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I want to assure you that you can have a long Distance Relationship in college and still enjoy it, all you need is a couple of advice to keep it up. If you really need the steps in starting a long Distance Relationship in College, this post will be helpful to you, it will show the advantages of long Distance Relationship in college and How to build it up to the last.

Though building a long Distance Relationship isn’t as easy as it seems but

you can absolutely enjoy it to the fullest if you follow the tips I will show you as you read along in this post.

What is a long Distance Relationship?

Basically a long Distance Relationship in college is a relationship between two individuals who are far from each other but in love.

A long Distance Relationship can be as a result of difference in school, country or locality(Long Distance Relationship advice for College Students).

The greatest fear of everyone involved in a long Distance Relationship is trust…such that you are leaving your partner to go to

another location where you will not be sure of what he/she is doing at every point in time.

College long Distance Relationship advice:

The advice given about starting a long Distance Relationship in college is that you need to build trust first and the two parties involved should

make up their minds that the relationship must work out.

Here are the things you can do to spice up your relationship.

1.Build a Strong Pillar of Trust:

This is the number one advice for a College long Distance Relationship.

There is no success in the flow of love without trust.

You need to prove to your partner that you can be trusted in spite of the distance between you two.

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In talking about college advice for long Distance Relationship without trust is like cooking a good food without adding salt to it.

Trust is the joy of the relationship, so don’t do anything that will make your partner regret loving you or giving you his/her time right from the onset.

Can I have Friends?

Absolutely, you need to have Friends. Have friends that won’t interfere with your relationship or try to tempt you to do what will go against your relationship.

Your friends are there to keep you company and help you to be more productive in College.

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Should my Partner know my Friends?

It’s best if you keep your friends to yourself to avoid unnecessary thoughts from going

through the mind of your partner when your relationship is having a little misunderstanding.

The best college advice for long Distance Relationship is to build trust that nothing can break apart which is one of the advantages of long Distance Relationship in college.

How to build Trust in a Relationship:

  • Be sincere – If you want to gain the attention and trust of someone, you need to be truthful to that person. Sincerity is the building block of generating trust towards someone. Be sincere even when the truth might affect You.
  • Respect – If you are respectful and loyal to your partner, you will gain his/her trust.
  • Express your Feelings – when you are sincere with your Feelings towards your Partner, trust grows between you two.
  • Take Risk together: when you take risks with your partner, there is this bond that grows between you two.

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This advice serves as one of the advantages of Long distance college relationship in College.

2. Always be Connected:

Advantages of a long Distance Relationship In college

Being connected has to do with communicating with your partner regularly.

You can send text, e-mail, voice notes etc.

All these make the relationship lively and fun because if there is no communication, then there is no relationship.

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Communication is key. Even before communication, you need to understand the daily routine of your partner, when

he/she is in class, or at home or asleep or even when he/she is done with the daily routine.

All these things can be built with constant communication and better understanding of each other.

There are times that you will want to hear from your partner In the afternoon but you

will retreat because at that time your partner might be in the lecture hall. (Starting a long distance Relationship in College)

What if I call at the right time and No Answer?

This has caused alot of mistakes in most relationships.

You and your partner have a time you schedule to talk every day but you called and he/she didn’t pick up, what will be on your mind?

I rightfully said something about trust at the beginning…if you trust your partner, there is no need to worry about his/her way about or even the person he/she talks to.

May be your partner was busy with something or doing something else but if you trust your partner, you should have it in mind that he/she wasn’t cheating on you.

Have this in mind when talking about College advice for long Distance Relationship. It’s one of the advantages of a long Distance Relationship in college.

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3. Send Unexpected Gifts:

Starting a long Distance Relationship in College

This is awesome. That moment after a stressful day from the lectures of the day

and you receive a well packaged gift coming from your partner…wow! That joy and

happiness from your heart, you will feel like hugging and kissing him through the phone and your stressful day will turn to the best day of your life.

What can I send to my Partner?

A gift as small a letter with a sum of money, a new phone, a handbag, a food order to your partner’s house. All these can brighten his/her day.

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College long Distance Relationship advice

4. Be Careful with Social Media:

Just because you have a good looking partner doesn’t mean you should fill your social media wall with his/her pictures.

Sometimes being low-key about your relationship online can be a good idea to avoid all forms of insecurities.

Even if you want to talk about your partner online, have a limit, don’t let every thing you talk about on social media be about your partner. Have Privacy in your relationship.

This college advice for long Distance Relationship applies to everyone; when you have a misunderstanding with your partner,

you don’t have to tell the world about it, reconcile and get back on track.

An important tip in starting a long Distance Relationship in College and maintaining it.

5. Never Forget important dates:

College advice for long Distance Relationship

This advice should be really taken to heart. Try your best to remember important dates

that has something to do with your partner like Birthdays, Relationship anniversary and other important dates to your partner.

This issue of forgetting important dates that has something to do with your partner has caused more harm than good especially when you are in a long Distance Relationship, it will make your partner feel as though you don’t value him/her or even have him/her in mind.

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It’s natural to forget some dates but make your partner’s date a priority such that

when his/her birthday comes, you will be the first to wish “Happy Birthday” to your partner.

All these are the advantages of being in a long distance relationship in College and these tips will help you in starting a long Distance Relationship.


In talking about the College advice for long Distance Relationship you need to always remember this number one factor which is “Trust”.

When you have built trust, everything will fall into place because every tip mentioned in this post rises and falls on building Trust.

Thanks for reading this post.

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