7+ New Year’s Resolution Ideas For High School Students (FAQs)

New Year’s Resolution Ideas For High School Students: Having some New Year’s resolutions as a high school student is smart.

Although achieving your New Year’s resolution as a student depends completely on you, you must set them first before even thinking about achieving them.

2023 can be your best year ever as a student if you set New Year’s resolution goals for yourself.

This article will provide some ideas for doing this.

What are New Year’s Resolutions?

At the start of each new calendar year, people worldwide consciously try to better themselves by renewing old habits, adopting new ones, or setting and achieving new goals.

This practice is known as making “New Year’s resolutions,” it is most popular in the Western world, though it can also be found in the Eastern world.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas For High School Students

1. Participate in a variety of extracurricular activities

Every school wants its students to take part in extracurricular activities.

This is very important because extracurricular activity participation helps boost a student’s resume and empowers them with social skills.

So, if you are in high school and have not fully engaged in any extracurriculars, you can resolve to do otherwise in 2023.

You don’t need to engage yourself in several extracurricular activities at the same time.

However, you can pick one extracurricular and be fully dedicated to it, and all that pertains to it.

This will increase your chances of becoming a leader there and empower you with the leadership experience that will create a good impression on your college admission board members.

2. Concentrate on your results

You can strive to get the best results in school.

Although getting good grades is not easy, you can achieve them if you start by turning in your assignments and class projects on time.

Also, if you struggle to understand what is taught in class, consult your instructors in their offices for direction.

Moreover, you can improve your GPA by engaging in a group study, studying intensively and within the coursework, taking practice tests to assess areas that you need to work on, attending tutorial classes to improve your understanding, and giving your all in every class test.

However, if you aspire to attend a very competitive school, ensure that you enroll in AP classes to send a message to the school that you are cut out for their rigorous academic coursework.

3. Have a test score target

Standardized tests, such as the SAT, MCAT, ACT, and others, are always required for students seeking college admission.

Most times, students don’t always get to achieve their target test scores in one sitting.

However, you can resolve to achieve your test score target in 2023, but with fewer attempts.

Leveraging practice tests for any standardized test will take you a step closer to this as they will expose you to areas of knowledge in which you are still lagging, your areas of strength, and also expose you to the nature of questions that you should expect, which will ease tensions.

Furthermore, before you establish a test score goal for yourself, begin by considering the test score ranges for the ACT and SAT to secure your admission to your desired college.

This will enable you to develop a great guess of the score that you should aspire to have.

Moreover, this is one of the most important New Year’s resolution ideas for high school students.

4. Have an amazing study space

An amazing study space is neat and free of all manner of disturbances.

Reading in this ambiance enhances your concentration levels and helps you achieve more.

If you have struggled to read through 2022 because you did not have an amazing study space set up for you, creating one can be one of your new year’s resolutions.

If you already have a place where you study, you can make it a duty to ensure that it is neat and that there is absolutely nothing out there that will distract you from studying.

5. Complete research on schools

You can also create a list of schools that you can enroll in.

Immediately after you have listed the possible schools, check them out online for their admissions requirements, student life, the types of programs they offer, and the facilities available on campus.

However, several schools now provide digital tours that will give you a feel for what it is like to be their student.

So, if any school on your list offers that service, ensure that you take advantage of it immediately.

Moreover, if possible, you can connect with admissions officers at the school for guidance on how to go about their admissions process.

This will allow you to have lots of time to consider all your options and go to the school that best suits your interests.

6. Take a part-time job or volunteer

If you are not always busy once school is over for the day, you can resolve to take up a part-time job next year as a high school student.

Taking up a part-time job is a smart idea because it will enable you to make some money and, at the same time, obtain practical experience.

On the other hand, you can resolve to volunteer, which will still do you lots of good as a student.

Besides volunteering is a great way to acquire experience, many colleges look at your community service contribution when considering your admission application.

Moreover, serving as a volunteer for an NGO or at a company will empower you with life skills that will make you a better person.

This is one of the most important New Year’s resolution ideas for high school students.

7. Develop good relationships with your instructors

Another New Year’s resolution you can make this year as a student is to get to know your teachers more.

If you have a teacher you love the most, ensure that you let them know that you admire what they are doing.

On the other hand, if your instructor commends you for anything you do in school, ensure that you don’t take it for granted.

As the year goes on, you may require him or her to craft a recommendation letter for you, especially if you want to land a scholarship, acquire a grant, or even apply to your desired university/college.

Your teacher could craft a recommendation letter for you if they could vividly recall you and how you shone throughout school.

Moreover, don’t stop at what your teachers allow; also, ensure you have a good relationship with your school’s counselor.

They will assist you in following the right path toward achieving your career goals, and in some cases, you may need them to write you a recommendation letter.

8. Be appreciative

You can make it a resolution to be appreciative in 2023.

As you enter 2023, reflect on your life, remember the good times you had in the past, and thank everyone who made them possible.

2023 will surely have its own trying moments, and the gratitude you show today will enable you to receive help when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On New Year’s Resolution Ideas For High School Students

Which resolutions will set you apart this year?

You can make unusual promises for the New Year, such as vowing to try a new food every week or having your picture taken in five different and unique locations.

Why do so many people set goals for the new year only to break them by February?

Most people give up on their resolutions by February because they haven’t kept track of their progress or made concrete plans for the coming year.

How do I improve my New Year’s resolutions?

Being practical, thinking about the future, outlining, rewarding yourself, and keeping track of your accomplishments can help keep your New Year’s resolutions.

The new year is a great time to make a fresh start, but how do you go about doing so?

Resolve to better yourself and your relationships in the next year by taking stock of how fulfilled you now feel and actively working to enhance your connections with those who matter most to you.


You can make 2023 the best year of your life as a high school student if you make resolutions now.

Setting resolutions helps to guide you and enables you to stay focused.

However, this article is recommended if you don’t know how to get started on New Year’s resolutions.

In addition to the resolutions already discussed, staying organized, making more friends, and reaching out to the needy are other amazing New Year’s resolution ideas for high school students.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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