Dating Websites every College Student should know

Do you know why I love college? It’s a world of its own where you can do a lot and also learn in the process. One amazing thing is that of “Dating”; You get to know and use a lot of dating Websites and Apps for College Students and for graduates too.

What do it mean to date in College?

The most conceived and well known meaning of dating is to be in love with someone and hang out with that person.

It involves getting to know that person well through interactions and questions. ( dating apps for college students)

Do you know that studies shows that 91% of college students use dating apps not just for hook ups but for other things like entertainment.

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Dating Websites and Apps every College Student should know:



This is the most popular dating apps and websites for College Students that was released in 2013 with 3.8 rating.

It had over 30 billion matches to date with and over 100million downloads.

You can use the swipe right feature to like and the swipe left feature to pass.

It has a premium feature called Tinder Plus where you get additional features like unlimited likes, more swipes to your heart content and many more.

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It deosn’t still end Here, it has a premium Gold feature which includes the Premium plus features

and many more like 5 Super likes per day, one boost per month and many more. Sure you know that its rated 18+.

Cost: $0.5 – $222 per item.

Download the App Here



This dating app was specially made for College Students alone. It was released in 2014 with over 50k downloads.

Though it has a rating of 2.7 but it’s really a good app that can help college students express themselves and make new friends from your college.

You could search for friends from you major, sports group or team etc.

It’s totally free.

Download the App Here.


Dating Apps and websites for College Students

This is one of the free dating apps and websites for College Students that was launched in 2017 which matches you based on what you hate.

Here, you swipe left or right just like Tinder and know what the other person likes or hates.

In using the Hater app, You’ll only match when you both swipe right… so haters can match, meet, date, and hate together. (Dating websites for college students)

Download the App Here.


Dating apps for college students

This is one of the free dating apps for College Students that was released in 2007 with a 3.5 rating.

It is a Jewish dating app for College Students that has over 100k downloads which involves swiping right and matching with the right person.

To enjoy more of this dating apps for College Students, you need to upgrade to a premium version where you have access to

  • 5 Super swipes
  • Boost
  • Passport: for swiping anywhere in the world by changing your location.
  • Access to more eligible profiles of Jswipe.

Cost: $1 – $120 per item.

Download the App here

Coffee meets Bagel:


Wow! another amazing dating apps for college students that has a rating of 4.1 with over 1 million downloads.

Here, you need people who inspire you by sharing the true you and getting curated matches every day at noon.

Then skip the long talks and enjoy your app.

It was released in 2005 with about 9.22mb. It has a beta-testing which gives you the ability to get 25% likes back. With costs $0.5 – $55.5 per item. (Dating apps for college students)


Dating apps for college students

This dating website/app for college students is amazing! It highlights your personality and helps you know what you like or hate. It has over 10 million downloads and a rating of 3.9.

This dating app makes dating fun through the direct messaging system and focus you in the relationship that you are in with less distractions.

One unique thing about Okcupid is that it doesn’t discriminate any one whether you are a guy, lesbian, or no fit at all, Okcupid has a match for you in the category.

Among other dating websites for College Students, this one gives you a unique way of enjoying your chats with someone you are compatible with dating preferences to help your partner know you well.

There is also an upgrade here which costs about $0.5 – $162 per item and was released in 2010. .(Dating apps for College graduates)

Download the App here

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This is a location based dating app that is really amazing. It uses the swipe left and right pattern that is common in most dating apps and websites.

With a rating of 3.5 and over 10 million downloads, according to the App on Google play, over 21 million people have signed up for the app and started building good relationships.

There is one thing about this dating app that is very unique and that is this, “Women always make the first move” , it was made to empower women and make the more valuable.

This app has alot of review from big companies like Fast company, Business Insider, wired etc.

It doesn’t still end Here, there is a premium version of the bumple app called Bumple Boost that gives you more features than the normal bumple. It’s costs $67 – $133 per item.(Dating websites for college students)

Download the App Here



This is another location based dating app. It has a rating of 4.2 with over a million downloads.

According to the hinge app on Google play, it’s an app that helps people to get off dating apps and it’s really doing so.

This dating app has alot of reviews from high rates companies like The New York Times and TechCrunch etc.

This free dating app learns your type and gets you the required match for you. It gives you the easy way to start a conversation and makes the chat fun baby asking how you are doing.

If you seek for upgrade to see who likes You, you can access the hinge experts to upgrade you to a preferred membership which I guess should come with a cost. .(Dating apps for College graduates)

Download the App here



Another amazing dating app that gets to know you well before you get a match that is why the have one of the best quality matches.

Released in 2010 with a current rating of 2.7, it makes registration easy by giving you access to register through Facebook,

complete the normal dating questions, upload your photos and boom! It’s done and you are good to go.

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You can get more with a subscription to view unlimited photos, get access to people that viewed your profile and you can get custom messages.


You can get more by using the What if? Feature to view people outside your preference.(Dating apps for College graduates)

Download the App Here


Dating is fun for College Students if you get the right app that can make you enjoy your hook ups. Need more benefits? You can upgrade to a premium version to get more benefits.

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