10 Profitable Ways a College Student make huge Money Online | 2022

Do you wish to stop depending on your parents for money? Do you feel like when you ask your parents or guardian for money, they don’t give you it because they think you want to scam them?

Are you being called a Broke College student in college?

Wow! Then don’t worry, you are in the right place. Sometimes, you feel like buying something but when you look at what you have in your Pocket, your mood changes and you feel so uneasy and you keep asking, “What are the things a College Student can do to money Online without a job?” which can serve as one of the side hustles for college students.

Not only for college students even online jobs for high school students.

 One thing I want you to understand is that the major key to your better life and future is “You” so you have to work on yourself and become more valuable.

 As it is always said “Nothing good comes easily” so don’t involve in an illegal or immoral act that will ruin you.

So, back to the topic, here are the things a College Student make do to money Online:

How a Student can make money online:

Create a Blog:

broke college student

Blogging is one of the means students make money in College; all you have to do is to discover the niche (area of interest) e.g Health, Education, Agriculture, Home etc, know your audience and write amazing articles about your niche.

The only thing involved in this is that you have to buy a domain name, a hosting account and security then the site is set.

How can a College Student make money Online through Blogging:

Google Adsense, Ezoic and other platforms have made the monetization of websites and blogs easy.

As for Google, for you to monetize your blog, you need to create good and quality contents that add value to your audience.

Contents that are worth being read with a user-friendly website can help you get google AdSense faster.

Other important requirements include pages like Disclaimer, Privacy policy, Contact Us and Terms of Service. Once you have created all these pages, you can apply for Adsense with a Gmail and wait for a reply from Google.

Blogging pays well if you can be patient and consistent with what you are doing. This is not only for college students, but it can also serve as one of the online jobs for high school students too.

Thus once you start making money from blogging, you won’t be called a broke college student again.

Starting a VLOG:

online jobs for highschool students
Photography as a means of making money

Every College Student can start up a YouTube channel and upload videos online. Starting a YouTube Channel is very easy, it just requires a phone or laptop, an email address, and internet access.

If you still find it difficult to go through the steps, you can browse it on Google and get the steps and then start uploading videos.

How can a College Student make money Online through Vlogging:

YouTube has a policy that says that for you to make money from your YOUTUBE channel, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

Once you hit this target, you can apply for monetization on your channel. Getting the requirement is easy with Consistency and research. YouTube pays well. It’s one of the good online jobs for high school students.

Offer SEO Services:

How can a College Student make money Online

SEO services are services that help your website grow in traffic and help it rank on google first page. It’s called “Search Engine Optimization”.

If you are good at it, you can render SEO services to your co-bloggers and get paid for it.

SEO changes all the time which implies that you need to keep being updated with news from Google and other search engines to be able to do well on their platforms.

SEO gurus like Neil Patel and Backlinko are good mentors you should follow to keep up with new SEO tips and tricks.

Online Tutor:

If you know a particular course well, you can teach your fellow students, and they will pay you for it especially when it comes to difficult courses that the lecturer doesn’t teach well, you will make a lot of money because 90% of the serious students will come to learn from you.

On the other hand, platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and other online platforms provide opportunities for experts in a particular field to provide videos that can solve a particular problem or a new discovery and get paid for it.

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Content Writing:

You can work as a content writer for websites and get paid either monthly or weekly or even per content.

Content writing is also a means of making money on Fiverr when you write amazing content.

One thing is that most website owners might not always find something to write, so they need college students that can help them come up with new info and updates that can keep their blogs active.

Thus, if you can provide good contents, you will be paid well because good content = good traffic = more money to the blog owner.

This is one of the strategic ways a college student can make money online college without a job.

Thus if you are really good with words, you won’t be a broke college student.

This is not only for college students alone, but it can also serve as one of the online jobs for high school students.

Affiliate Marketing:

How can a College Student make money Online

In doing this type of online business, you need a website, a laptop/ phone, and Internet access.

In this form of online business, you make a profit when someone buys a profit you referred to them through your website or an online platform.

