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Are you undecided about the classes you want to take, whether night or weekend? Do you want to take classes on the weekends? Do you also want to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of these classes? Then this is the article for you.

Education is an important aspect of our lives. Classes have evolved; besides having the lessons in classrooms during weekdays, there are now night, weekend, or online classes.

This article will cover everything you need to know about weekend classes, including the reasons for taking them, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

What are Weekend Classes?

Weekend classes are classes or lectures held during the weekend. There are many critics and supporters of weekend classes but one of the arguments of the critics is the added stress on students.

Different schools have different schedules for weekend classes, though individuals may not be familiar with weekend classes, it does exist presently.

Types of Weekend Classes

Saturday classes in addition to weekday classes: 

In this type of weekend class, students attend classes on Saturday as it is part of the timetable. There is no difference between the weekday classes and the Saturday class.

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Some schools usually set this by adding it to the timetable. However, this type of weekend class is heavily criticized as some parents and students are not in favor.

Weekend classes only:

This type of class is attended only on weekends by individuals. An adult might have too much responsibilities but still wants to gain knowledge; this is the type to follow.

An adult that attends weekend classes following this type is usually a person of great determination. The person has an urge to learn more.

Possible reasons for Weekend Classes


The individuals that mostly take these classes are adults who have jobs during the week. So, the only time free during the week may be the weekend.

For example, an individual might want to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree, but is already working; these classes will add to their knowledge while working.


An individual or a person might have too many responsibilities to take care of, like familial responsibilities.

The time available to learn is, therefore, the weekend. There are many other responsibilities a person might have; because of this, it is practically impossible for individuals to juggle the duties during the weekdays.

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To increase the knowledge level of students:

Schools usually add Saturday classes to their timetable to add more knowledge to the students; there are many critics and some supporters of this view.

However, some schools follow the mentality that adding one more day each week to the timetable will help increase the knowledge the students acquire.

To raise their grades:

Some individuals attend weekend classes because the school specified that attending these classes will add to their grades. However, some students will attend this class to make up their grades if they fail a subject or course.

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To increase known knowledge:

Individuals may voluntarily attend weekend classes to gain knowledge. The people (mainly adults) that attend these classes may not need it but want it.

They follow the course to brush up and increase the knowledge they already have. These classes might even be treated to remember forgotten topics in the syllabus.

To have more ease about academic life:

Some individuals will attend this weekend classes to increase their academic momentum. By attending these classes, individuals will always be in the zone related to academics.

There are some instances in school life where an individual gets disconnected from academics, for instance, midterms, these classes rejuvenate the student again.

Advantages of Weekend Classes

Increased productivity:

This weekend class might be forced for some individuals, but it increases the productivity of the students. For example, homework can be done on that saturday, and more classes or topics will be covered.

Addition of new people to their connections:

It is known that it is beneficial to have connections, especially in this present age. There are different categories of people who attend weekend classes, allowing most of them to make friends and acquaintances.

It helps students to concentrate better:

Weekend classes encourage or, in some cases, forces students to concentrate on the work that needs to be done. As they get used to attending these weekend classes, their concentration gets better.

There is lesser time for fun that means that students get used to the attention.

It is easy to return to a mindset of studying:

Students whose calendar have saturday classes added have an easier chance of returning to a studying mindset. Even if it might be forced, it keeps students in the correct zone for studying.

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It also makes it easier for students after midterms or extended vacations to return to a studying mindset.

Other advantages of Weekend classes include;

  • Increased time to work
  • Less stressful week
  • More time to fulfil responsibilities
  • Stronger bond between students
  • Flexible schedule

Disadvantages of Weekend Classes

  • Packed and stressful weekend
  • Broken sabbath.
  • Diminished time to read and study
  • Increase in stress

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Those who are voluntarily interested in weekend classes should make sure to go through each of their school’s requirements and syllabus.

Those who are “forced” to attend weekend classes should take the benefits and manage the disadvantages. If it is too much for you to handle, complain to your school counsellor or parents.

On the other hand, choose carefully whether it is comfortable for you to have these classes.

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