how to make friends in your 20s

10 Actionable Steps to make Friends in your 20s.6 min read

If you have cool friends, College life will be fun and enjoyable. But if you are struggling to make friends in your 20s, don’t worry here are the 10 Actionable steps to make friends in your 20s:

How to make friends in your 20s

Connect with people:

For you to make new friends in your 20s, you need to reach out to cool people around you.

Make a move, step out of your comfort zone and get to connect with these people. Because nobody will get to meet you to become your friend if you don’t take a step.

Struggling with making friends in your 20s is normal but you have to do something about it by making a positive move.

Don’t forget the Old friends:

struggling to make friends in your 20s

That’s one mistake most people make.

Just because you are seeking for new friends doesn’t mean you should leave the old ones behind. Maintain your relationship with them unless you have a reason for leaving them if not, keep up your relationship with them.

That’s the best way to maintain a relationship in your 20s.

Get to call them, know how they are doing and create time for them.

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Remember your friend’s name:

A person’s name is to him/her the greatest sound he/she wants to hear. Let me ask you a question…

“How do you feel when someone you just met yesterday call you by your name”…

Wow! you will be surprised… that feeling, that joy of feeling important.

So, all these comes from remembering the names of people you meet.

Another issue, “How do you feel when someone you met few minutes ago misplace your name with another friend’s name?”, within your mind, you won’t feel really happy because you will feel that you are not important to that person.

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Use this technique and avoid struggling with making friends in your 20s.

How do I remember the name of someone I just met?

  • First, Ask for the person’s name.
  • When you hear the name, link and connect the name with a person you know and find a similarity between them.
  • Call the friend by his name as you are interacting.

How to make friends in your 20s

Be Easy Going:

how to make friends in your 20s

Don’t be too serious. Be a comfortable person so there is no strain in being with you, cultivate the habit of being interesting so that people will want to be with and get something of stimulating value from their association with you.

Why is making friends in your 20s hard?

Please try your best not to be egotistical, guard against giving the impression that you know it all and never miss an opportunity to say a word of congratulation upon anyone’s achievement, or express sympathy in sorrow or disappointment.

This the best way to avoid struggling with making friends in your 20s.

Attend Meetings and Conferences:

This is the best place to connect with like minds and great people. Most of the great people I know are from conferences and meetings i attended and participated in.

Though I was a shy person, I was motivated to get out of my comfort zone and made effort to meet people when I understood that the next person beside me could be of help to me in the future.

Do I need their contact?

Yes, you need the contact address of the person you are meeting up with. You need to keep up with calling, texting or any form of communication to get to know the other person better.

Be Valuable:

Would you love to connect with someone that won’t add value to your life? No, you won’t.

So for you to meet valuable people, you need to be valuable.

When you are good with what you do, people would love to meet you and get to know you.

Let’s imagine that you are the best musician on Campus…wow! every body would love to connect with you, they would love to create a relationship with you and get to know you better.

So that’s the advantage of people valuable.

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Don’t be Fake:

It pays to be yourself both home and abroad.

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Just because you want to make new friends in your 20s doesn’t mean you should like a fake person.

Pretending to be a fake person won’t do you any good at all. The best way to get people to like you and avoid struggling to make friends in your 20s is to be yourself and live a free, comfortable life.

That’s the best thing to do for yourself.


Volunteering has a way of helping you avoid struggling with making friends in your 20s.

It helps you to get out, interact and meet with people in different niches of life.

When you volunteer in an organisation, you get to be present in their meetings, their networking session, their get together party…All these will help you make more friends and connect with like minds in your field.

How to make friends in your 20s

Make out time:

How do you feel when your friends make out time to visit you? Do you feel happy and cheerful?

How to make friends in your 20s

How do you feel when you are given a surprise birthday present?

All these make friendship fun and enjoyable. So, replicate all these to your friends, make out time for them, get to know when they are having an issue whether academically, spiritually, emotionally etc…give them your attention and help your friend get stronger.

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Tell a Friend to help you:

There are friends that are hard to get their along with. You can ask a friend to help you connect with them. You could ask someone close to that person you want to meet to talk to him/her on your behalf.

It doesn’t mean you can meet that person one on one but the relationship between the person you want to meet and your helper can help you connect with the potential friend.

Conclusion on how to make friends in your 20s:

To avoid struggling with making friends in your 20s is easy if you step out if your comfort zone to connect and meet new people while still maintaining the old ones. You could also read books on how to get people to like you and how to speak effectively to people. It would help a lot.

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