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When we hear or see the word “unlearn”, it seems so odd because the word is not commonly used. So what does unlearning really mean?

What is Unlearning?

Unlearning is a process of acknowledging that what you learned before is wrong and obsolete, and agreeing to discard the knowledge, habit or memory for good. 

It can also be said to be a way of teaching the brain to discard the old knowledge, habit and allowing the brain to put out those unnecessary data and accepting the shift. 

How To Unlearn

Accepting that the knowledge is wrong:

If you don’t accept that the old knowledge is wrong, your brain and body will also not accept the change. So you have to accept the change first before any other thing can be done. 

Move out of your comfort zone:

Comfort zone is a place where you feel at ease, since your brain has gotten used to this patterns of the old knowledge.

If you want to unlearn, you have to get off your comfort zone so that your brain will be uncomfortable using that knowledge you want to unlearn.

Recognize the trigger:

Triggers are anything that makes a person recall past occasions. If you recognize the triggers that make you use the wrong knowledge, you can stop your brain from using that knowledge by avoiding those triggers.

But if you can’t recognize the triggers, your brain will continuously use that knowledge.

Work with the new knowledge:

After recognizing the triggers, input the new knowledge and avoid working with the old knowledge. This means you have to be conscious and intentional about what you do and learn.

Write down how many times you use the new knowledge in a day:

For you to be conscious of yourself, you have to take note of everything you do. Jot down your daily activities, and identify how much of them were influenced by your new knowledge. This helps you keep the progress of your unlearning process.

Ask for advice:

Asking for help or advice from experienced people also helps to unlearn. They could give you an easier and better option to unlearn or they can guide you during your unlearning process.

What to unlearn?

  • Bad habits 
  • The fear of making mistake
  • Wrong knowledge 

Problem With Unlearning

Learning is the acquisition of knowledge through experience and study, but unlearning is about moving away from the knowledge rather than acquiring. 

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Unlearning is not all about forgetting. It is the ability to step out of your already known pattern and accepting a new pattern 

Importance Of Unlearning

  • Unlearning helps mental growth
  • All unlearning we do involves learning in a way, because when we unlearn, we learn a new way of doing it.
  • It helps the brain continuously grow and evolve. 
  • Unlearning builds a higher adaptability and flexibility for your brain. 

Quotes On Unlearning

The most necessary part of learning is unlearning our errors


Perfecting oneself is as much unlearning as it is to learning


Before you can begin something new, you have to end what used to be, and unlearn the old ways

Williams Bridges

 We must unlearn the constellations to see the stars

Jack Gilbert (Tear it down)

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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