Is It Worth to Start Study Abroad?

Studying abroad seems like a very amazing decision and choice to make. But because you’ll be leaving your family and friends, the decision may be another tough one. Even then, deciding to study abroad is crucial if we also consider its benefits.

Another disturbing factor of studying abroad is the exposure to getting lost, trafficked, or kidnapped in a strange land. It may sound like a funny precaution, but remember, it is as dangerous as it sounds.

So, to avoid such deplorable situations, it is better to familiarize yourself and browse through college essays on human trafficking, or you can find a huge number of articles on the Internet about the missing of young people, especially students.

These sources’ contents should give you a clearer view of the case. It may seem that this will never happen to you or your acquaintances, but one of the essays details the statistics of how fast human trafficking is progressing.

Is it worth it? Studying abroad offers every student the chance to try out new surroundings. This experience may be worthwhile, depending on how you view it.

To clarify this matter, this review will discuss some of the benefits and dangers of studying abroad:

Pros of Studying Abroad

Quality Education

Getting professional and world-class education is a major advantage of studying abroad. This offers every student the chance to learn from expert instructors from different fields in a multicultural environment.

It gives students a choice to choose and get the best education from all over the world.

Exposure To Different Learning Experience

Apart from getting introduced to a very different environment, studying abroad also exposes you to a new learning style. There, different and strange instructional methods and practices will be used.

And it indeed exposes your thinking and refreshes your way of learning for the better.

Build Lifetime Relationships

Another exciting advantage of getting an education abroad is building lifelong friendships and relationships. It offers anyone the chance to meet new people from different cultures of life.

Moreover, it helps build lifetime relationships, friendships, and networks that may be very useful in the future. 

Explore and Travel

Traveling and exploring is another huge benefit of studying abroad. It provides young adults the opportunity to travel and explore various world regions.

It exposes them to new cultural experiences from different cities, states, regions, and countries. Apart from studying, it also assists individuals to broaden their thinking and shows them new ideas for personal development. 

Improve Professionalism

Undoubtedly, studying abroad can raise your professional profile to high-rank candidates when applying for jobs. In fact, after completing their studies, many learners stay back and apply for job opportunities.

At the same time, some use this opportunity to boost their CV to high-rank candidates in the job market. 

Independent Lifestyle

Deciding to pursue higher education abroad means you’ll be leaving your comfort zone, family, and friends. This teaches students the life lesson to live independently with less help from family and friends.

Subsequently, you’ll start gaining more confidence to live and handle your life problems yourself. 

In addition, adolescents will automatically cultivate taking responsibilities, making decisions, and evaluating important matters maturely. 

Cons of Studying Abroad

As they say, nothing is perfect. This also applies to pursuing an academic dream globally. Certain disadvantages may sound disturbing at first.

You’re liable to face challenges abroad since you’ll be just a stranger. Here are some of these challenges and their solutions:


Homesickness is a general initial challenge you may face after leaving home for study elsewhere. You start missing home and those annoying matters you and mom argue about.

However, it is healthy to experience homesickness to ensure it doesn’t get in your way of productivity. 

To solve this, we’ll advise that you explore your new surroundings, have fun with different sports, and find interests. Also, try to avoid long sessions of social media. It may continue to trigger the feeling of homesickness rather than clear them. 

Cultural Shock and Language Barriers

At first, it may be very tough fitting in, especially when communicating. Communication barriers are just another challenge foreigners face.

Instead of pondering aimlessly on this matter, you can embark on a new learning experience to practice, research, and master their language.

The same goes for the cultural aspects. Just take it as an interesting way to understand some of their beliefs and cultures. 

Getting Lost or Kidnapped

Getting lost is another interesting challenge you may experience as a foreigner. This is almost inevitable even if you walk all day with maps and memorized street names. In this case, first, stay calm and ask for help.

Or better still, practice writing helpful phrases in their local language to help you through any situation. 

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

The fear of missing out on another challenge you may face on your path to pursue an academic dream abroad. This fear is just a result of missing out on something while doing something else.

You can easily solve this challenge by minimizing the amount of time you spend on the internet.


Weighing between the benefits and dangers of studying abroad, you can now clearly see that the benefits hold more value. Take that test and start preparing to study abroad for more academic, social, cultural, and fascinating experiences ahead of you. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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