7 Best Lineman Schools in Oregon (Cost, Duration, FAQs) | 2023

Linemen build and maintain all sorts of electrical transmission and distribution lines.

They achieve this by utilizing several tools to carry out different operations that sometimes involve mounting poles and setting up anchors.

This job is far more challenging than it appears to be, so linemen are well compensated.

If you want to venture into a lineman career, you are not making a mistake, as this career offers a satisfying income and other incentives.

This article discusses the best lineman schools in Oregon and other vital information relating to a lineman job in this state.

What is the Average Salary of a Lineman in Oregon?

The average salary of a lineman in Oregon is about $88,000.

However, the salary of each lineman differs according to the city where they work, education, professional certification, technical skills, and experience.

What is the Cost of Attending a Lineman School in Oregon?

The average cost of attending a lineman school in Oregon is about $8,500.

However, to get into any lineman school in Oregon, a student must have a high school diploma or GED, pay the required application fee, and fulfill other requirements specified by the school.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Lineman School in Oregon?

It takes two years only to complete an associate degree program in lineman from an accredited community college in Oregon.

What are the Best Lineman Schools in Oregon?

Here are the best linemen schools in Oregon:

1. Vocational Outside Line Training Academy (VOLTA)

Vocational Outside Line Training Academy is one of the best lineman schools in Oregon.

This institution offers a lineman program that grooms students to develop the skills and acquire the knowledge they need to land any top-notch lineman job in the world.

Their lineman program focuses on skill development above everything else, so the school employs professional instructors in the industry to train their students.

Students learn about several knowledge areas, from the basic knowledge of electrical systems to safety protocols necessary for succeeding in the industry.

Furthermore, Vocational Outside Line Training Academy provides world-class training experiences that will prepare aspiring linemen for a demanding career.

2. Clatsop Community College, Astoria

Clatsop Community College is another excellent addition to this list of the best lineman schools in Oregon.

This school offers an associate degree program in electrician technologies that is ideal for anyone seeking to become a lineman.

The knowledge students acquire throughout this program enables them to land any professional license or permit they desire.

Clatsop Community College has one of the best learning facilities for aspiring linemen in the country at the moment.

The instructors at Clatsop Community College are amiable, and this school’s small classes allow them to connect effectively with students.

Many support services are also available at the school to facilitate students’ professional and academic development.

3. Blue Mountain Community College

Blue Mountain Community College is one of the best lineman schools in Oregon.

The electric lineman program offered by this academic institution is designed to empower students with the technical skills they need to work in the utility industry.

Their academic curriculum enables students to learn about the latest innovations exploited in the utility industry.

Blue Mountain Community College also has several world-class labs that enable students to practice their knowledge before graduation.

Furthermore, Blue Mountain Community College has fully-equipped pole training areas and equipment labs that help students prepare for the responsibilities of the lineman job even before they graduate.

They learn to fix and set up electrical wire devices and perform several advanced tasks.

Blue Mountain Community College take its lineman students through training that equips them with the technical skills they need to work as any of the following upon graduation; sign assembler/fabricator, sign maker/erector, limited manufacturing plant electrician, stationary engineer, and other advanced professions.

The cost of enrolling in the lineman program at Blue Mountain Community College is about $6,000 for students from Oregon and $15,000 for students not from Oregon.

4. Chemeketa Community College

Chemeketa Community College is an ideal destination for studying a lineman program in Oregon.

The comprehensive nature of their curriculum allows students to learn about so many things before graduation.

Top-notch professionals with experience in the lineman industry coordinate the Chemeketa Community College’s program.

Students engage in training regimes that empower them with the foundational knowledge to become experts.

After the lineman program that Chemeketa Community College offers, students will develop the ability to fix, set up and maintain electrical distribution lines.

Students in this program also take safety classes that ensure they learn the safety rules that will assist them in delivering their responsibilities without putting themselves or their families at risk.

5. Portland Community College, Portland

Portland Community College, Portland, is one of the best lineman schools in Oregon. This academic institution commits to grooming future linemen ready to handle this profession’s demands.

Their learning center is at the school’s campus in Portland. The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities accredits Portland Community College, Portland.

The cost of enrolling in the lineman program that Portland Community College, Portland, offers is about $9,000 per session for students not from Oregon and about $4,000 for students from Oregon.

6. Rogue Community College

Rogue Community College is another option for anyone looking to get into a top-ranking lineman school in Oregon.

This school offers an electrical apprenticeship technologies certificate program for people that want to pursue a career as a lineman.

Rogue Community College has several world-class learning facilities that feature some of the advanced technologies currently used in the lineman industry.

The tuition cost of this program is about $4,400 for students from Oregon and about $5,100 for students from other states.

However, Rogue Community College students spend about $1,300 per year on books and supplies.

7. Umpqua Community College, Roseburg

Umpqua Community College, Roseburg, is one of the best lineman schools in Oregon. This school offers several associate degree programs for those that want to venture into a career as a lineman.

The comprehensive nature of the Umpqua Community College academic curriculums assists students in acquiring in-depth classroom and practical experience.

The average tuition cost of programs at Umpqua Community College, Roseburg, is about $5,000 for students from Oregon and about $9,500 for non-Oregon students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Lineman Schools in Oregon

Where do linemen make the most money in the United States?

Linemen in the United States make more money in Hawaii than in any other state. It is understood that the average annual income of a lineman in this state is $100,000.

What is the toughest aspect of a lineman job?

A lineman job is highly recommended for physically strong people. This job requires lots of physical effort and intensive mental commitment.

What are the disadvantages of becoming a lineman?

Being a lineman is a job that is physically and mentally demanding. In some instances, linemen work under extreme physical conditions that can even result in death or injury.

To what end would you like to become a lineman?

Gaining employment as a lineman can provide financial security, personal and family medical coverage, and other benefits.


Becoming a lineman is a good career decision. This profession offers a good salary in addition to other benefits.

However, to venture into this career path, you must have a lineman certification and complete an apprenticeship.

In addition to the schools above, Lane Community College and Clackamas Community College, Oregon, are two other best lineman schools in Oregon.

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