Does FAFSA cover housing? (Quick answer)

Apart from asking about the meaning of FAFSA, most students also ask the question, “Does FAFSA cover housing?”

FAFSA is a student-oriented financial assistant initiated for both undergraduate and graduate students with financial incapability to further their academic career/pursuit. 

It is a fund to help a student cope with his financial situation towards his academic pursuit.

Does FAFSA cover housing?

With respect to that, its funds (FAFSA) can also be used for housing by the student. 

Housing such as, securing of the hostel, lodge, or any housing rated expense which is to enhance the student’s academic pursuit of learning is accepted but otherwise, it’s not acceptable and may lead to termination of the aid if found necessary. 

However, in the United States of America, this financial assistant comes in form of;

Pell Grant:

Pell Grant is a subsidy that’s provided to undergraduate students who are yet to earn their bachelor’s degree and are in need of financial assistance or aid.

This kind of FAFSA is limited to only a few students with the required financial and academic qualifications.

However, the fund is first used in settling tuition fees, and housing fees (for only those in the school hostel) while any leftover is allocated to transport and upkeep. Pell Grant was first carried out by the federal government.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG):

Many students around the USA apply for this grant to study outside the country or in their country as the case may be.

This grant is provided to undergraduates by the federal government such that, eligible institutions provide a list of exceptional students who have a bright academic background but with low or poor family backgrounds to support or help such students academically.

But however, grant programs for international students are not as readily available as those for domestic students.

Thus, there are different types of grants dedicated to encouraging and supporting international students who wish to pursue the total number of their college degrees as international students. 

Federal Direct Subsidized Loan:

These are loans made available for eligible undergraduate students who have financial needs, to help them meet such financial needs after other resources are subtracted up to their annual loan limit, considering whichever is lower.

This is provided by the federal government and in some countries limited to only its citizens or students with permanent residence permits. 

This is need-based unlike its counterpart (Unsubsidized loan) which is not need-based and can be acquired for any purpose. 

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Does FAFSA cover housing?

The Federal Work-Study Program:

An employment program that encourages students with low expected family contributions to find part-time work while pursuing their studies.

The program allows the federal government to subsidize a student’s employer by paying around half of the student’s wages up to a certain amount.

Students do not need to have Federal Work-Study to work but some university or non-profit positions may require a student to have Federal Work-Study in order to be employed. 

In some countries, FAFSA can also be linked to Scholarships either domestic or international and can be provided by both government, profit, and non-profit organizations, and sometimes basic requirements and eligibility are associated with it. 

Does FAFSA cover housing?


As far as the housing/accommodation is solely for the main purpose of studying or where one will stay throughout his/her academic pursuits, most FAFSA grants cover it (housing fee).

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