13 Best Social Emotional Learning Apps (FAQs)

Social Emotional Learning Apps: Social emotional learning, popularly known as SEL, is the type of education that teaches kids and teenagers how they can be pleasant to people in their society and identify how they see themselves in that society.

Social-emotional learning equips kids and students with the skills that can facilitate their development from childhood to adulthood and make them better people.

As a primary or high school teacher, you must ensure that your pupils or students develop social-emotional skills.

Thus, this article will talk about the best 10 apps in the world right now that you can use to help your student learn about social and emotional skills.

What is SEL?

The term “social and emotional learning” (SEL) refers to an approach to teaching that goes beyond the traditional disciplines often covered in school to help children develop key academic abilities.

SEL teaches children how to recognize and manage their emotions, how to connect with others through effective communication, how to foster healthy relationships, and how to make ethical and caring choices in their lives.

Benefits of Social-Emotional Learning

  • SEL helps you control your feelings and deal with stress.
  • It improves academic performance
  • It promotes adaptability
  • SEL makes feelings and thoughts healthier
  • SEL improves fairness.

SEL uses guided exercises to teach students how to solve problems. It helps people stay calm by recognizing the power of empathy.

Even though SEL is often taught in schools, it can also be used effectively outside of school.

Are Social Emotional Learning Apps Worth It?

Yes. SEL helps people of all ages become more self-aware, successful in school, and optimistic in their daily lives.

Well-being on all levels—mental, physical, and social—is disregarded by SEL. It does not inspire students to study outside and become environmental protectors.

The topic of physical fitness is completely absent. Neither does it satisfy the longing many young people have to feel connected to something bigger than themselves.

The benefits of SEL extend far beyond the classroom, as evidenced by research from the Universities of British Columbia, Illinois at Chicago, and Loyola.

Almost 97,000 American and British elementary school kids participated in the study. Long-term advantages, like improved well-being, were also connected to Social and Emotional Learning, confirming its sustained favorable effects in the classroom.

Furthermore, SEL programs have been demonstrated to decrease bullying in schools by fostering better social skills, communication, and empathy in young people.

10 Best Social-Emotional Learning Apps

1. Breathe, Think, Do

Breathe, Think, Do is one of the best social-emotional learning apps. This app helps kids and students identify and manage their emotions effectively.

This app is about a friendly blue monster communicating with kids based on their understanding.

Breathe, Think, Do is an app that develops the character of understanding, sympathy, and respect in pupils.

It enables children to know that negative emotions will only result in disaster and that assisting those they find around them will make them better people.

2. My Peekaville

My Peekaville is a social-emotional learning app highly recommended for children over 4.

This app offers several stories, teachings, and events that can develop the virtues of compassion, self-awareness, and self-control in pupils.

My Peekaville is a storybook and computer game about a fairy-tale world where humans and creatures called Peekapak Pals can coexist peacefully.

This app was developed for kids who struggle to socialize with people and control their emotions. Moreover, it is still ideal for grown-ups working to manage their emotions.

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3. Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a social-emotional learning app that enables parents, instructors, and students to track educational and social advancement.

It is a very seamless app that employs the technique of granting points to pupils for any achievement they make.

With Class Dojo, teachers can easily interact with parents and instantly exchange messages.

Class Dojo can be used for many different things, like helping a child get better at a certain skill or for other things.

4. Social Express

Social Express is one of the best social-emotional learning apps in the world at the moment. This app can be used to develop people’s reading skills in children.

With Social Express, children can easily recognize emotions and manage social conditions.

Moreover, Social Express offers several amazing features that cannot be found on most social-emotional learning apps.

This app helps kids learn how to get along with others and keep their emotions in check by showing them different articles, games, audio clips, and animations.

5. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is an app that is highly recommended for social-emotional learning.

The app also provides teachers with professional growth, mindfulness programs, and academic bulletins for students.

Both children and adults can utilize a smiling Mind because it mentors one on how to control emotions and provides some features that can be used to overcome bad emotions that can make a person terrible.

6. Classcraft

Classcraft is a piece of software that is renowned for enhancing class control and stimulating interaction over the course of lessons.

This app uses some of the same ideas as popular games to help kids improve their social skills and emotional intelligence.

Moreover, the Story Mode edition offered by Classcraft enables students to develop self-awareness, self-management, social, decision-making, and relationship skills that make them better people.

7. Middle School Confidential

Middle School Confidential is an app created mostly for middle school students.

This app is a great graphic novel with several amazing graphic story apps that talk about things like being mistreated, self-image, relationships, and being able to think critically.

Middle School Confidential offers numerous stories that students can easily comprehend. 

8. Headspace

Headspace is an app for meditation and mindfulness that was made to help teachers and students deal with all the stress that comes from living a busy life.

This app is for all ages and encourages users to become buoyant individuals who also can control and handle negative emotions at every stage of their lives. 

9. Emotional 

Emotional is an app that was created for teachers and students.

This seamless app is currently regarded as one of the best social-emotional learning apps because it enables people to connect with their emotions on several occasions.

Emotional allows users to determine whether their emotional state may result in mindful events related to their desires.

10. Quandary

Quandary is a social and emotional learning app for teachers that helps kids learn how to solve problems by making good decisions.

The app encourages students to read like never before and inspires them to look at different opinions before taking a step.

Without a doubt, this is one app that enhances students’ engagement, sympathy, and good classroom participation at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Social Emotional Learning Apps

What are the 3 pillars of SEL?

Culture, adult skills, and the curriculum are the three pillars. A culture that supports social and emotional learning is one where children can learn and grow in a safe and healthy environment.

What are SEL tools?

These tools are meant to help schools determine how to improve social and emotional learning, teaching, and professional development.

How does SEL improve behavior?

It has been shown that pupils learn more quickly when surrounded by positive adults and given several opportunities to hone their social, emotional, and cognitive abilities.

What do SEL teachers do?

The function of the SEL instructor is one of student interaction and classroom management. These educators work with kids with social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health concerns and those with unique educational plans or from culturally or linguistically diverse households.


In addition to the social-emotional learning apps listed above, Edmodo, Mood Meter, and SuperBetter are other highly rated social-emotional learning apps recommended for school students.

However, as a teacher, you can enhance the social-emotional abilities of your students by showing affection to them, motivating them to have a go at new activities, and allowing them to play with other kids at school.

Recognizing their emotions and putting in some effort to make them feel better will also boost their social-emotional skills.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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