15 Free Online Government Certifications In 2024 (FAQs)

Taking a couple of free online certifications should be one of your most important New Year’s resolutions.

Free online certifications will empower you with in-depth knowledge of an area of interest, boost your resume, and enhance your value.

The majority of the government provides free online certifications in economics, criminal justice, social justice, and many more.

This article will talk about the 15 best free online government certifications you should work hard to get. It will also talk about a few other essential things.

What Are Free Online Government Certifications?

Free online government certifications are courses the government pays for and helps run because it thinks they will help people learn more.

Benefits Of Free Online Government Certifications

Here are some of the advantages of enrolling in free online government certifications:

1. Accessibility

The classes are held online, which makes it easy for you to access them from any part of the country. So, no matter where you are, you can stream the classes.

2. Confidence

Getting more certifications in your field will quickly boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself.

3. Without Charge (Free)

The online certifications offered by governments are available at zero cost.

So, rather than spending money on courses organized by others, you can spend nothing to acquire the same knowledge by signing up for the class.

4. Top-class experts

The classes for each government’s free online certification course are taught and organized by seasoned experts in their field.

5. Specific training

Each course that the government offers is designed to give you a certain set of skills.

6. Resume boosting

Acquiring some of the free certifications offered by the government will surely boost your resume and give you an edge when applying for any job.

This is because your prospective employer will understand that you are committed to your profession and are not ready to settle for what you already know.

Top 15 Free Government Online Certifications

Here are the best 15 free government certifications:

1. Economic Development Professionals

The Economic Development Professionals certification is one of the best free government online certifications to pursue this year.

Economic Development Professionals focus on techniques that can be utilized to solve economic challenges.

Enrolling in this course will empower you with the knowledge of assessing economic settings, enabling you to devise the best strategy for tackling issues.

It is specially devised for anyone who sees himself or herself in a career geared toward providing solutions to economic challenges.

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2. Risk Communication Essentials

Risk Communication Essentials is another free government online certification worth acquiring.

It covers how the details, suggestions, and analyses provided by professionals can be properly managed.

Taking the Risk Communication Essentials course will enable one to make the right choices, a valuable skill for any organization or firm.

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3. The Fundamentals of Government Property

The Fundamentals of Government Property is a course that lasts just five days.

It covers government property systems, how property can be adequately managed, and their monitoring policies for the property.

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4. System for Incident Management

System for Incident Management is a course that empowers healthcare workers with the needed knowledge to respond to disasters or any form of incident effectively.

The WHO offers this program through the government.

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5. Code Enforcement Officers

The Code Enforcement Officers course is dedicated to people looking to advance their careers in code enforcement.

These code enforcement officers are responsible for every phase of zoning, land use, and housing resolutions.

They play a key role in ensuring the welfare of the people. Code Enforcement Officers have the technical knowledge to identify threats that can result in fatalities.

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6. Achieving Customer-Centric Design

Achieving Customer-Centric Design is another free online government certification that you should look to acquire in 2024.

It is a course that empowers one with the technical expertise to make additions to products that will satisfy the desires of customers more effectively.

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7. Becoming a Supervisor

Becoming a supervisor is one of the best free online government certifications available.

It is meant for any expert who desires to boost their professional abilities.

It empowers individuals with knowledge on how to change careers smoothly and effectively adjust to their new roles.

Individuals who enroll in this course will also develop the teamwork capacity required to function effectively in any company.

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8. Municipal Government Elected Officials

Municipal Government Elected Officials is a course that advances the leadership qualities of individuals.

It also equips them with knowledge of what the municipal government is all about.

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9. Government Property Basics

Government Property Basics is a course that lasts for just five days.

This course empowers individuals to know how government property can be effectively managed.

Governments offer this course in particular because they know that proper management methods are really necessary as far as government facilities are concerned.

It is another of the top free online government certifications in 2024.

10. Commissioner for the County

Commissioner for the County is a course solely dedicated to county commissioners and anyone who hopes to see him or herself in such a capacity someday.

This job assesses the emotional intelligence abilities of its participants and their ability to manage their anger.

The Commissioner for the County course also strives to improve the leadership potential of participants and their ability to make the right decisions.

Commissioner for the County is a leadership-inclined course.

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11. Introduction to Operational Readiness

Introduction to Operational Readiness is one of the best free online government certifications in 2024.

The government offers this course on behalf of the WHO. It gives participants, especially those in the healthcare field, the skills they need to handle any emergency.

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12. A Self-Directed Guide to Understanding Data

A Self-Directed Guide to Understanding Data is a course designed for professionals working in data firms.

This course is one of the best free online government certifications in 2024.

A Self-Directed Guide to Understanding Data empowers participants with the ability to understand and make use of any data easily.

13. Agile Project Planning

Agile Project Planning is a course that empowers participants with the knowledge of the procedures taken to set up projects adequately and meet the required rules.

The Agile Project Planning is another free online government certification coming in 2024 that is very valuable.

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14. Advanced Corporate Strategy

The Advanced Corporate Strategy course, one of the best free online government certifications to look for in 2024, is organized by the renowned Indian Institute of Management Bangalore via Swayam.

This course covers several important topics, such as the basics of corporate strategy and ways to solve strategic problems in business.

It also teaches participants how to think critically and reason logically.

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15. Chartered Public Manager (CPM)

The Chartered Public Manager course empowers individuals with excellent problem-solving, management, and organizational abilities.

It is a must for people in leadership positions or those who want to be leaders in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Free Online Government Certifications

Who are the best free online certification providers in the world at the moment?

The best free online certification providers on the globe are Coursera, Udemy, Edx, LinkedIn Learning, and Udacity.

Which is the best certification to acquire ahead of time?

The best certifications are cloud computing, project management, business intelligence, networking, cyber security, and software development.

What are the easiest certificates to acquire?

First aid certifications, project management certifications, software certifications, notary public certifications, and forklift operator licenses are the easiest certificates to get.

What are the most valuable certifications?

The most valuable certifications are full-stack web development, cloud computing, DevOps, digital marketing, and business analytics.


Taking a couple of free online certifications should be among your priorities in 2024.

These courses are very accessible, boost your confidence, provide opportunities for you to acquire technical knowledge from seasoned experts, and will enrich your resume.

This article has done a great job of talking about 15 of them.

However, if you are not comfortable with the ones discussed above, Standard Precautions: Waste Management courses, Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate, and Reaching Efficient Solutions with Computational Thinking are other excellent options.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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