17+ New Year’s Resolution Activities For Elementary Students | 2024

New Year’s Resolution Activities For Elementary Students: January is the best month for everyone to set new goals; the same applies to even elementary school kids.

Developing the ability to set goals on their own is something that every elementary school student should learn because it will help them in the long run.

However, if you are a parent and your kids in elementary school don’t know how to get started on sensible New Year’s resolution activities that make sense, this article will be helpful to them.

It provides information on some of the best New Year’s resolution activities for elementary students.

Who is an Elementary Student?

Elementary school, also known as primary school, is the first level of formal education and typically begins between the ages of five and seven and continues until the student is between the ages of eleven and thirteen.

The primary level of schooling consists of elementary school. Depending on the school, grade 7 may be included as an elective in the elementary school curriculum at some prestigious private primary schools.

Preschool programs typically serve children ages 3 to 5, and elementary schools serve students in grades 6 through 8.

New Year’s Resolution Activities For Elementary Students

1. Become an excellent reader

Elementary students can work toward becoming excellent readers by committing to reading at least 15 pages of a book each day.

They can also improve their reading skills by reading to a younger sibling or close friend daily.

2. Commit fundamental math facts to memory

One of the ways that elementary students learn mathematics effectively is by memorization.

This helps them speed up their math skills.

However, to enable them to learn math facts effectively, they should use flashcards or highly-rated math apps for elementary school kids.

Moreover, if your kid is only in a lower elementary class, concentrate on addition and subtraction facts; if they are in a higher elementary class, concentrate on multiplication and division facts.

3. Acquire excellent academic results

Obtaining excellent academic results throughout the year is another amazing New Year’s resolution activity for elementary kids.

They can work hard towards getting the best results in school by studying for longer hours, doing all their homework, and paying rapt attention throughout classes.

4. Do and submit every single homework assignment on time

If your kid in elementary school always finds it hard to do his or her homework and turn it in on time, doing and submitting their homework assignment on time could be a great new year’s resolution activity for them.

They can accomplish this by using schedules to plan themselves once they return from school and setting reminders.

5. Learn a new vocabulary word daily

Learning a new vocabulary word daily is an excellent idea, not just for kids but for anyone at all.

Students can adopt the habit of learning one word every day.

To further improve their language-speaking abilities, they can learn to use the word and even practice it over the remaining hours of the day.

If one word per day is a far stretch for them, one word per week is another excellent option.

6. Develop writing skills

Developing writing skills is another excellent new year’s resolution activity for your kid in elementary school.

Putting in some work toward developing their writing skills is necessary for refining their general communication skills.

They can start by writing the summary of the first paragraph of an essay every day, or they could even go as far as writing one story per week.

7. Understand words in other languages

Knowing words in foreign languages besides their official language boosts the cultural consciousness of students.

They can place more emphasis on learning words in one language at a time than in several languages.

Elementary students can begin by learning common words such as greetings. Several language apps will be hugely helpful to them.

8. Reduce the amount of time they spend watching TV

In the present age, where digitalization has completely taken over, every parent needs to teach their kids how to spend time away from the TV when they have an important activity or task to engage in.

Resolving spending less time watching TV in the New Year can help elementary school children break the habit of spending too much time in front of screens and teach them how to prioritize tasks and responsibilities.

9. Wake up earlier every day

Waking up earlier is an excellent New Year’s resolution activity for elementary students.

When elementary school kids or adults wake up earlier, they normally go about their daily business with an amazing feeling.

Getting up earlier also boosts one’s confidence and keeps one optimistic.

This is a great activity that elementary students can cultivate in the New Year.

10. Exercise every morning and evening

Maintaining the exercise schedule every morning and evening before venturing into the day’s activities is another amazing New Year’s resolution activity for elementary students.

It is an activity that will increase their body’s flexibility and alleviate some of their pain.

While they don’t need to overstretch since they will likely go to school, they will focus more in class and pay more attention.

Also, getting exercise in the morning and evening is a good habit that could help them for the rest of their lives.

11. Drink enough water 

Drinking enough water daily is highly beneficial to all humans, regardless of age.

Elementary students will concentrate better in class when they drink enough water. It will also make them feel way better.

12. Sleep for longer hours at night

Staying up all night is not a great idea for anyone, especially elementary students. Sleeping well at night can help students concentrate better and feel refreshed when they wake up.

Students can accomplish this by sleeping by 9 p.m. and waking up by 5 a.m.

These eight good hours of sleep will boost their minds and re-energize their brains effectively.

13. Cut down on the length of time spent on screen

In our society, the habit of spending so much time on iPads and laptops poses a significant challenge.

If your child has trouble with this habit, you can try to get them to spend less time in front of a screen and more time doing something else that will help them a lot.

14. Engage in garden work

Elementary school students are old enough to take responsibility, and growing a garden can help them learn to do so.

They can plant flowers in the garden and also get to learn about science at the same time.

15. Discover how to cook

Learning to cook is another New Year’s resolution activity for elementary kids. However, they cannot do this alone and instead require the mentorship and assistance of their parents.

16. Learn to play a new sport

Students can also spend the New Year learning a new sport.

It will enable them to make new friends and even discover talents they were unaware they possessed.

17. Spend quality time with loved ones

Spending quality time with relatives is ideal for any elementary student who rarely gets to spend time with their loved ones because they may be too immersed in their electronic gadgets or watch TV a lot.

There are many ways to spend quality time with loved ones.

  • One of them is reading books together.
  • Another option is to simply talk the night away.

Spending quality time with loved ones is a priceless New Year’s resolution activity for elementary students no matter what works best for them. This is very important.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) On New Year’s Resolution Activities For Elementary Students

How can elementary students achieve their New Year’s resolution?

The best way for elementary students to achieve their New Year resolves to set realistic goals, plan ahead, and give themselves rewards as they stick to them.

How can elementary students think positively?

Elementary students can learn to think positively by concentrating on the good things, cultivating the habit of being thankful, spending quality time with positive people, and beginning each day on a positive note.

How can elementary students manage their time effectively?

Elementary students can manage their time effectively by using a to-do list, working on one thing at a time, and spending less time on their phones and other gadgets.

What can be a New Year’s resolution for students?

Reducing stress, exercising, smiling more, getting enough sleep, giving up a harmful habit, and doing a social media detox are all good ways to boost your mental health and should be prioritized. Students’ number one resolution for the new year is to take better care of their mental health.


Setting New Year’s resolutions is a great idea for everyone, regardless of age.

If you have kids in elementary school, encouraging them to do likewise is a great idea.

However, while this article contains 16 different New Year’s resolution activities for elementary students, saving a specific sum of money every month, opening a bank account, doing chores around the house, complimenting at least one person per day, and being polite to everyone are other great ideas.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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