7 Best Lineman Schools in Georgia (Req., Cost, Duration, FAQs)

Georgia is one of the top places in the United States to enroll in a lineman program. This state is home to several schools that offer top-notch lineman programs in the country.

Thus, applying to a lineman school in Georgia is an idea you should consider if you want to embark on this career path.

This article will follow through on a list of the best lineman schools in Georgia in addition to other valuable details about lineman schools in Georgia.

What is the Annual Income of a Lineman in Georgia?

The average annual income of a lineman in Georgia is about $55,000. It is even understood that some linemen in this state earn as much as $120,000 annually.

Nevertheless, the income of any lineman in Georgia is determined by a combination of some factors.

These factors include; experience, professional expertise, company of employment, area of specialization, and work location.  

How Can You Become a Lineman in Georgia?

Getting hired as a lineman in Georgia is simple.

First, you must finish an apprenticeship program that will teach you the fundamentals of becoming a lineman, provide you with hands-on experience, and pay you while you learn.

Finding lineman apprenticeships in Georgia is complex; even if you do, entering one is another story.

To even engage in an apprenticeship, you must complete a lineman school that provides education on par with pre-apprenticeship programs.

An apprenticeship in the lineman sector can be pretty beneficial. Through an apprenticeship, you can learn while working with established experts in your field.

You will learn from one another about the ins and outs of electrical systems like substations, power lines, and more.

Your rapid growth and the acquisition of the expertise required to perform the duties of a lineman will result from these encounters.

Requirements for Lineman Schools in Georgia

To attend any lineman school in Georgia, here are the conditions that you must meet:  

  • Minimum age of 18.
  • An active driver’s license from your home state.
  • Application fee payment.
  • A completed Department of Transportation (DOT) physical assessment.

What is the Cost of Attending a Lineman School in Georgia?

The average cost of enrolling in a lineman school in Georgia is about $10,000.

However, the cost of enrolling in a lineman school in Georgia varies according to the duration of the program and a student’s academic experience.

A good number of lineman schools in Georgia provide financial support to students that hold excellent academic records.

Students can also collect a student loan to cover the cost of housing, food, books, and other necessities.

What is the Duration of Lineman School in Georgia?

The bachelor’s degree program suitable for aspiring linemen in Georgia takes only four years to complete.

Under this timeline, students would surely acquire the relevant training and experiences needed to work as linemen in Georgia.

What are the Best Lineman Schools in Georgia?

1. Southeast Lineman Training Center

Southeast Lineman Training Center is one of the best lineman schools in Georgia. It is one of the top-ranking schools for lineman education in the United States.

This school regularly produces some of the best-trained graduates year in and year out. The top-level standard they have set for themselves is due to their top-notch training approach.

The curriculum of SouthEast Lineman Training Center enables students to take courses on electrical and communications line work. This is vital for success in a highly competitive industry.

Southeast Lineman Training Center inculcates in students three principal values; knowledge, ability, and discipline.

The cost of enrolling in the 15-week lineman program that they offer is about $19,000.

2. South Georgia Technical College

South Georgia Technical College is another excellent option for anyone looking to acquire seasoned lineman education in Georgia.

The electrical lineworker certificate program this school offers can match any school in the United States.

The program empowers students with the valuable knowledge and technical skills to secure good entry-level linemen jobs in leading electrical utility firms.

Their academic curriculum for the lineman program covers the following areas; workplace skills, automation skills, organization principles, occupational skills, and others.

Furthermore, the South Georgia Technical College lineman program is highly-regarded because it has several incentives.

Such incentives include; financial support, on-campus housing, a student networking organization, and many others.

The cost of enrolling in the 8-week lineman program the South Georgia Technical College offers is about $1,600.

3. Coastal Pines Technical College

Coastal Pines Technical College is one of the best lineman schools in Georgia. This is not even a surprise because this academic institution is one of the frontline technical colleges in the country.

The electrical lineworker certificate program that Coastal Pines Technical College offers is designed to prepare aspiring linemen for the demands of this field.  

