Logical learner (Major tips about this learning style)

Logical learner
Logical learner

There are seven learning styles of which logical learning (a logical learner) is one of them, according to the developmental psychologist “Howard Gardner”.

The seven learning styles includes:

You can help your child find out what type of learner he or she is. Because this goes a long way to help him or her when studying or reading books.

In this article, I will be talking about a logical learner, characteristics, study tips, and the importance of learning logically.

Who is a logical learner?

Logical learners can be referred to as a mathematical learners because they enjoy dealing with numbers.

They can easily solve complex and complicated mathematical equations which include Trigonometry, algebra, simultaneous equations, and the likes of them.

Most times, they can calculate mathematical problems without the use of a calculator and are very quick to notice a logical error if any exist.

Moreover, they find it easy to write computer programs which is normally a difficult task for other types of learners. Logical learners can be abrasive at times.

Characteristics of a logical learner

  • They make use of their 6th sense easily.
  • Enjoys living in an organized environment.
  • They are very creative and intellectually capable.
  • Very excellent in mathematics and science subjects.
  • They are good at quantitative and solving equations.
  • Good at solving puzzles and answering riddles.
  • They are very good at recognizing patterns, relationships, and connections that are shared by some objects.
  • They are very particular about being correct at all times.
  • In as much as logical learners come off as being abrasive, they often have a good heart.
  • They follow rules, regulations, and processes very strictly. 
  • They ask logical questions most of the time.
  • Very good at investigative work.
  • They are very good gamers especially the difficult games.
  • They work very well with the abstract.

Study tips for logical learners

Write out key points:

Logical learners don’t like to write long notes. They prefer to write out the key points. So this is what they do, when they are studying, they just jot down the key points and read them later, thus making them more productive.

Make it logical:

When teaching them, create connections with what you are teaching and make it very logical. When you do not create connections with what you are teaching, it begins to look and sound ambiguous to them.

Logic attached to learning makes it easy for them to recall the information when needed.

Just do it:

Logical learners can spend ample time thinking about how to do something that they may never get to do, this can be referred to as “analysis paralysis”.

So as their teacher, it is way easier when you just encourage them to do it so as to avoid analysis paralysis. When they suffer analysis paralysis, this can be very discouraging for them and frustrating too.

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Create graphs and charts

They can learn with the aid of graph or charts. Moreover, learning with these tools can aid their learning and help them go very far.

Signs to show that your child is a logical learner

  • If your child is very good with the chess game then he thinks logically. It takes a logical mind to play this game because it requires rational thinking.
  • However, if your child enjoys playing puzzles and answering riddles, then there is a very high tendency that he or she is taking this direction.
  • If he or she finds detective novels or movies very fascinating and interesting.
  • If your child enjoys playing some of these very difficult games.
  • When he/she enjoys computing and programming.
  • If he plays around with numbers and is very fast with calculations.
  • If he sees every problem to be a scientific issue or if he or she really loves science.
  • When he or she shows interest in science courses or subjects.

Careers a logical learner can engage in:

Computer Science

Computer science is a very wide field. There are different disciplines here, which include computer programming, coding in vast languages, artificial intelligence, Machine learning, etc.

In order to succeed in this field you must have a good understanding of logic and logical thinking.

Consulting Manager

In order to manage this role adequately, you must be strong logically. You would have gone through the managerial and consulting theories too. In addition, you would do a very good job here if you are strong logically.

Data Scientist

This role is in high demand right now. This role requires a lot of analytical thinking and logical processes.

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I know most people think this course is for art students but you can think and act logically too. In order to strive in this profession, you need to be a logical thinker.

The ability to present your case in court is not enough, you need to analyze some critical situations. Lawyers are always on the move and are very smart set of people. There is no dullness for them.

Investment banking

This set of people are in charge of huge funds of various big companies and organizations. They invest these funds in order to make huge gains for the companies involved. You need to reason logically to strive well in this profession.


A logical learner is a great and fast learner who can learn anything but have to utilize some of the tips or all tips outlined here. The tips listed here will provide all the required positive results for the learner.

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