6 Best Lineman Schools in California (Req., Duration, Cost)

Lineman schools are institutions that groom people that want to work as low-level electrical line workers for utility service firms.

These schools prepare students to develop the skills, acquire the knowledge they need for this job, and learn the safety parameters to execute the job successfully.

California is a top state in the United States to live and work. There is currently a high demand for linemen in this state.

This post will tell you all you need to know about linesman schools in California, a lineman’s career, and several other critical relatable pieces of information.

How Do You Become a Lineman in California?

Becoming a lineman in California is not a challenging task.

First, you must complete an apprenticeship that will enable you to acquire the foundational knowledge of what this job is all about, develop basic lineman job skills, and make money.

It is not easy to find apprenticeship opportunities for linemen in California; even if you come across one, getting into it can pose a different challenge.

However, lineman schools offer a training experience that is regarded at the level of a pre-apprenticeship program. Hence, you must still engage in an apprenticeship after attending a lineman school.

Working as an apprentice in the lineman industry can do you so much good. During an apprenticeship, you will work beside seasoned professionals and collaborate with top-ranking professionals.

You will also acquire experience maintaining and performing different operations on substations, power lines, and other electrical systems.

These experiences will help you to develop the skills you need to execute the task of a lineman.

Requirements for Lineman Schools in California

Here are the requirements for attending a lineman school in California:

How Long Does it Take to Complete Lineman School in California?

You can complete a lineman school in California between three to five months.

What is the Cost of Attending a Lineman School in California?

The average cost of attending a Lineman school in California is about $11,000. However, this figure can increase or decrease according to training and qualifications.

What is the Income of Linemen in California?

The average annual income of a lineman working in California is about $100,000.

Nevertheless, the salary of linemen in this state, like almost every other job, varies according to experience, academic qualification, added skills, location of work, and company.

What are the Best Lineman Schools in California?

There are several lineman schools in California. Nevertheless, here are the best options for consideration for anyone looking to acquire world-class training:

1. Yavapai College

Yavapai College offers one of the best lineman programs in California. This public college in Arizona has consistently produced some of the best linesmen in the industry over the years.

The certificate in Electric Utility Lineworker program that Yavapai College offers is designed to expose students to the world of knowledge that will make them suitable for any lineman apprenticeship.

Students that enroll in this program develop the ability to set up and maintain power lines, learn how to climb poles and use devices and other electrical line equipment.

They also learn how to execute overhead and underground circulation, assembly, and maintenance of electrical lines. The annual cost of enrolling in Yavapai College is about $3,000.

2. Santiago Canyon College

Santiago Canyon College is one of the best lineman schools in California. This school offers a lineman program that empowers students with the technical ability to set up and maintain power lines.

The training that lineman school students at Santiago Canyon College engage in helps them develop skills that make them the preferred choices for some of the best lineman apprenticeship opportunities in the lineman industry.

The curriculum of this program concentrates on areas such as rigging, AC theory, circuitry, transformers, equipment operation, overhead and underground construction, and lots more.

Additionally, the instructors coordinating the lineman program at Santiago Canyon College are highly-trained professionals committed to student development.

Besides tutoring, they also provide mentorship to students. Enrolling in a linesman program at this school annually is about $31,000.

3. Los Angeles Trade Technical College

Just a handful of lineman program offered by other schools is comparable to that of Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

This academic institution offers one of the most comprehensive lineman programs in California.

Anyone who wants to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become a lineman by enrolling in a Los Angeles Trade Technical College program can choose two programs.

The first is the Associate of Science degree in Renewable Energy Generation, Transmission, and Distribution, focusing on a Powerline Mechanic.

The second option is the Utility Industry Fundamentals and Powerline Mechanic Certificates of Achievement.

Both of these programs prepare students to take up entry-level jobs, such as that of a lineman in the utility sector.

Students are taken through classes and practical routines that train them to accurately discover any fault in overhead and underground powerline equipment and systems.

They also develop the ability to evaluate and resolve issues affecting electrical technology and power distribution lines and set up, maintain, and remove power poles when necessary.

Enrolling in a Los Angeles Trade Technical College lineman program costs about $8,500 annually.

4. Sacramento Power Academy

Sacramento Power Academy is one of the best lineman schools in California.

This school provides a comprehensive program for aspiring linemen that will expose them to the knowledge of the development and provision of top-notch high-voltage operations.

