How to be Creative With Your Product Photos Using Simple Backgrounds

Nowadays, e-commerce businesses mostly use plain and white backgrounds for their product. Because this plain simple background can give the product a clean, elegant, and ageless feel.

And when presented on the website, this sophistication sense will provide a polished and clean look that is more attractive.

As you know that all products are different, you must set your customers’ mood to view your product image. A perfect and clean background will compel and intrigue them to do this. 

For this problem, you can use image background removal services which can help you to edit your photos perfectly and also helps you to choose the perfect background to make your product image more appealing to the customers. 

This article will tell you how your product image can be more creative with simple backgrounds.

Some Attractive Plain Backgrounds for Your Products

White plain backgrounds are always considered clean and neat in business product images. But you can also be more creative using other backgrounds in your product. 

Below we have given some examples,

1. Blue backgrounds:

Blue is a versatile color due to its calm and collective demeanour.

You can use this color in many more professional settings and various styles. Cobalt blue looks awesome for bright colors like brilliant orange or juicy pink.

You can also create a nautical-inspired classic color scheme using a blue background along with plain white background writing. Give an ethereal look to your image with a blue bokeh backdrop.

You can consider visiting to use their tool to improve your image. They will make a perfect image for your successful business.

2. Black backgrounds

You can also use a black background for many items. For shining, silver, white or golden objects black background looks perfect.

This color is also more effective in catching the attention of your customers.

For jewelry, like if you are selling diamonds and other metals which sparkle better, in that case, a black backdrop is very significant. This will beautifully present your product image.

3. Light grey background

A light grey background is an excellent choice as it will not distract your customers from the product image. You can say it is picture-perfect.

Products with a white or light grey background are more visually attractive than others. In some cases, you can also use grey color as an alternative to white background.

In ghost mannequin service and fashion boutiques, this color is more popular.

4. Gradient background

Gradient backgrounds are often used in print and digital designs to give them a more fashionable look. Gradients and various contexts can also be used for versatile backgrounds.

For designing apps and websites, vibrant HEX colors are more powerful. 

This color works for hospital-related services, entertainment designs, drink lists, streaming services, and event flyers.

5. Vinyl background

Vinyl backgrounds are very popular for portrait photography. You can choose a variety of designs like faux wood, imitation marbles, etc. they are durable and have a lost, lasting effect.

You will get a big advantage for using heavy goods or liquids in your product shot. For surface coating, matte and gloss are the most popular choice.

But be more careful because your product’s reflective quality can be washed away by Gloss. This is much more expensive than paper backgrounds. 

6. Pattern background

Using patterns in backgrounds will give you many advantages. A generic pattern will perfectly harmonize your product image and make it more visually appealing.

You can use sci-fi-inspired textures, color, 3D geometric shapes, and digitally inspired neo-light for a better visual look of your product. This will attract more customers.

So, if you cannot do this work yourself, it is high time you hire an image editor service for your business.

You don’t need expensive photography to be effective. It can do better than you think with inspiration, creativity, and proper equipment.

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