How can a College Student make money Online through Affiliate Marketing:

Now, people do affiliate marketing with a blog such that the products there is their source of profit.

For instance, if you sell Drinking cans, you can write a content on “The advantages of using a Drinking Can”, thus when someone searches for it on google, he/she after reading the content can be convinced to buy one and has made profit from the Drinking Can buy by your reader.

Now you see, it’s quite easy such that you can sell up to 5 products and many as much money as possible.

This is one of the strategic ways a college student can make money online college without a job.

One amazing way to get more people to buy your products is to create adverts. You can promote your content to a target audience using Facebook.

Facebook has made advertisement easy such that with as low as $15, you can hit a large audience.

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Graphics Design:

This is really a fast way of making money. Its through online platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

You need to learn to use graphics software like Photoshop or Corel draw and be good with it then you can get jobs to design fliers, logos or posters.

How can a College Student make money Online through Graphics Design Online:

In using these online platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, you create a profile, set up the skills you have e.g Graphics Design skills

then set how much you charge per hour for a single work of which the platform takes 10% of the amount and then your account is ready to get jobs.

The good thing about this is that a single job can make you $50 – $500 which is really a cool amount. Everything depends on how good you are.

Graphics Design can serve as one of the side hustles for college students that can help you to stop being a broke college student.

Even a high school student can be a graphics designer thus, it’s one of the online jobs for high school students.

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Sell Clothes Online:

You can buy clothes at a cheaper rate and sell them to your fellow students at a student-friendly price.

How will you market it? Do you believe that WhatsApp is a marketing world of its own, you can send pictures of the clothes to your WhatsApp groups and also to your status, and then your friends can see them and ask you to bring the clothes.

You can also do home delivery. Once you start this business, you won’t be called a Broke College Student again because it pays well and it’s also a way to make money online without a job.

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Design Websites:

online jobs for highschool students

With the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can design websites for companies and make a huge amount of money.

But even if you can’t write codes just like me, you can use already coded platforms like WordPress or Wix, design the website and charge your clients for your service.

You can always use online platforms like Fiverr, Upwork etc to get a job in website design and make cool money from it.

As a website designer, you can still work on websites that are having issues(Repair) and make money from it too.

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Forex Trading:

online jobs for highschool students

In forex trading, it involves investing your money such that when there is an increase in the exchange rate in currency, you make money from it.

One thing I would like to advise you on forex trading is that it’s a risky business but it pays wonderfully well when you invest carefully well.

Just like any business, the more money you invest into it, the more money you make from it and vise Versa.

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Cryptocurrency is the business of the future thus every College student can make money from it. In this business, you invest by buying cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), etc.

Just like in forex trading, the rise and fall in crypto coins can have an adverse effect on your income. If there is a rise in the coin, the value of your coin will increase which is equal to more money and vise Versa.

Market Survey:

How can a College Student make money Online

I have a friend that earn good money from the market survey. This is one of the strategic ways a college student can make money online in college without a job.

It’s a way of analysing the market for a new product that is about to come into the market.

Market research websites like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Prize Rebel, Vindale Research, Pinecone Research, etc can serve. It’s one of the side hustles for college students.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ways a College Student make huge Money Online:

What websites can I make money on?

Kindle Direct Publishing

Does the Swagbucks survey site pay?

Swagbucks is a popular and reputable paid survey platform. Reward points can be earned for a variety of activities, including video watching and online gaming. Prizes include cash, gift cards, and entries into drawings for larger sums of money.

How can I make money using my phone?

Field agent.
Online customer service.
Virtual assistant.
Digital marketing.
Playing games

How does zoom make money?

Zoom generates revenue from membership fees, hardware sales, advertising, and venture capital investments in other firms. It is a freemium service. Zoom, founded in 2011 by a former Cisco employee, was an instant success due to the excellence of its product.


The ways a college student can make money online without a Job are there to help students do well and be more productive in College.

It can serve as one of the side hustles for college students that can make you not be called a broke college student.

Making money in college might not be as easy as it seems but you will conquer it if you are determined and encouraged to work hard to be more productive.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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