15 Best Places to sell broken TVs fast | 2022

Places to sell broken TVs fast

What do you do with a broken TV? Most times, it might seem useless to you because it makes no sure at all. But, this article will explain the places you can sell broken TVs fast at a good price.

There are predictions that by 2022, American adults would spend an average of three hours a day watching television. In recent years, this number has been steadily decreasing, and the downward trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

As a result, when most televisions fail, the next step is to get a new one. As long as you have a few decent images of your broken TV and a brief description, most selling platforms will let you put it for sale.

Because even if the screen is shattered, the LCD is defective or the TV just doesn’t work, you can still put it up for sale and be astonished at how much you may get for that broken screen.

This article will explain the 15 Best Places to sell broken TVs with less stress. Read on.

Are Broken TVs worth anything in Cash?

Even while it may seem simple to some, a television contains numerous operating parts and functions that even the average person is unlikely to be familiar with.

TVs that have suddenly stopped working or are showing indications of deterioration may be fixable by someone else.

A professional electrician may be able to help you if your television is still under warranty but is no longer in good working order.

If you can solve the problem, you can avoid buying a new TV and find a place to store your old one. When trying to sell a broken TV, you may get pennies on the dollar, depending on its model and condition.

In most circumstances, you won’t be able to generate enough money from selling outdated appliances for scrap metal or parts, or for restoring and reselling them.

What parts of a TV can be reused?

Picture tube or CRT:

A picture tube or CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) is a device that produces the colors for television by employing a vacuum tube and an electron gun, coupled to a fluorescent screen.

In time, heat, magnetism, and other variables can degrade these tubes. The cathode ray tube within your television, known as the picture tube, is responsible for displaying the images you see on the screen of your device.

These tubes can be recycled and contain valuable materials that can be extracted from them during the recycling process.

Electronics like wires:

This can be done by skilled and knowledgeable engineers who know how to remove elements such as antennas, chips, and receivers from television to be used elsewhere.

Copper and other valuable metals can be salvaged from old devices when they are recycled.

Audio and Speaker:

One can sell the speakers to engineers who can utilize them for other televisions if the Tv is broken, but the speakers and audio system may still be in working order.

If your TV’s speakers are broken, it’s likely that the picture is still good and that the problem is simple to solve.

How much does it cost to fix a cracked flat-screen TV?

The price of a new TV screen starts at $400 and rises from there. In the majority of cases, the screen is the most expensive aspect of your television setup.

As a result, purchasing a new device is usually more cost-effective. For this reason, many professional-grade repair shops refuse to repair screens.

15 Places to sell broken TVs in 2022


In terms of online auctions, it’s hard to beat eBay. Do not expect to get a lot of money for your broken television. Take some images of your goods, post them online and complete the purchase yourself.

To be honest, it’s a little more work than just dropping it off at the kiosk. Both auction and “Buy It Now” are viable options for reselling your item(s).

There are benefits and drawbacks to each format. Sellers can run a typical auction for a predetermined number of days using this type of sale.

In order to start the bidding, you’ll set an initial bid and the duration of the auction. The winning bidder is the one who placed the highest bid.

eBay is one of the good places to sell broken TVs.

Television Repair Shops:

The best place to sell a broken television for cash is through a television repair service. You only need to call a nearby TV repair shop and inquire if they buy faulty TVs.

You may be able to get a good deal for your money. Even if you can only receive a few hundred dollars for a broken TV, it’s still worth more than just letting it sit there.

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Craigslist is one of the places to sell broken TVs. It is a great way to get cash for your broken TV without having to pay for shipping.

Select your city and then click “Create a Posting” in the top left corner to post your ad. You may easily get money for your old, damaged television by putting it up for sale on this website.

Some users online have mentioned that they buy broken TVs from sites like CL and subsequently renovate them. So you may be able to find a buyer for your broken TV on the web.

As a cautionary tale, keep in mind that Craiglist does expect negotiations. As a result, you should ask for a somewhat higher price depending on the condition of the TV to provide yourself some.

Include measurements, model, color, serial number, and age in your description while keeping it concise. More views can be attained by selecting a category that is focused on your product’s specific attributes.

Varage Sale:

When you use VarageSale, you can purchase and sell locally on the internet at garage sales. On the site, you may sell everything from children’s clothing to televisions.

As a result, it’s yet another location where faulty TVs can be listed for sale. At VarageSale, you’ll find a wide variety of items for sale.

To purchase something from a member’s store, simply tap on their profile image and select “Message Seller” from the drop-down menu.

Send a private message to your seller to make sure you’re on the same page. The seller will reserve the item for you once you and the seller have agreed on all of the specifics.


5Miles shares listings with buyers nearby by using your phone’s location. It’s free. No more shipping expenses for your broken TV with the help of this app!

This software places a high priority on security. For the triple verification process, you’ll need to give them your phone number and your social network accounts, and your email addresses.

