5 Best Business Certifications Worth Getting (FAQs)

Business Certifications Worth Getting: Regularly taking your business career to the next level requires extra knowledge and training.

Several organizations award some of the certifications you need to stand out in the business world.

On the other hand, there are several types of business certifications that you can obtain.

However, since some carry more weight than others, it is necessary for you to acquire knowledge of the available options so you can make the right choice.

This post will discuss the best business certifications worth getting that will take your career to a higher level.

What Are Business Certifications?

Business certifications are highly-rated field credentials that a person can use to show that they possess relevant skills for certain sectors.

If you desire to boost your CV and enhance your productivity at work, you can acquire more training in relevant sectors and obtain a certification as evidence of accomplishment.

Acquiring a business certification does not take as much time as degree programs do, as you will just be introduced to the course before you take the exam.

Most of the top agencies’ business certifications are done by experts and professionals with years of experience.

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Top 5 Business Certifications Worth Getting

There are many certifications out there that are highly regarded in the business sector.

These certifications have the ability to boost the career of any person that acquires them and empower one with the knowledge of so many things.

Although there are many, here are some of the five business certifications worth getting:

1. Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) is a certification awarded by the International Institute of Business Analysis.

It is highly recommended for people concerned about evaluating businesses and developing solutions to eliminate the problems affecting them.

To participate in this certification, you must have years of experience performing business valuations.

You must also possess 35 hours of professional development and two references. Moreover, only candidates that do well in the qualifying exam will obtain this CBAP certification.

The exam comprises 125 objective questions that must be answered in less than three and a half hours.

The exam questions include strategy analysis, solution assessment, life cycle management, and business analysis planning.

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) is one of the top business certifications that are worth getting.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most common customer relationship management (CRM) certification programs out there at the moment.

It is a business certification worth getting.

Most companies look to hire people with Salesforce experience because they know that people who have the idea of how to relate with customers more effectively will likely perform a better job than those who don’t have it.

Salesforce offers many certifications spanning fields like IT, software development, sales, marketing, and many more.

However, when picking a Salesforce course that you desire to specialize in, ensure that you pick the one that is relevant to your industry.

Examples of some of the courses offered by Salesforce are;

Salesforce Administrator that teaches user management, data, and security; Salesforce Developer which improves your ability to develop and execute applications on the Lightning platform; Salesforce Marketer that teaches directed marketing techniques on the Lightning platform; and Salesforce Consultant that enables you to discover technical solutions.

Salesforce is one of the most common business certifications in the world at the moment.

3. Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a highly rated certification for project managers that will boost your qualifications.

It exposes you to a series of courses that will also boost your people-management skills. To receive this certification, you must do well in the qualifying exam.

This exam comprises 200 questions and covers several areas of knowledge, like project planning, project implementation, and monitoring projects.

Moreover, to be accepted into the Project Management Professional (PMP) program in the first place, you must possess impressive project management experience and a minimum of a high school diploma or an associate degree.

Furthermore, you must also possess 35 hours of prior management education and pay the $555 certification fee if you are not a member of the Project Management Institute.

4. APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification (CSCP)

The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification (CSCP) develops your ability to improve streamlined operations.

It mainly talks about the supply aspect of a business more than the sales or promotion side.

The CSCP program will empower you with the knowledge of how to handle supply chains and improve the ERP investments of your brand or organization.

However, before you are even accepted into this program, reading online materials about supply chain management and taking part in the free classes delivered by APICS teachers will enable you to prepare effectively.

Moreover, once you are sure you are ready to acquire the CSCP, register for the exam at a center close to you.

The exam has three sections that concern supply chain design, supply chain planning and execution, supply chain improvement, and best practices.

APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification (CSCP) is available for $965 for people who live in North America and are not members of the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM).

5. Professional Certificate in Team Leadership

The Professional Certificate in Team Leadership is another business certification worth getting. It will empower you with the skills you need to lead people effectively.

The Professional Certificate in Team Leadership is globally respected and highly recommended for you if you hold a managerial position in a company or are aiming to hold one someday. It is also a certification that can shift your career to a higher level.

Moreover, the Professional Certificate in Team Leadership program will teach about the different team leadership styles, how to communicate effectively, how to manage your time and priorities effectively, techniques for enhancing team performance, and how to lead a team by making modifications.

To acquire this certification, it is advisable for you to enroll in the training program physically at any Chartered Institute for IT Training Provider center or do it virtually via the online program.

Immediately after you are done with the training or after you are done studying on your own, you must excel in an exam.

The exam costs $380 and can be taken worldwide at any Pearson VUE location.

Unlike other business certifications, you don’t need to fulfill any conditions to enroll in the Professional Certificate in Team Leadership program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Business Certifications Worth Getting

What certifications are worth it?

Supply chain certifications
Marketing certifications
Skilled trade certifications
Human resources certifications.
Sales certifications

Are business certificates worth IT?

Students will benefit from earning a certificate in business administration. The addition of this certification to your resume can be very beneficial. Even more so, it can aid in professional development and the pursuit of higher positions.

What’s better than a certificate?

The knowledge gained from a degree is usually more comprehensive than that gained from a certificate. The goal of most certificate programs is to equip students with marketable skills that will help them succeed in their chosen profession.

Is it better to get a diploma or certificate?

Diploma and certificate programs may cover the same ground, but the former tends to delve further into the subject and may better prepare students for a certain line of work.


Acquiring a business certification is a step that will improve you immensely and put you in a pole position to land a good job.

Likewise, if you are a business owner, a business certification can empower you with the skills and knowledge that will enable you to advance your business.

This article has done a great job discussing some of the business certifications you should get if you hope to improve yourself and your business.

Moreover, in addition to the business certifications listed above, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), and Oracle Certified Professionals are other business certifications worth getting.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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