7+ Coding Internships For High School Students (FAQs)

As a high school student interested in software development, you should sign up for a coding internship.

Coding internships will help you build skills, gain insight, and enable you to acquire firsthand experience of what a career in software development entails.

It can also help you meet influential people in the field and determine which area of computer science you want to focus on as a career.

Please review this article for advice on securing a coding internship and a list of seven coding internships for high school students.

Tips For Finding and Landing a Coding Internship

As a high school student with an interest in a coding internship, here’s how to get one:

1. Find an internship

Search for an internship that aligns with your computer programming interests. The best places to look for such openings are on social media and job boards.

You can also check for internship postings on the websites of tech companies or ask people you know who work in the field whether they are aware of any openings.

You should also contact nearby higher education institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as they may have information on the type of opportunity you seek. 

2. Put together a resume

Before submitting an internship application, take the time to craft a resume; a resume is a piece that details your experience and explains why the company should accept you as an intern.

It’s unlikely that a high school student might be exceptionally proficient in coding. Still, you could highlight the programs in which you have participated in the past to highlight your progress in this area.

After making your resume, you may send in your application with it attached through email.

3. Send an email

Contact the institutions you believe can provide the most beneficial coding experience.

Instead of limiting yourself to the tech companies you know to have available internship opportunities, try contacting those where you know there are none.

Include pertinent information in your cover letter, such as your full name, school attended, career aspirations, address, telephone number, and the coding expertise you have.

It will make it easy for the company to reach out to you after processing your application and hint to them that you are organized.

4. Construct a Cover Letter

Write a cover letter highlighting why you will be a good intern for the company.

Ensure the letter is tailored to the internship position and includes a brief discussion of the duties you may expect to perform during your internship.

Your cover letter is an excellent place to brag about your coding capabilities.

5. Send an application

Once you have located a few promising internship opportunities, you should immediately investigate the application prerequisites.

Depending on the post, you may be asked to send a cover letter, resume, and references.

Upload every one of your application materials and submit them in one email to the application address specified by the company.

6. Track your application with an email

Suppose you have not heard back from the organization after applying for a few days; you can follow up with a mail asking if the position is still open or if they have received and are reviewing your application.

If you email the company, they will respond and explain what is happening.

However, in the mail, ensure you incorporate your full name, the date you applied, and the job you sought to ease the work of the mail assessment team.

7. Get yourself interview-ready

Potential employers can schedule interviews to discuss possible job offers. If that is your case, giving yourself plenty of time to prepare for the interview is a no-brainer.

Learn as much as possible about the organization and how your professional ambitions align with theirs.

7 Coding Internships for High School Students

Here are some of the coding internships available for high school students:

1. Anson L. Clark Scholars Program

Anson L. Clark Scholars Program is one of the coding internships open to high school students. This internship runs for about seven weeks.

To stand a chance of selection, interested candidates must submit their application before February 13.

This internship’s participants engage in research covering many areas of computer science, including coding. They are given a stipend of $750 at the end of the program.

Apply Here

2. Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program

The Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program is a free two-week program open to students across all levels of education who want to specialize in computer science.

This program empowers girls with the knowledge they need to vie for jobs in the tech world and build their professional network.

Most of the activities that characterize this program hold online. It is an impressive addition to this list.

Apply Here

3. National Security Agency Student Programs

The National Security Agency offers several internship opportunities for high school students.

To stand a chance of securing a spot in any of its coding programs, you must submit your application before October 31.

Applying early to this program is necessary because the NSA picks successful candidates a year before its commencement.

An example of one of the programs available to high school students who are enthusiastic about coding is the Stokes Program.

Apply Here

4. Simons Summer Research Program

Simons Summer Research Program is an excellent coding internship opportunity for high school students. Seasoned mentors train students who engage in this internship.

Participants of this program engage in a series of lectures and talks with experienced faculty that enable them to develop valuable skills in the computer industry.

This internship is only open to high school seniors.

Apply Here

5. Research in Science & Engineering (Rise) Internship

The Research in Science & Engineering (Rise) Internship is a program that is open to high school seniors who want to acquire coding knowledge and skills.

It lasts for six weeks, and the application window for this program closes on February 14.

The Research in Science & Engineering (Rise) Internship is a great learning opportunity for coding enthusiasts.

Participants are taken through workshops and lectures that enable them to develop valuable skills.

Apply Here

6. Computer Science for Cyber Security (CS4CS)

Computer Science for Cyber Security is a coding internship for high school students. It runs for three weeks in July.

To stand a chance of participating, all candidates must send their applications before April 14.

This program is comprehensive, and participants will develop cybersecurity knowledge and good programming skills when they are done.

Apply Here

7. Sandia Internships

Sandia internships are another excellent option for high school students seeking a coding internship.

Participants of this internship engage in tasks that empower them with the knowledge of software development, cybersecurity, etc.

Seasoned experts mentor them, and they also get to take part in several social activities. Sandia Internships is open to students who are not less than the age of 16.

Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Coding Internships For High School Students

Is it possible to enroll in an internship at the end of high school?

Yes, many companies offer internship opportunities to high school graduates. Most people who secure such opportunities are lucky to be retained permanently after the internship.

Are interns paid?

Most companies pay interns at work for them. While some firms compensate interns hourly, some opt for a monthly payment.

What are the ideal websites to look for internship opportunities?

Some of the best websites to find internship opportunities are Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Idealist.

How long does an internship last?

Most internships last between eight to ten weeks. However, the length of an internship does not determine the value it offers.


Any high school student seeking a career in software development or its related program should register for a coding internship.

If you are within this category, know that such internships will empower you with computer science skills, boost your resume, and enable you to meet professionals in the world of coding.

Furthermore, it can increase your chances of gaining admission into a computer science-related program in college, as internships are rated as a higher-tier extracurricular.

You can follow the steps mentioned earlier to apply for a coding internship successfully.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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