Ron Brown Scholarship (Meaning, Requirement, Dates) in 2022

Ron Brown Scholarship

The Ron Brown Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships in the United States. It is a Scholarship program that covers the academic costs of only African American citizens of the United States.

The Ron Brown Scholarship Program is very competitive, with thousands of students vying to receive the award each year.

Moreover, recipients of the Ron Brown Scholarship enjoy cash benefits and receive international recognition and prominence.

Hence, the Ron Brown Scholarship is an outstanding initiative every African American senior high school student should have a go at. 

This article will teach you how to apply for and win a Ron Brown Scholarship, as well as how to thrive in your SAT or ACT tests.

What is the Ron Brown Scholarship?

The Ron Brown Scholarship is a program named after the late Secretary of Commerce, Ronald H. Brown, who was famous for his dedication to public service.

The scholarship focuses on advancing the higher education of intelligent Black American students to position them for better economic and social opportunities.

However, the Ron Brown Scholar Program (RBSP) aims to develop future transformational leaders who will positively impact the world and excel in their chosen careers.

Requirements for winning the Ron Brown Scholar Program (RBSP) in 2022

The Ron Brown Scholar program supports academic excellence and high intellectual prowess. Every year, more than 5000 people apply for the award, of which only 20 winners are carefully selected.

However, you will only be eligible for the Ron Brown Scholar program if you satisfy the following requirements below;

  • Applicant must be a US citizen or a permanent resident of the US.
  • At the time of application, the applicant must be a current high school senior with a strong academic record.
  • The applicant must be capable of leading others.
  • Applicant must surely be a Black American.
  • The applicant must have a track record of active participation in community service.
  • The applicant must demonstrate a financial need.

Benefits of the Ron Brown Scholarship Program

Winners of the Ron Brown Scholar program enjoy the following incentives;

  • Total cash support of $40,000 for a 4-year college degree program
  • Impactful mentorship from seasoned professors
  • Opportunity to earn a good internship slot
  • Development of good relationship skills
  • Public recognition
  • Ticket to a high intriguing summer leadership summit

Apply for the Ron Brown Scholarship program here

How to prepare for the Ron Brown Scholarship Program

The Ron Brown Scholar Program is a very competitive award. Hence, it would help if you prepare well to stand a chance of winning this award. You can do this by applying the following tips;

1. Organize:

You cannot earn a Ron Brown Scholar program award if you are not organized. Hence, assemble and arrange the requested documents on time.

2. Prepare for the deadline:

Every scholarship program has a deadline. Hence, submit your application on time.

3. Don’t miss any document:

Re-check all the required documents before submitting them to avoid omitting any document which could hamper your chances of winning the award.

4. Apply:

No matter how slim the chances of winning are, apply once you meet the requirements. Apply here

5. Have a backup:

The Ron Brown Scholar Program is not the only scholarship out there that pays well. Hence, also apply for other scholarships in case you are unsuccessful with your Ron Brown application. 

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Important Information every Ron Brown Scholarship Program applicant should know

The level of information you have about a particular scholarship program can boost your chances of winning. Hence, the following information is important to every RBSP applicant:

1. The application deadline: 

The deadline for application for the Ron Brown Scholar Program award is August 1. Moreover, the scholarship is only open to applicants that are high school seniors as of January 9.

2. Interesting facts about the program:

More than 5000 students apply for the Ron Brown Scholar Program yearly, with only 20 applicants winning the award. 498 students have received the Brown Scholarship since its establishment in 1996.

Moreover, 58% of all Ron Brown Scholars attended the most outstanding universities, with a further 54% completing a master’s degree program in the future.

3. Sponsorship:

The Ron Brown Scholar Program is funded by partners and free donors who provide free mentorship to the scholarship recipients.

4. Financial support:

The financial support received by the Ron Brown Scholar Program award recipients covers the tuition fee, cost of learning materials, accommodation, and miscellaneous expenses.

