Guest Lecturer (Meaning, how-to, benefits)

Guest Lecturer

Teaching or lecturing, in this case, is the act of imparting general knowledge to individuals. However, lecturing can be done in different places, not only in educational institutions but in other forms of learning.

For example, a prominent chef can be invited to a restaurant to teach the chefs how to produce a certain food or better ingredients for a meal; that is also called lecturing.

In educational institutions, lecturers are the ones who teach, but only in post-secondary educational institutions like polytechnics, colleges or universities.

On the other hand, a lecture is an oral speech or presentation about a particular subject area. In this article, we will be talking about guest lecturers, who a guest lecturer is, roles, and benefits.

Who is a Guest Lecturer?

A guest lecturer is an individual who has and possesses expert, advanced and extensive knowledge of a particular subject area.

Guest lecturers in a college are usually upcoming experts or sometimes experts with extensive and advanced knowledge in their field.

A guest lecturer is someone who speaks to a group of people or an organization that they are not ordinarily connected with or have never spoken to before.

Examples of the organizations that guest lecturers are invited to teach or address are usually school groups, professional bodies, social organizations or even tourists as part of their experience travelling.

Generally, guest lecturers’ work involves giving talks, speeches, talking about their experience, and answering questions related to their field and expertise.

A guest lecturer can work in different places, especially educational institutions. However, they can also work in hospitality industries like Non-Governmental Organizations.

How to become a Guest Lecturer

Some of the things you have or need to become a guest lecturer are;

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Reasons to invite a Guest Lecturer

These are some of the reasons educational institutions and organizations invite guest lecturers:

  • To advise the audience about future planning. For example, motivational speakers giving motivation and direction to the audience.
  • To tell the audience about their experience in entering their field. For example, an alumnus who is an entrepreneur or a successful employee telling the students how they became employees or entrepreneurs.
  • To provide the audience with the knowledge to improve their skills. For example, a better chef teaching an amateur chef.

Benefits Of Being A Guest Lecturer

Some of the benefits that come with being a guest lecturer includes;

  • It can act as a side job without affecting your job either as an entrepreneur or an employee.
  • It helps in networking. As an entrepreneur, you can meet possible future employees and partners.
  • The income isn’t bad.
  • It enriches your resume or CV.

Benefits of inviting a Guest lecturer

There are many benefits in inviting a guest lecturer, especially in educational institutions, some of which are:

Role models for the students:

As guest lecturers share their experiences with the students, the students learn from them and see the guest lecturer as a role model to emulate.

However, the knowledge is incredibly useful and exact because the guest lecturer has vast expertise and experience in that industry, making the knowledge extremely valuable.

On the other hand, the guest lecturers’ knowledge connects the real world and what textbooks teaches.

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Development of communication and Interpersonal skills:

Inviting a guest lecturer is fun for students, especially if the lecturer is person they admire. However, guest lecturers promote and improve interactive learning, they encourage students to ask questions and give answers to questions asked.

Career choice:

Guest lecturers in the field of career development help students get clarity on their career choice. They introduce students to knowledge about that particular field, their benefits, and their disadvantages, thereby helping the students choose a career.


The benefits and importance of a guest lecturer are massive and vast with less utility. This article encourages schools and organizations to be aware of and utilise the benefits.

A guest lecturer’s knowledge is an opportunity for students to learn new skills or hear about new facts.

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