the applicant of the letter. 

High school official transcripts or GED official transcripts uploaded to the scholarship’s website by your high school registrar or counsellor.

Application deadline for Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship: 

The deadline for application is February 1, 2022.

Official SAT result or ACT result reports are sent to the scholarship body electronically by the exam body or uploaded by your registrar or counsellor from high school.

Applications not completed prior to registration and documents received late will not be considered.

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There is no doubt that your application will rival that of other highly qualified applicants, so the first box you will need to check is the entry requirements, especially the quantitative requirements. 

Find your strengths and include them in your application. The most eye-catching applications have the highest possibilities to get accepted. 

The Harriet Fitzgerald College Scholarship is meant for everyone enrolling in a woman’s college, so take advantage of the benefit you have.

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