Winners receive $10,000 for four years, which gives a total of $40,000 to fund their studies in a four-year accredited college degree program.

5. Two letters of recommendation:

You must attach two letters of recommendation to a Ron Brown Scholar Program application.

While one must be written by your high school principal, counsellor, or teacher, the other must be written by your coach, mentor, or anybody that can attest to your amazing characteristics.

However, a letter of recommendation from your parents or relative will be rejected. Also, counsellors are allowed to send a letter of recommendation to

6. Tests results:

Applicants must include their ACT (composite) or SAT (mathematics and verbal) test scores in their school transcript or on the first page of their application. Moreover, the Ron Brown Scholar Program does not have a minimum ACT or SAT score.

7. Two essays:

The Ron Brown Scholar Program applicants should write two essays less than 500 words each. In the first essay, you have to provide solutions or answers to a challenging question or problem. Moreover, random topics are given for the second essay. 

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8. Online applications:

Ron Brown Scholar Program doesn’t accept online applications of any form, including emails and fax. All applications must be sent through the mail to the office addresses of the scholarship program.

9. Deadline extensions:

Sometimes, Ron Brown Scholar Program provides extensions to allow people with authentic reasons to apply for the scholarship too. 

10. Parents’ details:

Parents’ details like their income are important in the form. This is required by the Ron Brown Scholar Program to appraise and determine who needs the scholarship.

11. Choice of college:

The Ron Brown Scholar Program covers the academic costs of a student for four years only. Hence, all recipients should choose a course of study in a school that runs 4-year degree programs only. 

12. Vocational training:

The Ron Brown Scholar Program is not for vocational training; recipients must use it to fund their academic studies in an accredited college.

13. Notification of award:

Semi-finalists that have qualified to receive the award are notified by early March. However, a fully sponsored invitation for a physical interview by the National Selection Committee in Washington DC is sent to the finalists by mid-March.

After the interview, the names of the 20 recipients for the year are published on the official website of the Ron Brown Scholar Program, newspapers and are also announced over television, radio, and social media.

This happens around late March or early April. 

14. Ivy League colleges:

The scholarship program prize is enough to sponsor education in any Ivy League university across the country.

15. The Ron Brown Scholar Program form:

The scholarship form should be filled in capital letters for the information to stand out. Applicants should also complete personal details, including high school info and SAT or ACT score in the form.

Furthermore, a school counsellor or academic advisor must complete one form, while another section requires information from a parent or guardian.

Ron Brown Scholarship

How to excel in your SAT or ACT test

Although the Ron Brown Scholar Program does not have a cut-off mark for SAT or ACTs, having an excellent SAT or ACT score will boost your chances of winning. You will have outstanding SAT or ACT scores if you apply the following tips;

Get the application form:

This article has already provided sufficient information on the do’s and don’ts of the Ron Brown Scholar Program; abiding by the rules and applying before the deadline is a great start.

Cultivate a winning mentality:

Don’t be discouraged by reports about how difficult the SAT or ACT exams are. Developing a positive mindset will help you achieve your goals.

Study hard:

No matter how fantastic your intellectual abilities are, you can’t succeed in SAT or ACT exams without studying hard.

Hence, plan your schedule and dedicate more time to your studies. Also, cut down the level of fun activities you engage in.

Use past questions:

Past questions provide a clue of the nature of test questions. Hence, practising past questions consistently helps you master your time well and realize the sections that may consume more time.

Knowing these challenges will help you develop the right strategy to tackle them.

Attend tutorials:

SAT and ACT classes are organized all over the country. Connect with a prominent one and receive outstanding tutorials that will help you excel in the tests.

Nevertheless, these tutorials are not free. Hence, prepare to pay the price for greater success tomorrow.


The Ron Brown Scholar Program is one of the most lucrative scholarships in the United States. It is only available to Black American high school seniors seeking to get into college.

However, applicants must submit their application with two letters of recommendation and two essays. Nevertheless, to earn the scholarship, the information contained in this article will help applicants immensely.

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