The school’s curriculum for training them is comprehensive and revolves around several areas of lineman operations, from setting electrical lines to mounting electrical poles.

Furthermore, Coastal Pines Technical College offers personalized learning experiences that enhance the knowledge and skills of students.

This approach has proven to be very successful for students. Enrolling in the one-year electrical lineworker certificate program costs about $3,000.

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4. North Georgia Technical College

North Georgia Technical College is a leading lineman school in Georgia that offers top-notch lineman training.

The electrical lineman program of this academic institution which is very comprehensive, is highly recommended for those that want to secure the best jobs that are available to linemen.

The broad curriculum of this program covers several areas, such as; workplace skills, automation skills, occupational skills, general electricity safety, lineman simulations, fundamental electric principles, and organization principles.

This program empowers students with the knowledge and skills to land an entry-level lineworker job in a top-notch electrical utility firm.

Some of the valuable skills that lineworker program graduates from North Georgia Technical College would have to include; problem-solving, communication, work ethics, detail orientation, and listening skills.

North Georgia Technical College is an A-list school for lineman education in Georgia.

5. Southeastern Line Constructors

The southeastern Line Constructors program is one of the best in Georgia. Their program is vibrant and handled by leading instructors around the world.

Students enrolling in this program get to engage in several classes and training that boost their skills and knowledge of the lineman profession, which is vital for securing any top job.

The lineman program that Southeastern Line Constructors offer takes three years to complete.

Furthermore, the Southeastern Line Constructors lineman program stands out above many institutions because it is inclusive and allows students to connect with industry professionals.

The cost of enrolling in this program is about $15,000 per year.

6. Elite Lineman Training School

Elite Lineman Training School is a top-ranking lineman school in Georgia. The lineman program that this school offers lasts for only 11 weeks.

Their program stands out above that of many schools because it offers small class sizes that facilitate better learning experiences, sessions that focus strictly on character development, and financial coaching lessons that enable students to develop good money management, which is valuable for running a successful business.

This program features top-notch classes due to the presence of seasoned instructors with no less than 15 years of industry experience.

Elite Lineman Training School prepares students for the most competitive jobs in the industry. To cost of enrolling in this school is about $16,000.

7. Georgia Piedmont Technical College

No list of the best lineman schools in Georgia can ever be complete without adding Georgia Piedmont Technical College.

This school’s learning curriculum in training its lineman students stands out because it covers several areas of knowledge.

The cost of enrolling in a lineman program at Georgia Piedmont Technical College is just about $3,000, making it an ideal choice for aspiring linemen who are not financially buoyant.

This program lasts about four months, and students learn in a diversified environment that boosts their skills and ability.

Furthermore, Georgia Piedmont Technical College takes its students through learning experiences that empower them with the ability to solve problems and the knowledge of the safety procedures that every lineman should know.

It is an A-list school for lineman education in not just Georgia but the US at large.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Lineman Schools in Georgia

What is the highest-paying state for a Lineman?

Linemen in Hawaii make so much money. It is understood that they earn somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000 annually.

What are the best-paying jobs for linemen?

Electrical linemen, utility linemen, and power linemen make the most money out of all the linemen professions, with annual salaries between $60,000 and $125,000.

What exactly is a lineman’s job?

A lineman’s job is to install wires that carry electricity from generators to consumers’ homes and business places. They can evaluate the schematics of electrical systems.

As a lineman, what skills are necessary for success?

To be successful as a lineman, you need to be well-versed in electrical and power equipment and have a firm grasp of voltage, current, and resistance.


Becoming a lineman in the United States is not tasking. However, to go far in this field, studying in a seasoned lineman school is a no-brainer.

In addition to the schools listed above, Atlanta JATC’s Electrical Training Center and Lanier Technical Center are two other options for acquiring world-class lineman training in Georgia.

You must know that getting into a high-quality lineman school is still hard, so please do well to send your application on time.  

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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