You can put your old television up for sale there. There are no commission fees to pay with 5miles, which is a huge perk! In other words, if someone buys your old TV, you get to retain every penny.

While 5miles does not charge a commission, it does charge listing costs. Remember that while you’re putting items up for sale, you’ll have to pay for the service. 5Miles is one of the top places to sell broken TVs.


You can post your items for sale on OfferUp, and individuals in your area can buy them. Many products can be sold on OfferUp, including televisions. Easy to use, and you can post an ad in no time at all.


Using Shpock is completely free! You can post an item for free as a seller, and if you prefer to have it shipped, you simply pay a modest cost for Buyer Protection, which protects you in the event of a problem.

For a little fee, you may access a number of additional services in your Shpock account. When you negotiate skillfully with the vendor, you can sell broken TVs on Shpock for a good amount.


It’s unlikely that GadgetScouter will buy your broken or outdated gadget from you directly. They have a tool for comparing prices from vendors who are willing to do business with them.

To receive the best price for your gadget, all you have to do is enter your device’s specifications into the form. The use of GadgetScouter is completely free and it is one of the best places to sell broken TVs.

Yard Sale:

You’ll save money by not having to transport or advertise your damaged television when you sell it at a yard sale. Businesspersons who are looking to restore or recycle pieces of your television may find your product at a yard sale.

Moreover, there are no dangers of being conned because you sell your TV in person and get paid immediately.

Keep in mind that this approach puts you in touch with your potential customer on a personal level. Be courteous and ready to answer any inquiries that people may have.

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Facebook Marketplace:

A Facebook Marketplace is a great location to sell practically anything and everything. To sell a broken TV, open the FacebookMarketplace app and click “Selling Something” near the foot of the page.

Explicit data, such as value, area, and the current state of your TV, can then be entered. Upload a few photos, then go back to the Marketplace page and click “Selling” in the upper left corner.

Buyback Boss:

BuyBack is a unique service that allows you to make money quickly without having to sell your stuff outright.

Buyback Boss buys used electronic equipment for cash. Now, it’s a reputable organization that’s frequently praised. In fact, Buyback Boss has an A+ rating from the BBB.

According to Buyback Boss, they payout within 1 to 2 business days of receiving the equipment. A week after sending it, it could arrive inside that time frame. BBB is one of the new places to sell broken TVs.

Can I recycle a broken TV?

If you don’t already have a broken TV, you’ll have to recycle an old one instead. Selling your old television is the best option, of course, because you can get some of the money you spent on it back and use it to buy a new one if you like.

Reusing your old television is a great way to help the environment. Basically, you may contact any recycling facility and have it dropped off there. Even if you can’t get a new TV, you may want to return your old one to the manufacturer.

Here are some of the places you can recycle your TVs:

Samsung Recycling Program:

You may easily dispose of your old Samsung TV using the Samsung Recycling Program.

In order to find out more about Samsung’s recycling options, visit the company’s webpage. On the site, you can also lookup local recycling choices. This section’s title contains a link to the website in question.

The LG Electronics Recycling Program:

The LG Electronics Recycling Program is a program that makes it easy for people like you to dispose of their old, unused, out-of-date, or broken LG electronics by simply dropping them off at one of several sites.

Additionally, LG has a mail-back program where customers can receive a pre-paid mailing label to send their devices back to the company’s recyclers for recycling.

MRM Recycling:

Your old television can be dropped off at one of many drop-off locations provided by the Electronic Manufacturer’s Recycling Management Company (MRM Recycling). 

Check the website or phone the collection site before you bring in your electronic devices for recycling, MRM Recycling advises.

This is because collection sites may change their operating hours or have additional restrictions. Make sure you contact ahead to see if you can bring your old television in.

Frequently Asked Questions on the best places to sell a broken TV

Is it worth fixing a flat-screen TV?

If the cost of repairing your TV is much less than the cost of purchasing a new TV, it is worthwhile to do so.

For all but the largest screen sizes, replacing a flat-screen TV is more expensive than repairing a cracked screen, which is the most common type of damage.

How long are flat-screen televisions expected to last?

Flat-panel TVs have a 100,000-hour life expectancy. Televisions with liquid crystal displays are more durable than those with plasma displays.

What causes a cracked TV screen?

Accidental harm is the most common cause. Kicking or hitting at a ball that ends upright in the middle of the TV! Cracks may form in television if it is placed precariously on a table’s edge.

Is it possible to have a Samsung Smart TV repaired?

It’s possible to have a Samsung-authorized expert come out and fix your TV on-site if it breaks down. A three-month warranty is included with all Samsung repairs, and you can keep your original manufacturer warranty.

Is dumping television legal?

With a desire for recycling, some states have made it illegal to discard gadgets like televisions and computers.

Recycling an old television is the greatest alternative if you must dispose of one, as this will keep it out of the landfill and enable its usage in future products.


Television is an investment that pays off in the long run because we spend a lot of time in front of it.

As a result, if your equipment begins to malfunction or dies completely, you may question what your choices are.

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