The safety component of their program makes it an excellent choice for many people.

Sacramento Power Academy has successfully groomed aspiring linemen by adopting the Sacramento Municipal Utility District training pattern.

Currently, linemen that complete their training at Sacramento Power Academy are in high demand all over California. This program is known for connecting students with professional opportunities.

A high school diploma or GED is the only requirement for enrolling in a Lineman program at Sacramento Power Academy. The cost of enrolling in this school is about $6,500 per session only.

5. Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Chandler-Gilbert Community College is an excellent addition to this list of best lineman schools in California.

This school’s electrical utility technology program is highly recommended for anyone wanting to become a lineman.

This program guides students in using devices, machines, and apparatus in the electrical utility industry.

Students are also exposed to training that empowers them to set up and maintain power lines, climb poles, use tools, trucks, and equipment, and lay and maintain electrical lines.

Additionally, the certificate in Electric Utility Technology that Chandler-Gilbert Community College offers is a gateway for enrolling in an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Electric Utility Technology program.

The cost of enrolling in this program is about $2,000 per year.

6. East Los Angeles Skills Center

East Los Angeles Skills Center is one of the best lineman schools in California.

This school trains students using a curriculum that exposes them to the physical and mechanical aspects of the power distribution industry.

They also engage in training routines that enable them to acquire the ability to climb power pools safely and maintain safe working practices.

Enrolling in a lineman program at East Los Angeles Skills Center costs about $8,500 annually.

7. California Electrical Training School:

California Electrical Training School is one of the best lineman schools in California.

Their California Electrician Trainee (ET) Certification program contains lessons that will adequately prepare anyone for a lineman career.

Students in this program learn how to set up, maintain, and fix electrical power, lighting, control, and communication systems in the home and industrial areas.

Beyond lineman, the program sufficiently empowers one with the knowledge needed for any other entry-level job in the electrical industry.

8. Orange Electrical Apprenticeship and Journeyman Training:

Orange Electrical Apprenticeship and Journeyman Training Centre offers one of California’s most comprehensive lineman programs.

Their electrical lineworker program offers students the chance to pursue a valuable and satisfying career in the electrical linework field.

The training techniques that Orange Electrical Apprenticeship and Journeyman Training employ are up there with top lineman schools worldwide.

For many years, they have consistently produced some of the best linemen.

Students are well tutored at graduation on what they need to know to become highly successful employees.

Their lineman program comprises 320 field training hours and 180 classroom hours.

How to Boost Your Lineman Skills

You can boost your lineman skills by following the steps below:

1. Practice several situations:

Thinking of the best way to overcome possible challenges before they even emerge is one of the ideal ways to find out areas you need to improve on or learn more about.

2. Look for a mentor:

Having a mentor as a lineman would aid your development.

When considering people for this role, look for someone with many years of field experience.

Your mentor can share perspectives that would help you make better career decisions.

They can also assist you in developing new skills, recommend how best these skills can be put to work, and answer all your inquiries.

3. Build a network with other professionals:

You cannot do it all by yourself as a linesman. So, ensure that you constantly seek to connect and interact with other workers in the field.

They may have better knowledge of how to go about work and also tell you how you can boost your skills.

You can also receive fresh ideas that can be valuable in your career.

4. Know about the latest tools:

You can enhance your technical competency as a linesman by keeping in touch with the field’s trending devices, tools, and technology.

The linesman field evolves consistently, so not updating yourself regularly can do your career lots of disservice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Lineman Schools in California

What are the best lineman schools in California?

The best lineman schools in the United States are the North American Lineman Training Center, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, and Northwest Lineman College.

Which state pays Lineman the most?

Linemen make the most money in Hawaii. It is understood that the average annual income of linemen in Hawaii is around $100,000.

Which linemen’s jobs pay the most?

The highest-paying lineman jobs are those of electrical, utility, and power lineman, with these professionals capable of earning around $60,000 to $125,000 per year.

What are the best-paying trade jobs?

The best-paying trade jobs are radiation therapists, nuclear medicine technologists, boilermakers, dental hygienists, and electricians.


Lineman is an ideal career pathway for anyone.

To succeed as a lineman in California, you must know how electrical and power equipment work and possess excellent electrical currents, voltage, and resistance, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills.

These skills are useful in repairing power cables and other equipment.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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