3 Major Ways To Make Money Watching Netflix | 2023

“Netflix and Chill” just moved to a new level with the idea of how Netflix customers can Make Money Watching Netflix.

Movie lovers and Netflix subscribers would be glad to know that they can earn from watching their favorite movies from their favorite streaming platform.

The fact is, there are several ways one can earn money by watching movies from Netflix in 2023. Surprised?

Even if there aren’t any particular official positions or Netflix job postings, there are ways to make some cool cash from watching movies on Netflix.

And not to worry, this isn’t one of those bogus ploys that promise to earn you money but end up making you lose money and waste your time.

This is legit and will allow you to earn extra money watching Netflix.

Who is a Netflix Tagger? 

One of the very secure means of getting paid to watch Netflix is being a Netflix tagger. A Netflix tagger is a person employed by Netflix to watch movies and get paid for doing it.

Netflix taggers watch the contents on Netflix and assign the appropriate tags to the shows.

These tags consist of release dates, language, directors, genre, cast and crew members, and labels such as vulgarity and violence depicted in the movie or show.

These tags simplify the search for shows and movies on Netflix, so Netflix subscribers can easily find them. 

You can also refer to a Netflix tagger as a person whose job is to watch Netflix movies and shows so they can review them.

After which, they tag a show or movie that they have watched. This is why you can see the Netflix recommendations, which are pretty often precise and spot-on. 

What Netflix does is ​​create a tag team. They are grouped according to the specific genre of film or show shown and reviewed.

This will ensure that diverse people will assess the movies under their responsibility or try out other side hustle ideas

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Here is how to Become a Netflix Tagger?  

Now that you know what a Netflix tagger is, it is only natural for you to want to know how to become one to start earning by watching Netflix.

As with the standard recruiting process of any other company or industry, you must meet the specific requirements to be eligible to become a Netflix tagger. 

Applicants should not only like or thoroughly understand the film or the television industry.

The candidate must also have at least five years or more of actual work or educational experience in the film or television industry.

Those interested should also distinguish between the different types of content that they will be streaming on Netflix.

Communication skills are also needed as you will need to share your understanding with the group concise and informative.

Another vital key to becoming a Netflix tagger is knowing other languages ​​besides English.

You’ve seen films from different countries, haven’t you? And Netflix has a selection of foreign films, not minding where a subscriber resides. You will need to learn another language if you are considered a Netflix tagger.

If ever you wondered why these qualifications matter, this is because the role of a Netflix tagger requires that the shows and movies are placed in the proper categories. Placing an action film in a drama category will be disappointing.

How Much are Netflix Taggers Paid? 

If you are eligible to apply for a Netflix tagger job and eventually get hired, you will receive a payment of $500 from watching three shows on Netflix.

On top of that, you will also get an allowance for whatever choice of pizza you want! What more do you want? Netflix and chill with pizza! What a job.

Netflix hires professional watchers to watch TV and eat pizza for in-depth show or movie reviews. Sometimes they also ask for a food bill. 

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How to get Paid while Watching Netflix? 

Netflix makes you hundreds of dollars by watching up to 4 movies or shows from its platform. However, do other platforms also pay movie lovers to watch Netflix? 

As a Netflix tagger, you can also get paid while you watch Netflix from these sites:

1. KashKick:

KashKick is the most recent well-known online rewards platform and get-paid-to site. It is very different from the sites that we will share with you. Kashkick showcases its offers in one spot.

While other sites and apps require that you register on their site, with KashKick, you get paid to promote products and services.

KashKick is an easy-to-use site and shares its commission with you, be sure you have read its T&Cs carefully.

2. User Testing: 

If you enjoy streaming movies, shows, or perhaps any videos online, you should consider being a User Tester. Give your review in real time when you try new videos and get paid for giving your review.

This is a fantastic opportunity for those who like to review and try new things.

User testers get paid ten bucks for every 20-minute project, you can make about 30 bucks an hour, and the best part is that you get paid in cash directly through PayPal.

3. MyPoints:

This is another well-known site for earning extra money by earning points through surveys and countless ways.

Mypoints is often used to watch videos in exchange for a prize, either a coupon or cash.

To generate income, you need to earn points by watching playlists of videos rather than watching single videos.

Once you are done watching the playlists of videos, you will receive your points. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Making Money Watching Netflix

How does watching Netflix work?

For a monthly fee, Netflix users may stream their favorite shows and movies directly to any internet-enabled screen. You may be able to download shows and movies to watch offline on your iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device, depending on your subscription level.

Is Netflix free or money?

Fixed monthly fee

How much is Netflix a month?

It depends on the country.

What are the disadvantages of Netflix?

Internet Requirements
Data Cap Consumption
No Ownership of Media
Subscription Value


The above-listed sites highlight the best ways to make money watching movies online.

These sites work directly with Netflix, and I hope you’ve learned enough about how to make money watching Netflix.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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