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5 Funny advice for College Graduates4 min read

There is this joy that comes from graduating from College. Finally, you are free from nagging lecturers, teachers and many more. But as you leave College, you need to look at this 5 Funny advice for College Graduates and funny graduation quotes that can inspire you a lot.

Funny advice and funny graduation quotes for college graduates:

If opportunity doesn’t knock on the door of your path, Build a door for it:

When I left college, I was working at a mini store with my parents, I really disliked working there but I had no choice.

funny advice for college graduates

I loved writing but couldn’t find a medium to write so I took up the opportunity to be a content writer for a friend until I rose little money to start up my own blog.

So, i took up the opportunity and created a path for myself and it worked out for me. Things might not work out the way you planned it but always find a path to start with.

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Save your Knowledge in the Wisdom bank and use it wisely:

funny advice for college graduates

Funny advice for College Graduates that seems opaque at first. Get a skill for yourself, that’s the knowledge there and be wise when you are offered a job and also know your worth.

A skill is one thing that makes you valuable. If you have a skill and its a sought after one, you won’t have an issue. Valuable skill = Money, so try your best to save this advice for college graduate and make the most out of it.

The Right track won’t always be profitable at first:

Its funny right? Yes, the right track won’t always be profitable.

You need to believe and be consistent in doing what is right for you. You mustn’t follow what the crowd is doing but you can set a path for yourself and work with it.

For instance, you love the act of blogging, yea its a good track but you can’t start getting payment the first day you start writing contents, its a gradual process, the more consistent and progressive you are, the more money you will make in the long run.

Smiles, it’s Funny advice and funny graduation quotes for College Graduates, in fact not only for college students alone but that’s also the way it is in almost every achievement in life. It starts with a process until you get to the product.

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Common sense is not almost common; Apply it well:

As a graduate, you will looked up to as a superior among the lower ones. You will get into technical problems that will require you ability and sense as you graduate.

funny advice for college graduates

Apply common sense. Sometimes problems are not as tedious as you think they are but can be solved if you calm down and think about it. Try your best to add knowledge to yourself in your field so that you won’t be extinct in any new technological application. Funny advice and one of the funny graduation quotes for College Graduates that should be noted.

Life can make you smile and frown at the same time:

Life after school isn’t as easy as it seems, there must be ups and downs, things will go against or go for you but the most important thing to understand is that provided that you breath in and breath out, life will always be a series of ups and down.

Its funny but True:

Set your mind on the goal and keep making progress everyday. That’s the best advice for graduates that can cheer you up.

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Conclusion on Funny advice and funny graduation quotes for College Graduates:

Its funny that you might be receiving money for mum and dad because you have graduated but you always use my one route of success which is to be “Valuable”.

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