7 Best Lineman Schools in Michigan (Cost, Req. Duration, FAQs)

There are several top-class lineman schools in Michigan.

Besides their high-quality education, Michigan has become an attractive destination for lineman training because most schools in this state admit students from different parts of the world, creating a culturally intriguing environment.

You are reading the perfect piece if you want to get into a top-ranking lineman school in Michigan.

This article discusses the best lineman schools in Michigan in addition to the average income of a lineman in Michigan, the cost of attending lineman schools in Michigan, the requirements for lineman schools in Michigan, and the duration of lineman school in Michigan.

What is the Average Income of a Lineman in Michigan?

The average annual income of a lineman in Michigan is about $100,000.

The salaries of linemen in this state vary according to their location of employment, academic credentials, advanced skills, and experience.

What is the Cost of Attending Lineman School in Michigan?

The average cost of attending a lineman school in Michigan is about $8,500.

While the tuition costs of some schools can be up to $17,000, the tuition cost of some lineman schools in Michigan is as low as $3,000.

Requirements for Lineman Schools in Michigan

Here are the requirements for a lineman school in Michigan:

What is the Duration of a Lineman School in Michigan?

It takes approximately four years to complete a lineman school in Michigan, undergo the relevant training, and complete an internship which are the requirements for a lineman job in Michigan.

What are the Best Lineman Schools in Michigan?

Attending a lineman school is one of the prerequisites for becoming a lineman in Michigan, and going to any of the best schools will even do you well.

If you are seeking to enter a top-notch school in Michigan, here are the options to consider:

1. Wolverine Power Cooperative Joint Michigan Apprenticeship

The Wolverine Power Cooperative Joint Michigan Apprenticeship is one of the best programs to consider if you are seeking to become a lineman.

The lineman program is one of the many options available to people under the Joint Michigan Apprenticeship program.

The Joint Michigan Apprenticeship program stands out for its excellent learning approach, and students are taught using a well-structured curriculum that exposes them to quality lab experiences and classroom lessons.

This enables them to become seasoned professionals after the program.

Furthermore, students enrolling in this program learn in state-of-the-art facilities. This exposure adequately prepares them to succeed in this tasking career pathway.

It takes four years to complete any apprenticeship program that Joint Michigan Apprenticeship offers.

This organization’s training experience stands out from that offered by any other lineman school in Michigan.

2. North Michigan University

North Michigan University is one of the best lineman schools in Michigan.

This school’sschool’scal line technician program is vibrant and highly recommended for anyone wanting to succeed in this career path.

North Michigan University partners this program with the Midwest Skills Development Center.

Students learn about the fundamentals of current flow in series, principles of electricity, parallel and compound circuits, and safety principles essential for delivering any task in the lineman industry.

Other areas of knowledge that this program covers include pole setting and framing principles, digger truck operation, electric power line transmission and distribution systems, and others.

The cost of enrolling in the 1-year electrical technical program that North Michigan University offers is about $3,000.

3. Midwest Energy and Communication Lineman Apprenticeship

Midwest Energy and Communication Lineman Apprenticeship offer one of MichiganMichigan’sneman programs.

This program adequately prepares people for a lineman career by grooming them on how to build and maintain electric lines.

Students learn about safe working principles to ensure they perform their duties well without harming themselves.

Midwest Energy and Communication Lineman Apprenticeship engage students in up to 7,000 hours of on-the-job training.

The experience that students obtain throughout the program is very impacting and helps them to compete for the best lineman jobs available in the industry upon graduation.

Enrolling in the Midwest Energy and Communication Lineman Apprenticeship costs about $3,000.

4. Lake Michigan College

Lake Michigan College is one of the best lineman schools in Michigan. This public university has a student-teacher ratio of 14:1 which makes it easy for instructors to relate closely with students.

Lake Michigan College offers several associate degree programs suitable for people wanting to embark on a career as a lineman. The average cost of studying at this institution is about $7,000.

Lake Michigan College has several top-notch facilities. The nature of their program enables students to acquire both theoretical and practical learning experiences.

5. Jackson College

Jackson College is a leading lineman school in Michigan. Their 10-week-long lineman program adequately prepares people for a career in the utility industry.

This program is offered in partnership with Consumers Energy. Students are taken through sessions that enable them to learn how to set up, maintain, and fix electric power lines.

Jackson College trains its lineman program to examine and assess power lines and devices.

They also learn to recognize destructive devices, transformers, switches, etc. Additionally, students engage in safety classes and classes on basic electricity theory and lots more.

Students are also mentored on how to climb electric poles, and they practice their skills at the world-class Consumer Energy Training Facility.

6. Michigan State University

Michigan State University is one of the best lineman schools in Michigan. The Electrical Apprenticeship training program they offer is vibrant and highly recommended for anyone wanting to become a lineman.

The curriculum of this program focuses on lessons that equip students with the knowledge of electrical codes, technical problem-solving skills, and in-depth practical skills.

Students can enroll in either the campus-based or 100% online training option. The cost of engaging in this program is about $14,500 for one session, and it lasts for four years.

7. Alpena Community College

Alpena Community College is a top-notch lineman education. Their utility technology program is an excellent choice for anyone looking to become a lineman.

The curriculum of this comprehensive program is made to groom students on how to organize, arrange, set up, and fix electrical distribution systems and other operations.

This is possible because this school combines its theoretical learning format with practical coursework.

It takes just a year to complete the utility technology program that Alpena Community College offers. The cost of enrolling in this program is about $6,000.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Lineman Schools in Michigan

What are the highest-ranking lineman schools in the US?

The best lineman schools in the US are North American Line Training Center, Texas A & M Engineering Extension Service, and Northwest Lineman College.

How much are lineman apprentices paid in Michigan?

Lineman apprentices in Michigan earn an average income of $44,000 per year.

What are the best-paying journeyman lineman jobs?

The highest-earning linemen in the world are the electrical linemen, power linemen, and utility linemen.

What do you stand to gain by becoming a lineman?

The benefits of becoming a lineman include; attractive income, health insurance, dental and eye insurance, and health coverage for the family.


One of the best choices you could make is to enroll in a lineman training program in Michigan.

The top schools in Michigan for linemen can provide you with the experience and connections you need to succeed.

If you are passionate and committed to becoming the most outstanding lineman you can be, enrolling in any of the schools above is a no-brainer.

These schools provide their students with the most qualified teachers and lecturers possible.

Aside from the institutions above, two other Michigan schools worth considering if you want to become an outstanding lineman are Henry Ford College and Lansing Community College.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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