8+ Free Honorary Doctorate Degree Certificate Schools

Suppose you have been looking for ways to get free honorary doctorate degrees.

In that case, this post will inform you of various institutions now awarding free honorary doctorate degrees, and we will bring these institutions to your attention.

Honorary degree certificates are granted to individuals not necessarily to acknowledge their academic achievements but to recognize their life experiences, philanthropy, or great contributions to the schools.

In this piece, we will go through the whole list of different free honorary doctorate degrees currently accessible.

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What Does A Certification For An Honorary Doctorate Degree Mean?

Those who have made substantial contributions to developing a given field or expanding a certain field’s curriculum are often the recipients of honorary doctorate degrees.

Remember that this degree is not based on academic achievement; rather, it is an honorary degree in recognition of exceptional service to the institution.

An institution may bestow an honorary doctorate upon a person to express gratitude toward that person for making significant contributions to the institution, whether those contributions be financial or of some other kind.

In other instances, a person who is not necessarily an alumnus of the institution that has chosen to recognize them for their generosity and acts of charity towards the community where the institution is located may be awarded one of the free honorary doctorate degrees.

The reasons for this recognition may include the individual’s charitable actions.

People who have earned any of the free honorary doctorate degrees will be given the title “Dr.” just like anyone else who has made a doctorate by meeting certain academic requirements.

This is because all doctoral degrees are awarded on the same basis.

What Are The Key Distinctions that Separate A Regular Professor From An Honorary Professor?

A professor is a person who has worked to earn the title of a “professor” through academic achievements.

However in terms of honorary doctorate degrees, the recipient could have received it due to the possibilities of various professional achievements or contributions.

These accomplishments or contributions do not need to be purely academic, nor should they be based on previous time spent lecturing at the university.

Why Do Some People Receive Free Honorary Doctorate Certificate?

The awarding of the degree is frequently done to recognize and pay tribute to a notable guest’s significant contributions to a particular area of study or society in general.

It is sometimes recommended that such degrees be listed in one’s curriculum vitae (CV) as an award rather than in the education section.

This is because some employers place more weight on awards than on education.

Should one expect the same academic rigor from an honorary doctorate as a standard degree?

The answer is no; honorary doctorates do not carry the same weight in the academic world as traditional doctorates.

Instead of conferring academic degrees, honorary doctorates are awarded to recognize a person’s body of work throughout their career or substantial contributions to a field or field of study.

Anyone can be awarded an honorary doctorate, and recipients are not to have attended the institution from which the degree is conferred to receive the award.

Do You Have The Ability To Include Honorary Degrees On Your Resume?

Outside of the context of an academic institution, the terms “honorary degree” and “honorary doctorate” are acceptable terms to use.

When listing an honorary degree on a curriculum vitae or resume, it is best practice to do so under the heading “honors and awards” rather than “education.”

List Of Schools That Offer Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees

1. Prowess University

The Prowess University System’s highest distinction, an honorary doctorate, is awarded to individuals who have made significant contributions to their fields.

A person is awarded an honorary degree in appreciation of a distinguishing achievement materially contributing to advancing knowledge and society.

Several requirements must be satisfied before an individual at Prowess University can even be considered for an honorary doctoral degree. A wide range of doctorates could be bestowed upon them if they are successful.

The recipients of Prowess University’s honorary doctoral degrees do not earn the degree through academic achievements; rather, they receive these awards based on generous and selfless actions or lifetime accomplishments from which a community, nation, or humanity, in general, has benefited.

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2. Queens College

Queens College is one of the colleges that offer free honorary doctorate degree certificates.

Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) and Doctor of Sacred Letters (D.S.L.) are examples of honorary degrees that can be earned at Queens College.

At Queens College, an honorary degree shall normally be awarded more than once during an academic year; however, under unusual and exceptional circumstances, more than one honorary degree may be granted, and on occasion, none may be awarded at all.

In normal events, nomination forms are brought before the Fall Meeting of the Corporation of Queens College.

The meeting is where the award given out at the convocation is decided.

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3. Berkshire University

The free honorary doctorate degrees Berkshire University offers are next on our list of universities offering these degrees for free.

Individuals who have made significant contributions to Berkshire University and people who have made significant achievements in specific fields are eligible to receive free honorary doctorate degrees from Berkshire University.

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4. Evangelical Christian University of America

One institution that offers free honorary doctorate degrees is the Evangelical Christian University of America.

To qualify, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Individuals are expected to submit their resumes and passport photographs whenever it is possible to do so.
  • The candidate must submit three (3) letters of recommendation, each of which must be penned by someone who has known the applicant for at least five years.
  • The individual who will write this recommendation for the candidate ought to have either a professional or a ministerial connection with them.
  • The letters of recommendation need to be at least one page long and include the name, address, and phone number of the person providing the recommendation.

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5. Open University International

Open University International is one of the colleges that offer free honorary doctorate degree certificates.

The free honorary doctorate degrees offered by this institution are globally recognized.

People who wish to earn a doctoral degree but do not want to earn a master’s degree can receive these degrees from the institution.

They are the easiest, fastest, and cheapest (often free) way to obtain an honorary degree certificate, which enables you to do more in your lifetime. 

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6. Bethlehem University

Honorary doctorate awardees at Bethlehem University are presented with a diploma in addition to receiving a citation and an imposition from the university.

Any member of the faculty or staff of Bethlehem University, as well as members of the International Board of Regents, the Board of Trustees, the Foundation Board, alumni, and friends of the university, may submit a written nomination to the Vice-Chancellor for consideration to receive a free honorary doctorate from Bethlehem University.

Friends and alumni of the university may also submit nominations.

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7. University of Wisconsin

People who have recognized outstanding achievements in public service, knowledge, and academic fields, or cultural affairs and are in line with what the university stands for are eligible to receive free honorary doctorate degrees from the University of Wisconsin system.

These degrees are only available through the university’s online portal.

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8. Newport University

Newport University is one of the colleges that offer free honorary doctorate degree certificates.

They feel that many influential people who have contributed to the country’s economic growth, scientific advancement, educational advancement, and social development deserve honorary degrees.

Following receipt of permission from the recipient, the educational organization keeps a complete and permanent record of each honorary degree awarded and promptly responds to questions from those seeking verification of the degrees.

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9. Grace Bible University

The following is a guide for those interested in receiving an honorary doctorate online from Grace Bible University:

The person must have made a significant contribution to the advancement of the gospel and service to humanity for more than twenty years, and they must be deserving of such an accolade to be considered for this honor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Free Honorary Doctorate Degree Certificate

What is the benefit of an honorary doctorate?

One can use an honorary doctorate for ego and prestige. Honorary degrees also have practical use in the working world.

Is an honorary doctorate an academic degree?

No, honorary degrees are not equivalent to regular Ph.D.s in the academic world. Honorary doctorates are given to famous people and other notables, but the academic community does not recognize them.

Does an honorary doctorate mean anything?

Universities give honorary degrees to people who deserve them to show how much they have done to help society or how well they have done in a certain area.

Is an honorary degree still a degree?

First, people awarded honorary degrees are not required to study at colleges/universities, take classes, or do any work toward their degree (such as writing a dissertation). Instead, students are awarded a diploma as recognition without having to do any coursework.


All the online honorary doctorate degrees that are free are legitimate.

The aforementioned educational institutions also offer respectable honorary degree certifications.

Even if you do not apply, you should not be shocked if you receive a special invitation at some point in the future if you have a major influence on a certain subject or donated a considerable amount of money to academic institutions.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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