What is Fall Semester? (Quick guide)

What is Fall Semester

There are two semesters for international students, namely; Fall Semester and Spring Semester. Most students get confused on the one to apply to since both have their advantages and disadvantages.

As you read through this article, I will explain more about what the Fall semester is, and a comparison with the Spring semester.

Most International schools use these two systems of admissions to get the best students to study in their desired field and to accommodate more students to study some courses and classes.

In the United States, the fall semester starts in September, rolling till December; while the Spring semester starts in January and rolls till May.

Why apply for a Fall Semester?

More Options/Courses:

You have more courses to study in the fall semester unlike in the Spring semester. This implies that you have more options to choose from, in case you don’t reach the requirements for the ideal course you have in mind.

On the other hand, if you are going for a course that isn’t popular, you have more chances of getting it since the fall semester is the last period of admission.


Most high schools end towards the period of summer; with the space between summer and fall, a student will have enough time to deliberate on the field of study he/she has in mind and as such, prepare for it.

If the student doesn’t want to apply for the semester, he/she can wait till the upcoming year to create readiness instead of hurrying to apply.

Extracurricular School Activities:

If you want to have extra time for self-help, extracurricular, and leadership activities, then the fall semester will be the best option.

The extracurricular activities are there to help your non-academic lifestyle and to make you a more attractive person to your field and the world at large.

More Opportunity for Assistantships:

Most professors need assistants to help them all through their research and publishing stages of study.

Thus, since the fresh academic year starts during the fall semester, most professors seek for fresh students to be their research assistants while the student pursues his/her degree in college.

The more reason why a fresh student will be selected during a fall semester for the assistantship position is that the senior year students who are already holding the position will soon be graduating so the professors involved will be seeking new students that can handle this new position.

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The amazing thing about this position is that the student gets to be exposed to more information and a new scope of study while working hand in glove with the instructor involved.

Faster Graduation:

There is a possibility that since you applied for college during the fall semester, you have a higher chance of graduating faster (three semesters) than someone that applied during the spring semester.

It’s not easy but you can if you want to. You can finish your semester work before the spring semester and still have more months for internships. It is not as easy as it seems, but it’s optionable.

Final tips:

Every student has the right to choose whether to go for a spring or a fall semester since both semesters drive the same point home. A factor that should be put into place is to check a school’s acceptance rate before applying for a course.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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