Top Jesuit Colleges in the US | 2022

Do you wish to attend the top Jesuit colleges in the US? You’ve almost certainly come across a few when looking for colleges and aren’t even aware of it.

To attend one of these schools, and to get the most out of your time there, you do not need to be a Jesuit or a Catholic.

What is a Jesuit College?

Jesuit colleges and universities are private colleges and universities having a Jesuit affiliation and a significant Jesuit influence. The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities is the umbrella organization for all Jesuit schools.

Jesuit institutions are noted for admitting students of all religions and for attempting to develop in their ideals of significance and empathy. 

Top Jesuit Colleges in the United States | 2022

Georgetown University

Georgetown College, which was founded in 1789, is the United States’ oldest Catholic institution of higher learning. The institution has a strong connection to the nation’s capital, offering religious and academic support to the country’s leaders.

Georgetown is a Jesuit institution in the United States that is well-known and competitive. Every year, about 20,000 people apply for a position in Georgetown’s freshmen class, with just about 20% of them being accepted.

Over 200 clubs, ranging from religious and cultural organizations to intellectual and social organizations, are available to students.

As one of the top Jesuit Colleges in the US, more than 60% of classes have fewer than 20 people, ensuring that each student receives plenty of personalized attention and help.

Boston College

Boston College is a well-known liberal arts college that rates highly on various best colleges rankings and offers more than 60 undergraduate majors.

Despite its world-class research and outstanding graduate programs, Boston College refers to itself as a college because it believes the term better conveys the small-town atmosphere it strives to achieve.

Boston College endeavors to share the ideas of Catholicism with students of all faiths and backgrounds, maintaining strong ties to its Jesuit traditions.

As one of the top Jesuit Colleges in the US, a daily Catholic Mass is held at the school, as well as regular seminars and symposia on Catholicism. There are also over 200 alternatives for student organizations.

Santa Clara University 

SCU was founded in 1851 by the Society of Jesus and offers a Jesuit School of Theology. It adheres to traditional Jesuit ideas of ethics and social justice.

Santa Clara Institution is the state of California’s oldest still-operating university.

However, the institution can trace its history even further back thanks to the historic Mission Santa Clara de Ass, which is located on the Santa Clara campus and was founded in 1776.

The importance of history and service to the institution is demonstrated by the mission’s location in the heart of the campus.

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Gonzaga University

For those who enjoy outdoor activities and sports, Gonzaga University is a dream come true and one of the top Jesuit Colleges in the US.

Its successful men’s basketball team is one of the university’s most highly appreciated sports teams, with more than 60% of its students participating in intramural sports organizations.

Students can also enjoy a relaxing day at the 100-acre Riverfront Park or run or walk on the 37-mile-long Spokane River Centennial Trail.

College of the Holy Cross

The College of the Holy Cross is one of the oldest Catholic colleges in the United States, having been founded in 1843.

The College of the Holy Cross has always encouraged academic success and volunteerism, from its beginnings as a boys’ school to its current status as one of the greatest Catholic universities in the country.

The Holy Cross undergraduate experience is among the greatest in the country, preparing students for leadership roles in every part of life, from academics and athletics to spiritual development opportunities.

Creighton University 

Creighton University’ follows a Jesuit, Catholic curriculum to equip students for success. Creighton University offers programs in the arts, sciences, law, business, and a variety of health sciences professions, and the classroom is just the beginning.

Their students participate in a variety of activities, including research, internships, and service learning.

As one of the top Jesuit Colleges in the US, several academic service-learning activities in the area are sponsored by the institution, including working with French-speaking immigrants and delivering healthcare to underserved populations.

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Loyola Marymount University

LMU is a top-ranked national university with roots in the Catholic, Jesuit, and Marymount traditions.

It was founded in 1911. They are dedicated to cultivating a diverse academic community that provides enough opportunities for intellectual engagement and practical experience.

They attract students who are intellectually motivated, multicultural, and socioeconomically diverse. They work hard to attract, retain and support a diverse faculty dedicated to teaching, research, scholarship, and creativity.

Their three campuses are located in the heart of Los Angeles, a global hub for arts and entertainment, technology, business, and entrepreneurship.

Marquette University

Marquette University, founded in 1881, challenges students to lead and serve by adhering to the Jesuit purpose. Approximately 8,000 undergraduates attend Marquette’s 11 nationally and globally acclaimed colleges.

It has more than 80 undergraduate majors to select from and encourages students to push their limits through a rigorous core curriculum.

However, a short check at Marquette University’s campus life programs reveals that the school offers far more than just academics.

As one of the top Jesuit Colleges in the US, students can decompress by visiting local hotspots such as The Rave, a music venue, or the Olympic training ice rink.

Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago is one of the largest Jesuit institutions in the United States, with about 12,000 undergraduates and 11 colleges. It is one of the top Jesuit Colleges in the US.

It has over 80 majors to select from for undergraduates, with several of them focused on interdisciplinary courses.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is the second-oldest Jesuit college in the United States, having been founded in 1818.

SLU welcomes students of all religions and offers about 90 majors and academic programs, which is greater than other Jesuit universities, as well as a wide range of extracurricular activities, including more than 150 clubs and 20 sororities and fraternities.

Throughout the school year, SLU’s Campus Ministry arranges a number of mission trips and retreats. The school’s commitment to diversity kicks off this commitment to quality of life.

As one of the top Jesuit Colleges in the US, SLU has received the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award, the first Jesuit university to receive the award, for programs designed to attract and support students from underserved communities.


Jesuit colleges place a strong emphasis on core Jesuit values like integrity, leadership, and community service.

Core courses across a variety of fields are typically required of students in order to give them a well-rounded intellectual foundation. Many Jesuit colleges also urge students to give their time outside of the classroom.

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