How old do you have to be to go to College?

The question “What age do you start University?” is a common question asked when you just get out of high school. I have read through some articles saying its 17, some say 18 is perfect while some say that you can start whenever you want. What is really the minimum age requirement to start college?

I spoke to a friend of mine(Stacy), a parent and a lecturer and here are their answers:

1.From Stacy(a close friend):

I got into college at the age of 17, being the smallest among my peers, i felt like I was nothing. Why? because my course mates were much more bigger than I was(18-21yrs).

Walking on the road, I was shy because people will look at me with a funny face saying that “This lady is too small to be in College…” I really felt humiliated.

One thing that pushed me forward was that I remembered my aim for being in school which was studying and making the best out of college.

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Age plays a vital role in applying into a university but for me, the perfect age to start university is 18 years.

My reason:

At 18, you will have a matured mind that deal with the responsibilities of being a college student.

The age 18 years gives a sense of responsibility to you, it will make you realize that its time to be dependent on yourself and make plans for your future.

2. Parents:

The minimum age requirement to start and do well in university is not fixed.

Its dependent on your view of college and the way you can deal with it. If you are 18 years, you are normal but i have seen someone that got into college at the age of 25 because he realized the benefit of college at a later age.


So now, “what is really the best age to get into college?”, i think its when you are ready and matured enough to deal with the insecurities and the life of a college student, for me that’s the best age.

3. Lecturer:

I have lectured 1st year students for 12 years, interacted with them and I found out that most children of this 21st century needs to acquire adequate home training before they get into college.

how old do you have to be to go to college

College is for mature minds, when i interact with some of my students, I found that the older ones are more matured and talk much more better than the young ones of 16-17 years.

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I can’t really say what age do you start University but make sure you can handle yourself, speak properly, and be independent before you think of getting into college.

Someone asked the lecturer:

Is 18 years the minimum age requirement?

how old do you have to be to go to college

18 years is okay to start college because its believed to be the age when you have matured enough, but I know some 18 year olds that still behave like kids because of poor home training or over pampering.

So, the minimum age requirement is a personal thing, you need to ask yourself, “What age can I start University?”, am i old enough in mind and body to handle the life in college.

That’s my best answer.

The Success Visa what’s your Say:

What age do you start University

how old do you have to be to go to college

While I was in University, i had a friend that was 25 years as a course mate, He got into University at the age of 23 fondly called “HOD – Head Of Department”.

Even though he is above the minimum age requirement in university, he feels free with everyone. So, i asked him “why are you free with everyone?” and he explained…

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In University, age is not a priority, its your motive for being here that matters a lot. I make the most of my time with everyone despite my age(25), I feel free to talk with my lecturers and I enjoy my life. So, age for me, is not issue to be bothered about.


Conclusion on “how old do you have to be to go to college”:

how old do you have to be to go to college

Life in college is a matter of priority, don’t make age be a excuse to you. Feel free with everyone, interact, learn, mature and make the most out of College.

Having different ages in college will help you to be more exposed.

Think wisely.

how old do you have to be to go to college? tell us in the comment below…

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